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Music when sound becomes hollow.
When sun turns to storm.
When earth begins to quake.
Screams echo in Summer breeze.
Laughter floats away on the waves.
Music when silence becomes deafening.
Music when dry eyes start to cry.
Music when dreams turn to nightmares.
Music when calamity turns to chaos.
When clear minds cloud.
When loving heart break.
When children never exist.
When words are never spoken.
Music when sound becomes hollow.
Music when soft voices die.
Jessica Wetzel

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wings of music

Music must have wings and float:
ignore all that it signifies,
for the importance of each note
should be apparent when it flies.

Don’t worry about music’s meaning:
its importance is its sound,
which, unless you’re overweening,
should lift you above the ground.

Music basically is like
that strange emotion we call love;
like it, we mustn’t let it psych
us out, but lift us high above.

Terry Teachout writes about Sir Thomas Beecham in Commentary, December 2008 (“Beecham! ”) :

[Beecham] believed that the purpose of music was to give pleasure to its listeners, not to improve their moral condition. “You critics are always writing about the meaning of music, the ethic, the Weltanschauung of the composer, and God knows what, ” he told Neville Cardus. “The whole point of music is that it should sound well. Never mind what it signifies. Music should have wings and float and give delight.”

gershon hepner

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V.Tsoi, Music of waves - song- translation (rus.)

Music of waves
by Victor Tsoi

I see the waves, washing away the steps on sand,
I hear the wind, singing its song strange,
I hear the strings of trees playing it -
A music of waves, music of wind.

Here it is hard to say, where is asphalt,
Here it is hard to say, what is a car.
Here you should throw a water up to hear:
The music of waves, music of wind.

Who could remember about those, that took the wrong way?
Who could remember about those, that were singing and laughing well?
Who could remember, feeling the cold butt, indeed,
Music of waves and music of wind.

http: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=d-kv8dDdndM
http: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=olT9WczjnIg
http: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=zZ0iCCGTlbg
Lyudmila Purgina

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The Music Only I Can Hear

The Music
I feel the music in the air,
I hear this music everywhere.
I see the waves crashing down,
With each one, a new sound.
I feel my heart beating loud,
The music’s soft, like a cloud.
I see the ringing, soft like a bell,
And it makes me think, or even dwell,
Why can I hear the music while others can’t?
It’s always playing, dampened like a quiet chant.
Clattering around,
Like a top on the ground,
Wishing to be played again,
Wanted to be spun for them.
Tapping like a soft finger on glass,
Yet no one hears it, alass,
Except for me of course, you see,
It sometimes feels a little lonely.
I feel the music in the air,
I hear this music everywhere.
Maybe if I see how it was wrote,
And maybe learn to play a note,
Who knows? Maybe I could make the whole world see,
The music that lives in me.
I can feel the soft beat of a drum,
Or even hear the quiet hum.
This music I hear will never die,
With a tear that falls from my eye,
I will protect this music for the rest of my life,
Against those who give me strife,
If you want to listen to the music only I can hear,
Just stay quiet, with an open ear,
For this music is always playing,
You just have to listen.
Wyatt Plavan

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