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An Amateur Penner Is All I Can Be

An amateur penner is all I can be and my worth as a rhymer I doubt
But when you tell me there's music in blank verse I wonder what you are on about
I've always thought music has rhythm and rhyme and is married to rhyming song
But of literature and music I am not a judge and maybe I do have it wrong
The music in good rhyming poetry one sense at least that's how it does seem to me
But I'm leaving room for an argument here and some with me may not agree
But that's my opinion make of it what you may we all look at things differently
If we all looked at life in the very same way how dull and boring we would be
Some will tell you a songwriter is not a poet their opinion on that is different to mine
Like some are very happy to welcome the rain and some want the day warm and fine
You tell me that there is music in blank verse though I cannot see it that way
But your opinion on the matter is as good as mine and with me that is quite okay
Oh give me a song that is built of good rhyme that to music is easy to sing
With such I am happy for to sing along and I find it such a joyful thing.
Francis Duggan

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Music - Part 2

is a jaguar on a rock,
stars spangled in the night,
flowers in a field,
a girl with ruffled hair,
a sign of ecstasy.

is the organ and the choir,
angels exquisite in praise,
and the rainbow colours
in the clouds.

is the violin, gliding fantasies
of sculpture in marble,
coral in the sea.

is a man defying all,
a trance with glazed eyes,
ice melting in a bowl;
trumpets, bugles - gold,
silver shimmering on the waves.

is the lamps lighted up in streets
of empty dark,
a fire in the heart,
a beauty in the shade with raven hair,
an eagle in the sky, alone
and flights of swallows
flying home.

is the harmony of chords,
culmination of life's sounds,
the universe in peace.
Tan Pratonix

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Exploring The Joys Of Music

Music resembles a bouquet
it comes to sound of wonder floating in the air
dances gracefully, a setting of romance
it holds a surprise like stars that twinkle
its a divine art that pleasures, like treasures
it's like sunshine, exposing light to brighten our minds
its sentiment welcomes the halls, of warm mellow elegance of sound Music ties to a big bouquet, it sets the stage places the mood for
a wedding day lingering rhythm brings meaning of courting days
varieties compare to flowers in a florist the beats of drums in
a jungle of Africa thunder burst produces a rumble, music is a
miracle its love comes true its passionate in moonlight and in
summer night music is a mystery of heavenly stars, prayers set
to music to praise Christ, music carries us in time preeminently
songs we are fond of, to croon, we rehearse and we carry through
the end of time; feelings of joy, it excites us in spirit, its
sweet we keep time with our feet, old songs are memories for-ever
to keep, it's all clusters in mind
Inez Kobus

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there was always

cosmic particles
and colliding again
the first notes
an endless swirl
of gaseous symphonies
it reached its climax
a new universe
into raw

the galaxies
formed in ethereal rythyms
kept in time
by multiple singularities
g*d's finger
plucking out
each individual note
in its highest form

after awhile
music was milked
from our bodies
forced free
from our flesh
when we came alive
coming in cries
and laughter
defining it
in abstracts
giving it
a name
on clay tablets
and silicon chips
floating blissfully
past our eyes

was always here

ask the trilobite
and the iguanadon
ask the mastodon
and homo erectus
they have each and all
sang their part
reading from
the libretto
of pangea


after we're gone
there shall be
a requiem
or perhaps
there'll be
a swing band
hitting those notes
making gaia
on her axis

it doesn't matter

whether you
can hear it
or can't
it's always there
in the buzz of
the crowds
of rush hour
or the din of
a meadow
at dawn's breaking
the hiss and thump
of lifeless factories
or the hiss and pump
of two people alone
it's there

and even though
i can't carry a tune
i have it
in my heart
and foot
and hand
and eye
and mouth

there is always

alexandre arnau

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