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Turlough Carolan

He was blind and illiterate that much of him we know
And still his music is with us from centuries ago
He had creative genius and his genius still shine through
A rare gem Turlough Carolan one of the chosen few.

The harper of the county Meath in music live today
His music known around the World in Countries far away
And Carolan's concerto still very much alive
The only test of genius is when their work survive.

The only test of genius is when their work live on
For centuries and centuries when they are dead and gone
And Carolan has passed that test a name to celebrate
His music live three hundred years the genius of the great.

A son of peasant parents and destined to be poor
And though addicted to alcohol his genius remained pure
I like that saying it says it all 'can't keep a good man down'
And the name of Turlough Carolan was destined for renown.

I just switched on the radio to hear the D.J. say
This is a tune from Ireland from Ireland far away
Carolan's farewell to music, oh let the music play
The music of the harper the harper lives today.
Francis Duggan

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Music touches you the most,
It refreshes you with its serenity.
Be it Do, Re, Me or Sa, Re, Ga, Ma,
Music is the soul of life.

Nothing is as divine as music.
It comes from within
And expresses joys and sorrows
Which reside in the heart.

World is full of music,
Each unique and sweet.
Whether chirping of birds, rustling of wind,
Roar of waves or the music of dolphins.

If music is not a part of life,
It would become a walk on knife.
So listen to music always,
And live some cheerful days.
.Pd. is here

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Music is a gift of life

To listen to music and feel the tough

For some it is inspirational and others to much

Music can move an individual in a certain way

Especially if a close friend or artist as passed away

It can make you happy when you feel down or mad

We all have our idols

Young and old

There music is inspiring and the word stands out bold

We all love different flavours of music

Whether it is Classical, Rock, R&B or Hip-Hop

I Believe that the music carries a message

And we as people derive a small part of a particular song and carry that piece into our hearts

Music I believe will never die

And it will always live on and form a small part of our lives.
Lee John Siebritz

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Music, marvelous, magnificent, memorable,
Magnetic, mesmerizing, melodious,
Soother of the soul, silently sinking into the sub conscience storing
Sensational sounds significant to making life a little more interesting.
Music: vocal, instrumental, mechanical and natural.
Music: Gospel, Soul, Hip-hop, Reggae, Latin,
Jazz, Calypso, Classical and Alternative.
Music, available for every mood, tone, dance and plot.
It tells stories and conveys different experiences.

Music, more music, thrilling feeling,
Goose bumps, hair rising, sparks flying.
Music makes the world alive.
It evokes different emotions:
Madness, anger, sadness, happiness, romance,
Suspense, drama and action.

Music, doh, ray, me, fah, soh, lah, te, doh,
Ring ding, ping pong, bup bap,
Cha cha cha, swish swash,
Sounds solidified in space.
Music, masterfully meeting the mind, soul and body.
Music, makes, breaks and takes the spirit to a higher level.

Music, head rocker, foot stomper, finger snapper,
Spirit lifter, hand clapper,
Waist mover, shoulder shaker.
Music, marvelous, magnificent, memorable, mesmerizing, melodious
The heart beat of life.
Erika Heslop Martin

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