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Music, Heart, Soul

Music is in my heart.
Nothing can set us apart.

Music is in my head.
I listen to it before I go to bed.

Music is in my neighborhood.
The music sound is good.

Music is in my ears.
It helps me forget my fears.

Music is in my core.
I listen to it when ones day is a bore.

Music is my heart and soul.
One day it will be my job but now it is my goal.

By: Raymond Clayton
Raymond Clayton

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Turlough Carolan

He was blind and illiterate that much of him we know
And still his music is with us from centuries ago
He had creative genius and his genius still shine through
A rare gem Turlough Carolan one of the chosen few.

The harper of the county Meath in music live today
His music known around the World in Countries far away
And Carolan's concerto still very much alive
The only test of genius is when their work survive.

The only test of genius is when their work live on
For centuries and centuries when they are dead and gone
And Carolan has passed that test a name to celebrate
His music live three hundred years the genius of the great.

A son of peasant parents and destined to be poor
And though addicted to alcohol his genius remained pure
I like that saying it says it all 'can't keep a good man down'
And the name of Turlough Carolan was destined for renown.

I just switched on the radio to hear the D.J. say
This is a tune from Ireland from Ireland far away
Carolan's farewell to music, oh let the music play
The music of the harper the harper lives today.
Francis Duggan

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Music in my life

The music is good.I like the music allot.It is the only thing that can calm me.It gives me joy and energy.I can do anything as long as i listen to my music.What is my music u ask? It is allot of things, but my favorite ones is Skillet.I like all types of music.that has not chanced much.It just grew wider.I like some music i used to hate, but most music i hate has not chanced.There is a few singers that i used to hate that now i do not.so who knows my direction i am going to take in the future.I sure do not.
timothy langley jr.

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Can you hear the music
It's getting louder and louder
Let me escape with the music
Move along with the beats

That's the only thing that soothes me
Can you please let me be while the music beats collides with my heart beats
And calms my inner self
Maybe just maybe drown out some of the pain

Feels like music is the only way I can gain strength
Let me move to the music
Sway to the rhythms like no one else is around me
Like there's no tomorrow

Move along now just move along
Let me be please
So I can finally breathe
While I sooth my soul tonight

Cause I know music is the only thing that will calm these nerves of mine
Just let me listen to the music
So I can finally be at peace for a while
Until I wake up from my dreams

APRIL 28,2008

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