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Music is one of the foods of the soul
It lives in the World from the north to the south pole
Along with the music people dance and sing
And to a sad heart happiness it does bring
Music it does fill the senses with delight
Brings people together and people unite
A thing that does not belong to any one race
The beauty of music all cultures embrace
Those without music deserve sympathy
Of inhibitions they will never be free
If they do not like music they cannot dance or sing
And to say the least that seems a very sad thing
So lets cheer the band on with a loud encore
And on with the music and we'll dance some more.
Francis Duggan

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Music in my life

The music is good.I like the music allot.It is the only thing that can calm me.It gives me joy and energy.I can do anything as long as i listen to my music.What is my music u ask? It is allot of things, but my favorite ones is Skillet.I like all types of music.that has not chanced much.It just grew wider.I like some music i used to hate, but most music i hate has not chanced.There is a few singers that i used to hate that now i do not.so who knows my direction i am going to take in the future.I sure do not.
timothy langley jr.

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Music, Heart, Soul

Music is in my heart.
Nothing can set us apart.

Music is in my head.
I listen to it before I go to bed.

Music is in my neighborhood.
The music sound is good.

Music is in my ears.
It helps me forget my fears.

Music is in my core.
I listen to it when ones day is a bore.

Music is my heart and soul.
One day it will be my job but now it is my goal.

By: Raymond Clayton
Raymond Clayton

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The Music Of O Carolan

The music of O Carolan I have loved for many years
So sad and yet so beautiful it reduces one to tears
The poor blind harper of the County Meath is one many tend to under-rate
As a composer of beautiful music he is one we ought to celebrate
Carolan's Concerto and A Farewell To Music pieces of enduring fame
Just two that will live forever in Turlough O Carolan's name
Music composed by O Carolan easy to recognize
That he is not more famous is a bit of a surprise
The facts are true greatness is born of longevity and facts do never lie
And the music of O Carolan is not destined to die
For as long as people enjoy music his compositions will live on
Though physically he himself as a mortal to the ways of time have gone
The music of O Carolan I loved it as a boy
And in my early sixties it I do still enjoy.
Francis Duggan

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