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Poems On / About MUSIC  5/22/2015 3:37:29 PM
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Music, the sound of loud music just rocks my heart and soul. The feeling is so amazing because the life seems so fulfilled when good music is around. Bright and complete I become. Everything is so perfect when I hear a cool song. Music, it is music. Ultimate feeling can be recieved through loud and lovely music. Listen and feel the rhythm with your heart so that it can touch the soul. Music, loud music.
Rohit Sapra

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Music In My Life

The music is good.I like the music allot.It is the only thing that can calm me.It gives me joy and energy.I can do anything as long as i listen to my music.What is my music u ask? It is allot of things, but my favorite ones is Skillet.I like all types of music.that has not chanced much.It just grew wider.I like some music i used to hate, but most music i hate has not chanced.There is a few singers that i used to hate that now i do not.so who knows my direction i am going to take in the future.I sure do not.
timothy langley jr.

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Music Is...

Music is...
Music is expression...
Music is freedom...
Music is the song of life...
Music is notes...
Music is noise...
Music is beat...
Music is relaxing...
Music is peace...
Music is loud...
Music is calm...
Music is meaningful...
Music is sound...
Music is heart...
Music is soul...
Music is mind...
Music is body...
Music is nature...
Music is language...
Music is the song of my life...
Music is everything...
Music is me...
Music is....
Madeline anderson

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Music Paints The World

In every town and city small and large there is a music vibe with its inhabitants
Some music is inspiring, some music is depressing while other music is exciting
Angry music is red as red as blood dripping down your skin
Depressing music is navy blue like rain falling from the sky
Metal music is black as black as the sky
Rap music is a mixture of red, black and yellow. It is sometimes angry, sometimes dark and sometimes happy.
Relaxing music is blue just like the ocean
Happy music is yellow as yellow as the sun
The sound of music vibrantly paints the world
It has done so since the beginning of music and will continue to do so as long as people ordinary and famous keep on listening to music and performing music.
Emily Krauss

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Poems On / About MUSIC