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R.Rozhdestvensky, Music - Translation (Rus.)

And the weddings bursted out,
And the send-offs - howled.
The holidays and woes - got entangled...
And the music staves stand as a barbed wire.
I would like to write a music in the other way,
I would like to write a music,
Falling onto the clover down.
I think, I would be fond of this singing work.
I would like to write a music
On the earth furrows,
On the palm of the one-year baby.
I would sleep and then rise up.
And wouldn't eat to satiety.

I would like to dissolve in some sudden motives
I would like to write a music
On the rain spurls,
Or - better - on the flying gossamers.
I would like to write a music
In the tender lakes.
I would like to drink it,
As an intoxicating liquor.
I would like to write a music
On the wings of a swallow.
I would like to write a music
On a zebra's skin.
I would like to create the music,
To cry, to get torture!
I would like to search it,
Elevatedly and greedily...

But such music is created already.
And if you don't hear - that's a pity...
Lyudmila Purgina

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The Magical Music Show(Lyrics) :

Welcome to magic, and the magical music show.
You'll get a little magic, from the magical music show.

When you see, you've got it down.
Take a little look around.
Send your eyes up on the stage.
There could be no better day; for magic.
And the magical music show.
We'll send a little magic.
From the magical music show.

When you think you understand.
Take a look, up at our band.
Take another look around.
There could be no better sound, then magic.
And the magical music show.
You'll get a little magic.
From the magical music show.

So welcome to magic.
And the magical music show..

You'll get a little magic.
From the magical music show.

So welcome to magic.
And the magical music show.

And the magical music show-wooh-wooh..

Magic Song-Poem by Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 1985,2009..
All rights reserved..
Kim Robin Edwards

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My Music

Such a simple thought, sleep is...
Just close your eyes, and a sweet dream awaits.
Lights out, your thougths left whizzing...

For everyone, in dreams, wish to see their fates.
What is it? And what will they be?
Perfect family, a wish, true love...

Or shall a nightmare come to me..?
What happened to my turtle dove..?
The time for the haunting, and the cruel...
Is now; in the nightmare-that's alive..

Who has won the war, who now rules?
And why for life, must I strive..?

Save me! Bring me back to peace....
For this is not my hour, not, my time.
Of the past, help me to release..
A dream, my song...I am the lyrics. You, to be the ryhme.

Be my music, be my dream.
Something sweet to take me away..
You are so much more than you seem.
Just please, take me back to all the good days..

The ones with you.
When the friendship turned to fire...
You're loyal, sweet, and true.
And now, my only desire.

Caught in a nightmare, but you changed it's outcome...
You, made it a living dream. It's you I'll stand beside.
My song, sweet. My dream, heaven. Everyday, a simple, memorizing hum..
Never again to hide.

My music, my sweet, heard in the rain....
My music, which drives my heart to sing..
My music, never to be slain.
My music, throughout the wonderous halls may you ring...

My music, ever flowing...
My music, your harmony the perfect blend.
My music, to follow me, wherever I'm going...
My music, my friend.

My music, my love, do you see all the wishes falling from the sky..?
A thousand stars, cross the rolling blackness, until they fade.
My music, awaken, hum as with you I lie....
My music, so perfect, from whom God has made.

My music, my soul...the dream, my dream, now real.
My music, that sweet, gentle hum..
So perfect, and everything, you have revealed.
My music, our heartbeats, a single drum..

Your harmony....some things, can just never die.
My nightmare, to become a dream...with the sweet music I hear...
Upon you, my music, my sweet, I shall always rely.
Now to sleep...so easy....and with nothing to fear..

To you I give, one last kiss.....
Close your eyes, to sleep we go; in dreams we'll remain in sight....
And with this...
My love, my music; Goodnight..
Gentry Arnold

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Transplanting Hearts Accompanied By Verdi And Mozart


Mice who've had their hearts transplanted
live longer if they listen to La Traviata.
By Mozart, too they are enchanted.
A love relationship that is a heart-to-hearter
may be prolonged perhaps, if mu-
sically fortified, so when you give your heart
to someone you are loving you
should be accompanied by Verdi and Mozart.

Dennis Bartel reported the news below on KUSC this morning:

Classical Music Boosts Heart Transplant Survival in Mice
Japanese researchers report mice who underwent heart transplants survived much longer if they were exposed to Mozart or Verdi.
By Tom Jacobs

Music may or may not mend a broken heart. But newly published research suggests that, at least in mice, it can reduce rejection of heart transplants.
Writing in the Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery, a team of Japanese researchers led by Dr. Masanori Nimi describe an experiment in which a group of 8- to 12-week-old mice underwent heart transplants. The rodents were randomly assigned to one of five groups:
Those exposed to opera (a recording of Verdi's La Traviata, conducted by Sir Georg Solti): instrumental music by Mozart; New Age music (The Best of Enya): no music; or "one of six different sound frequencies."
After one week, the mice whose personal soundtrack featured Enya, one of the sound frequencies, or no music at all "rejected their grafts acutely, " the researchers report. Their hearts gave out 7.5 to 11 days after the transplant. In contrast, those exposed to Verdi or Mozart "had significantly prolonged survival, " the researchers report. Median survival times were 26.5 days for those who heard Verdi and 20 days for those exposed to Mozart.

In explaining the results, the researchers point to the immune system. They report exposure to classical music generated regulatory cells, which suppress immune responses and are thus vital to preventing rejection of a transplanted organ. "It appears possible that opera-induced regulatory cells may inhibit immune responses against allografts, " they write. Other possible causes include "the effects on brain function produced by the specific harmony and/or other features of the music itself, " and "a decrease in postoperative stress brought about by exposure to music."

In any event, this provides more evidence that classical music has a health-inducing impact on the body one that was, at least for this group of mice, literally life-prolonging.

I sent the poem to Dennis Bartel, asking him whether he thought that poetry would also prolong the lives of heart-transplanted mice. His response was:

Not unless the poetry was in micese.

3/23/12 #9666
gershon hepner

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