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V.Tsoi, Music of waves - song- translation (rus.)

Music of waves
by Victor Tsoi

I see the waves, washing away the steps on sand,
I hear the wind, singing its song strange,
I hear the strings of trees playing it -
A music of waves, music of wind.

Here it is hard to say, where is asphalt,
Here it is hard to say, what is a car.
Here you should throw a water up to hear:
The music of waves, music of wind.

Who could remember about those, that took the wrong way?
Who could remember about those, that were singing and laughing well?
Who could remember, feeling the cold butt, indeed,
Music of waves and music of wind.

http: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=d-kv8dDdndM
http: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=olT9WczjnIg
http: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=zZ0iCCGTlbg
Lyudmila Purgina

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Music when sound becomes hollow.
When sun turns to storm.
When earth begins to quake.
Screams echo in Summer breeze.
Laughter floats away on the waves.
Music when silence becomes deafening.
Music when dry eyes start to cry.
Music when dreams turn to nightmares.
Music when calamity turns to chaos.
When clear minds cloud.
When loving heart break.
When children never exist.
When words are never spoken.
Music when sound becomes hollow.
Music when soft voices die.
Jessica Wetzel

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Loneliness is a trigger that pulls the rhythm
to explode and melody travels to our soul
Happiness is the complete package of a jolly beat
that makes the world dance while,
love is the reason why there are thousands of songs to play
imagine music without emotion, its dead and nothing
music is an extension of our emotions that is immanent
and commonly shared with humans
music is pure emotion that is intrinsically a life wave signal
that is communicated to others
its the i and thou relationship of emotions set by particular
transcendental occasions that is translated into harmonious, melodic and rhythmic vocals and instruments
music's connectivity and activity is very important in society
because its inevitable to disconnect music to man-society environmental set up
it simply a salt to our food, a creamer to our coffee, a butter to our bread; and part and parcel of life
without music it feels like deaf and the world is imperfect.
music is everywhere and everything and one of the precious
thresholds for humanities
James Atil

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Music isn't just about beat and rythem,
Music lets your heart soar through the sky,
Music is the best thing in life.
Whoever made up music,
Is a complete genius,
They are my idols my inspiration.
When my life gets bad,
I put headphones on,
And nothing can go wrong.
I escape reality,
Move on to fantasy,
And leave the world for awhile.
Music is in my blood,
It moves through my veins,
And into my heart.
Music is everything,
A life changing matter,
Music is my life.
Alicia Meyers

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