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Magic Of Music!

If you are in any worry,
can't resist your fury,
if you are depressed,
there a cure to suppress,
that is music.
If surrounding is unpleasant,
and quite annoying,
start listening the melody,
and you will be in heaven's city,
magic of music.
Listening to music is stunning,
transforms our approach as cunning,
hercullian tasks can be easier,
on your face there always a lusture,
wonder of music.
If anyone love to hear,
heartbeats of own with fair,
then he is a great lover,
of music and nature,
benevolent music.
Music is like a vehicle,
which fetch us in garden of art,
without paying any cost,
joy spreads and sprinkles there,
hence, Incredible music.
vaibhav vizard

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Music Engraved In The Stone Of Life

I sit here, high up on the mountain top,
I am at peace and with my most inner thoughts.
My songs and my poems are all set to music,
There is no more having to draw musical slots.

The world has come to the turning point.
Where we all can sing and play music as one creation.
Where peace in the world is no longer a myth,
Where music and song need no translation.

Sitting on this mountain so high, breathing in the rhyme,
Appreciation of song, Life comes to one summation.
Music lives within the soul of all human kind,
And it will be part of our world, for life's duration.

Kiss me and feel the rhythm of my soul,
Feel the peace within my heart.
That is the song I sing to you my love,
It is the world's new musical start

High upon this mountain top, I see a new world
High upon this mountain top, I am with peace.
There is song in my sigh, a presence in the air,
I am with the musical spirits and I can release.

I shall carve my thoughts and song in the stone of life,
Here on this mountain top, where the music is strong.
Here I shall embed the music of life in all,
And the gift of music will never be wronged.

REB (MARCH 2012) because Rebekah s love of music needs to be engraved in the stone of life.
Rik Bertrand

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Poems On / About MUSIC