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Poems On / About MURDER  8/28/2014 10:18:37 AM
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Best Poems About / On MURDER
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Regent's court
Is the court were the police brings the criminals to be sentenced
Every singe day during the week
Some criminals caused serious offences in the city
That they need to be punished by the Regent's court
Also some of the Judges will be hard on the criminals
Because they need to pay for what they done to their victims
And the crown procecutor also works with the judges at Regent's court
But the criminals have their lawyers at the court that defends the Criminals because the criminals are their clients
When the day comes for the judges at the Regent's Court to deliver The sentence for each criminal every single day they will be there At The Regent's Court every single day giving the sentence to the criminals depending on what crime they commited like assault, Domestic violence, child abuse,
Drug trafficking, manslaughter, and murder
For first degree murder is 25 years and for the second degree murder is less
Aldo Kraas

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Death of the Poet

How can one be betrayed by death

Be cheated out of living

Hate filled heart, blood shot eyes

Cold-bloodily will be of it

Heart empty beats uneven

Let I revenge all before death

With every breath vengeful fire

Let I take my life for you

Murder the old lady shall scream

Murder from the top of her lungs

The poets dead! - triumphal wreath

I am gone now to another planet

Please if not all hold onto my words

These are but just simple genius

Manifold a great poet of the time

I cut my wrist so I can write in blood

Paint a portrait of vivid images

Pull out my vain and hung it up

What a bloody mess I have caused

Shocked as their eyes wonders

They have seen the silent murder

They have slain the poet.
Obinna Nwerem

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Definition of Pain

Life so precious yet so easily taken away

happiness what everyone wants yet there filled with pain

People causing pain to others for their amusement

Which causes hatred from their victims in turn it creates their murder

What has life come to hatred, anger, pain, death instead of happiness, joy, love, life

how can I live with life

for if i'm happy others will give me pain

if i'm in pain others will fill me with hatred

which will have me taking their so precious lives

So how can I feel happiness once again

when in order to do so I have to create all those things I despise

So doesn't a victim create their own murder in turn creates the death of the murder

if all of this is true isn't life a cycle of happiness to pain then unto death.
Requiem Night

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December 24th Eve

This tiredness,
A draining away,
Such as a tide might
Suck at a bay.

There is evil in their soul
A blackness where nothing,
only wither, can grow.

Murder is murder
A thug on a street
A soldier with a gun
A President's decree,
And dead is dead.

Are we made in the image of God?
God's flood drowned all
A pillar of fire destroyed all
An image of a murder

Has not God created sin?
All sin?

Why does the Sheperd leave the flock to
Seek the lost one? Maybe because once the
Sheperd was lost and someone came and found
Him and welcomed him back home again.
Midnights Voice

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Poems On / About MURDER