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Music is the beat of life,
For we all have music inside us,
Waiting to be expressed.
So show your music today.
Kathleen Neff

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Dance To The Music

Dance to the music
under the stars at night.
Dance to the music
of all time lullabies.
Dance to the music
of your own beat and rhythm.
Dance to the music
that your own heart has chosen.
Christopher Cariad

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I can feel the music, it reaches out to me,
freeing itself from measured lines;
sometimes it vibrates in -depth chords,
with a mysterious pulse of its time.
Music, music, there should always be music,
without it life has no rhythm for design;
it whistles on the wind, it waits to come in,
and it beats with your heart and with mine.
Nora Loch

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A Mood

WORDS praising music, what are they but leaves
Whirled round the fountain by the wind that grieves.
Frail human speech falls idly as the snow
On the red lava's flow,
Still pours the music on, all passion and flame;
As music passes, that which music came,
Ever the same, with message never the same.
Richard Watson Gilder

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