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V.Tsoi, Music of waves - song- translation (rus.)

Music of waves
by Victor Tsoi

I see the waves, washing away the steps on sand,
I hear the wind, singing its song strange,
I hear the strings of trees playing it -
A music of waves, music of wind.

Here it is hard to say, where is asphalt,
Here it is hard to say, what is a car.
Here you should throw a water up to hear:
The music of waves, music of wind.

Who could remember about those, that took the wrong way?
Who could remember about those, that were singing and laughing well?
Who could remember, feeling the cold butt, indeed,
Music of waves and music of wind.

http: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=d-kv8dDdndM
http: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=olT9WczjnIg
http: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=zZ0iCCGTlbg
Lyudmila Purgina

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Music when sound becomes hollow.
When sun turns to storm.
When earth begins to quake.
Screams echo in Summer breeze.
Laughter floats away on the waves.
Music when silence becomes deafening.
Music when dry eyes start to cry.
Music when dreams turn to nightmares.
Music when calamity turns to chaos.
When clear minds cloud.
When loving heart break.
When children never exist.
When words are never spoken.
Music when sound becomes hollow.
Music when soft voices die.
Jessica Wetzel

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Music in my life

The music is good.I like the music allot.It is the only thing that can calm me.It gives me joy and energy.I can do anything as long as i listen to my music.What is my music u ask? It is allot of things, but my favorite ones is Skillet.I like all types of music.that has not chanced much.It just grew wider.I like some music i used to hate, but most music i hate has not chanced.There is a few singers that i used to hate that now i do not.so who knows my direction i am going to take in the future.I sure do not.
timothy langley jr.

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Can you hear the music
It's getting louder and louder
Let me escape with the music
Move along with the beats

That's the only thing that soothes me
Can you please let me be while the music beats collides with my heart beats
And calms my inner self
Maybe just maybe drown out some of the pain

Feels like music is the only way I can gain strength
Let me move to the music
Sway to the rhythms like no one else is around me
Like there's no tomorrow

Move along now just move along
Let me be please
So I can finally breathe
While I sooth my soul tonight

Cause I know music is the only thing that will calm these nerves of mine
Just let me listen to the music
So I can finally be at peace for a while
Until I wake up from my dreams

APRIL 28,2008

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