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Poems On / About MURDER  11/30/2015 10:59:45 AM
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Best Poems About / On MURDER
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My Murder

What i did was murder
I muredered her I killed
her really I killed who I was for
my parens own satasfaction
felicia Bordeau

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The Murder Of Love

There is a murder
In the theft of love
Dreams, scents and memories
All fall victim
Guillermo Veloso

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Remember Me? ! ? ! ? !

Do you remember me? Im the one who is crushing glass on your face, wishing i could exterminate your whole race; Bit****! snitches get stitches! ! Rob you of your riches! ! Dont you remember me? Im like an arsonist, sick murdering larsonist, never thought this would happen for getting me pissed? ! Got your name down on my hit list, your body racked by my fist! Got you hanging by your fingernails, beating you with iron rails screaming 'Now who hails? ! ' Whats wrong dont you remember me? ! im the one who is creeping into your dreams, pullin you apart from the seams, putting my cig out in your eye, ooh does that sting? ! haha im STILL laughing! ! Quit your stuttering! Remember im the one you cut loose left to roam and to be free after being beat, now you cant take the heat? ! Tying and gagging you, then leave your body in the street, for the stray dogs to eat! Kicking your face in with soccer cleats, sick beats on poor streets, taking you out? isnt an easy feat. But i promise soon you will remember me.
Khaos Dven

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Evil's Ugly Makers

Those ugly minds with these Ugly hearts made of iron Are behind making that scary evil That spreads like cancer in a patient's body Without treating it well... Evil never creeps by itself, but Some eagerly make it To sweep everyone and everything On our pretty earth... Those ugly makers of that ugly evil Kill their victims and they walk in their funerals Without any remorse... It's not that evil is only in the global movies, but It's in the ugly minds and in the ugly hearts of Of those ugly evil-doers anytime... Evil is satanic in all of its ugly reap Simply because it penetrates everything good To turn it in evil and into darkness... Wars, mass murders, assassinations, ...., and a lot Of evil things are satanic, but Their ugly directors are among us... Evil is found in some people's blood Simply because it runs to mix, then They prey on everyone and on everything good... Those ugly evil-doers make everything possible Just to destroy our world, so They can prevail, but Only on that wasteland of our world... Let's count those those evil-doers and those Evil-makers here and there, then We will find that they are anywhere and everywhere... ______________________________________________________________________

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Poems On / About MURDER