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+ Lord of the Music

Lord of the Music

Some people tried to learn
the music they have heard
Others started to study its cord
but still it wouldn’t play
for their heads were so busy
rearranging the harmony
for their hearts were overwhelmed by the music
but they couldn’t get the melody
for they were preoccupied
adding notes and putting new words,
Some people are just too intelligent
directing the music and change its meaning;
Others put the music into category
to produce divided theory
of the Lord who started the legacy
of chorus who sung with him night and day;
of the Lord of the music himself played
to show the only way;
of the Lord who danced during
and the final performance on that day

(Cebu City, Philippines 2004)

The “Lord of the Music” is all about the story of Jesus’s life (refer to the four gospels recorded in the Bible) .
Jordan Legaspi

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Travel Haiku - Vancouver Music Festivals

jazz, folks, blues, latin...
hotter than summer
Vancouver's music festivals

trailing the summer air
jazz, folks, blues, lain, , ,
Vancouver's music festiuvals

heating up summer air
world music, jazz, folks, blues
Vancouver's music festivals

Vancouver's mild weather and numerous concert venues provide the perfect setting for a summer filled with music. This month, the city presents the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, with jazz, blues, Latin, electronica, world music, and more. In July, the Vancouver Folk Festival will explore folk and roots music on eight outdoor stages, and in August, Festival Vancouver presents internationally acclaimed performers, including Canadian opera star Measha Brueggergosman and the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra.
john tiong chunghoo

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Music, marvelous, magnificent, memorable,
Magnetic, mesmerizing, melodious,
Soother of the soul, silently sinking into the sub conscience storing
Sensational sounds significant to making life a little more interesting.
Music: vocal, instrumental, mechanical and natural.
Music: Gospel, Soul, Hip-hop, Reggae, Latin,
Jazz, Calypso, Classical and Alternative.
Music, available for every mood, tone, dance and plot.
It tells stories and conveys different experiences.

Music, more music, thrilling feeling,
Goose bumps, hair rising, sparks flying.
Music makes the world alive.
It evokes different emotions:
Madness, anger, sadness, happiness, romance,
Suspense, drama and action.

Music, doh, ray, me, fah, soh, lah, te, doh,
Ring ding, ping pong, bup bap,
Cha cha cha, swish swash,
Sounds solidified in space.
Music, masterfully meeting the mind, soul and body.
Music, makes, breaks and takes the spirit to a higher level.

Music, head rocker, foot stomper, finger snapper,
Spirit lifter, hand clapper,
Waist mover, shoulder shaker.
Music, marvelous, magnificent, memorable, mesmerizing, melodious
The heart beat of life.
Erika Heslop Martin

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Turn The Music Loud (Rock Lyrics) :

If you're looking for a great adventure honey.
Lookin' for the things you need.
If you're lookin' for times of passion baby.
Someone you can meet.
I suggest the local tavern honey.
I suggest a real good time.
You should try to throw a party baby.
Buy the bar a round.
Try to keep this party going till morning.
Bring along a crowd.
I suggest we go to your apartment baby.
Turn the music loud.
Turn the music way up loud now.
Turn the music loud.
Turn the music way up loud now.
Turn the music loud..

We can keep this party movin' honey.
If we turn the music loud.
Turn the music way up loud now.
Turn the music loud.
We can really crank it up now.
Just turn the music loud.
Turn the music way up loud now.
Turn the music loud.

Turn the music loud...

Rock Lyrics By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 1984,2009..
ALL rights reserved..
Kim Robin Edwards

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