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Poems On / About MURDER  7/25/2016 12:47:28 PM
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Best Poems About / On MURDER
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Not Killing (By St. Thiruvalluvar)

321.Not to kill any being is the work of virtue;
But to kill leads to sinful deeds.
322.To share with other beings and protect them is the chief
Of all the virtues, the sages have enumerated.
323.Not to slay is an excellent virtue.
The next good thing is not to tell lies.
324.To think to protect the virtue of not slaughtering
Any being is the good way of living.
325.A noble man fearing murder and remembering the virtue
of not killing, betters the sages in dread of next birth.
326.The God of Death devours not to slit the lifetime
Of those who hold fast to non-killing.
327.Despite the risk of losing your life
Don’t do the acts of taking away the sweet life of others.
328.Though greater is the gain of doing murders,
The Wise despise the mean gain of killing.
329.Killing is the trade of human-born animals.
The Wise think of them as doers of mean, vile deeds.
330.The worst life who lead with dearth and disease eaten body
Are men, the Wise declare them as the sinners of murders
Rajendran Muthiah

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The Eyes Of Stanley Tookie Williams

November 2,2015 11: 42 am
The eyes of Stanley Tookie Williams
What I visualized is a man
A man that committed crimes
Stanley Tookie Williams was the name
His tragic game in the fallen streets was being a gang banger a Crip leader when he is the one that was responsible and the creator of the Crips. Stanley's life became a deep dark sadness struggle his father was murder and his mama couldn't take care of him anymore. Stanley witness everything negative in the poverty of the streets. Stanley created an organization called the Crips to protect the fallen streets everything went so wrong. His life was on the line, Stanley became a heartless killer he killed lots of innocent victims and got caught with the case of murder. When Stanley was put on death row his heart realized that he made lots of mistakes when he was in prison. Stanley seek redemption by reading a lot and writing a lot in his cell and making peace with other gangs. He knew that when he was caught for murder his life was completely over so he called on the gang bangers in the ghetto and sent a message to them by saying that he's responsible and what he wanted for them is to stop killing each other, because it's not worth it at all. Killing somebody isn't the way as a man you always have to think and know logically when you do those things. Increasing the peace is always the answer, decreasing the peace isn't the way, but just plain ignorant not only he called upon the gangs, but he spoke to the kids by saying in prison about don't be involved with the gang lifestyle, because it won't help your future, but prison or death. Education is always the key of success and passion. The gang lifestyle is a dark journey of lost touch of good reality and happiness. So promise me that you will always be positive and be above the gang lifestyle. Stanley was a change man when he was in prison, but did he make mistakes indeed he did. Stanley wanted to redeem his flaws mistakes when he was in prison. He didn't want to die as a monster of a Crip leader. He didn't want to be remembered as that. Stanley wanted to die as a turned peaceful former gangbanger person by writing a children's book as his legacy and ending the Bloods and Crips killing spree. Stanley wasn't just a killer, Stanley was a kindhearted man deep down inside.
Stanley was a zero in the beginning
Stanley was a hero in the end
Stanley was strong
Stanley did wrong
Stanley ended the Crips and Bloods madness
He was scared
He did cared
He did cold blooded things
Cmack Estevez

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Murderous Rampage

Don't be scared! But i really want to murder!
To murder the bad things in my life..
looking back at 2015..
there were things i did in 15'
that i vowed not to do in 16' and i thank god it happened..
2016 i plan to murder a lot of things..
where there was hatred, love will replace..
where there was bitterness, happiness will replace...
where there was anger, calmness will reign..
i plan to have 1000 friends this year..really!
And it wont be on facebook or twitter or instagram..
those people who offend me will be pardoned..
especially those on death row! ha ha ha!
Even those i offended, am extending a hand of friendship
so you will forgive me my iniquities..
even if you see any bad thing about me don't hesitate to tell me, because its a new meeeeeeee
tauhid alausa

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Lines In Defence Of The Stage

Good people of high and low degree,
I pray ye all be advised by me,
And don't believe what the clergy doth say,
That by going to the theatre you will be led astray.

No, in the theatre we see vice punished and virtue rewarded,
The villain either hanged or shot, and his career retarded;
Therefore the theatre is useful in every way,
And has no inducement to lead the people astray.

Because therein we see the end of the bad men,
Which must appall the audience - deny it who can
Which will help to retard them from going astray,
While witnessing in a theatre a moral play.

The theatre ought to be encouraged in every respect,
Because example is better than precept,
And is bound to have a greater effect
On the minds of theatre-goers in every respect.

Sometimes in theatres, guilty creatures there have been
Struck to the soul by the cunning of the scene;
By witnessing a play wherein murder is enacted,
They were proven to be murderers, they felt so distracted,

And left the theatre, they felt so much fear,
Such has been the case, so says Shakespeare.
And such is my opinion, I will venture to say,
That murderers will quake with fear on seeing murder in a play.

Hamlet discovered his father's murderer by a play
That he composed for the purpose, without dismay,
And the king, his uncle, couldn't endure to see that play,
And he withdrew from the scene without delay.

And by that play the murder was found out,
And clearly proven, without any doubt;
Therefore, stage representation has a greater effect
On the minds of the people than religious precept.

We see in Shakespeare's tragedy of Othello, which is sublime,
Cassio losing his lieutenancy through drinking wine;
And, in delirium and grief, he exclaims -
"Oh, that men should put an enemy in their mouths to steal away their brains!"

A young man in London went to the theatre one night
To see the play of George Barnwell, and he got a great fright;
He saw George Barnwell murder his uncle in the play,
And he had resolved to murder his uncle, but was stricken with dismay.

But when he saw George Barnwell was to be hung
The dread of murdering his uncle tenaciously to him clung,
That he couldn't murder and rob his uncle dear,
Because the play he saw enacted filled his heart with fear.

And, in conclusion, I will say without dismay,
Visit the theatre without delay,
Because the theatre is a school of morality,
And hasn't the least tendency to lead to prodigality.
William Topaz McGonagall

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