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Best Poems About / On MUSIC
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Music, the sound of loud music just rocks my heart and soul. The feeling is so amazing because the life seems so fulfilled when good music is around. Bright and complete I become. Everything is so perfect when I hear a cool song. Music, it is music. Ultimate feeling can be recieved through loud and lovely music. Listen and feel the rhythm with your heart so that it can touch the soul. Music, loud music.
Rohit Sapra

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Mammary Tunes

Under heavy haze I cast an ear…
Was that a distant hymn?

To view, to peer ahead,
I span thro’ sharpened eyes,
Connecting brain. Surprise
Awards emotion to the show –
A fine refrain.

I think I know the source:
Without recourse my keen and
Eager shoes propel my whole.

And she regales me as I close –
The drifting notes propose I place
An ear to verge upon the emanation.
Choice of left or right
Invites and overwhelms;
A brief respite, and then
I poise an aural organ,
Seeking out the balance
In the tone from rhythmic flesh.

O Holy Grail, the sweet spot!

Honed in stereophony and
Mastered out of euphony:
Her music –
Diaphragms of luscious areolae
Give the tune

Atop a vibrant bass –
Quivers in the
Belly of her breast.
And presently
I fall beneath a spell of heady music
As her reproductive cushions do the rest.

Copyright © Mark R Slaughter 2011

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music music music music music music
Mark R Slaughter

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Music In My Life

The music is good.I like the music allot.It is the only thing that can calm me.It gives me joy and energy.I can do anything as long as i listen to my music.What is my music u ask? It is allot of things, but my favorite ones is Skillet.I like all types of music.that has not chanced much.It just grew wider.I like some music i used to hate, but most music i hate has not chanced.There is a few singers that i used to hate that now i do not.so who knows my direction i am going to take in the future.I sure do not.
timothy langley jr.

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There is a rhythm and rhyme to every living sound,
It gives wings to the soul, takes the body off the ground,
Music is in the air, music in the clear blue skies above,
Music is soundtrack of the universe, music is the language of love

Music can touch or move your soul, A truly awesome sound,
Music is an extraordinary vehicle for expressing emotion, music is truly unbound,
To express oneself by it is a privilege, it's beauty can be loved by anyone at any age,
Music is man's greatest weapon, if art was a weapon, music will be its edge,

Music is a beautiful oasis in the desert we call life,
Music can inspire people, music is food for the heart of your lovely wife,
Music gives flight to the imagination, music gives soul to this universe we know,
Music is the strongest form of magic, music makes the human soul glow,

Music is more than just wild sounds civilized into time and tune, music is god's gift,
Music is god's way of giving the human mind wings, it gives our thoughts a heavenly lift,
Music is a form of prayer, Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart,
Music heals, enriches the contents of life, music keeps man strong when all is falling apart,

Music is the voice that tells us that the human race is greater than it knows,
Music is a profound creation and within it god's grace truly shows,
A gift of the heavens that can bring paradise sought by angels, artists and kings,
For music is the way to the heavens through it's magical wings,

Music gives you sounds when you are deaf, It gives you vision when you can't see,
the universe is filled with music, music is even in the beating hearts of you and me,
music is a reflection of life's experiences, music lives within our hears and minds
music should be experienced by people all ages, there are so many kinds,

Music can change the world because it can change people's mind,
Music is the most profound, magical form of communication man can ever find,
The power of music is the celebration of life, music is poetry that all life dances to,
It exists in the beat of my heart, the pulse of my blood and in my mind's graceful view,

Music is so beautiful, beauty that is appreciated by angels and kings,
Music liberates man, rhythm and tunes that builds us wings,
Music is God's gift to man, the only art of Heaven given to earth,
The only art of earth we take to Heaven, a right given to all at birth,

So, appreciate the gift of music and let it enhance your entire being,
Music can touch the soul, such brilliance is worth seeing,
Dance to the beats of the music, to the waves of it's sound,
To the rhythms of the words, let the music lift your feet off the ground.
Daya Nandan

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