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Ringing Ears

Burning, burning,
Wire down my spine.
Searing, searing,
Drive out the pain inside.
Flowing, flowing,
Coursing through my veins.
Lifting, lifting,
Brings me back again.

Drawing out my life,
The music drives me on.
The music drives me on.

Faltering, fading, failing,
Wading through flesh tinted fog,
Colour bleeds from my surroundings,
Organ grinds but monkey stops.
Sounds die on my lips,
Reapers swing brands them unheard,
But for me he is bound to miss
As someone again strikes the chord.

Drawing out my life,
The music drives me on.
The music drives me on.

Bloodshot eyes stare
As ground falls away,
Carried to the stars
On the swells of pure fantasy,
But never to stay.

Drawing out my life,
The music drives me on.
The music drives me on.

The touch of heaven
Is never enough.
Stuart Doggett

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Music, Dance And Song

Without song and dance and music how boring life would be
From the cares of life these three can set the heart free
The music inspires people to dance and song
And you with the sad face you can sing along,
Music, song and dance cross the cultural divide
These three loved by billions and performed World-wide
They soothe the savage breast and people unite
And open the soul windows to allow in light,
Song and dance and music they are part of life
On Valentine's day the man sings to his wife
And people have been dancing for thousands of years
And music can stir the feelings to laughter and tears
And though the Seasons have come and the Seasons have gone
Music, dance and song will forever live on.
Francis Duggan

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making sense of sound


In Plato’s time fools used to say
there are no rules for music that you play.
Being law-abiding when you write
a piece of music often won’t excite
the fools who will demand of you to break
its laws, while claiming that the word mistake
doe not apply to music. It is pleasure
that’s their bottom line, every measure
composed in any manner the composer
may wish. I do not want to be imposer
of any law that may inhibit your
ability to write, but I feel sure
that ultimately it is only fools
who break in music, as in life, all rules.

In music as in life there’s right and wrong,
and both of them, in order to last long,
must follow norms, as Plato once declared.
a view that by this poet now is shared,
while hoping antinomians are not friendless,
like Wagner making melody that’s endless.
Music is a stock that never should be shorted.
Like any lover that you may have courted,
it follows rules on which you should go long,
avoiding dissonances that sound wrong,
except for all the ones that are resolved
like problems that in life that have been solved.
Only by preventing disappearance
of rules can life-like music reach coherence.

Inspired by Plato, cited in “Making Sense of Sound, ” by James F. Penrose in the WSJ, January 27,2010, reviewing Ruth Katz’s “A Language of Its Own, ” describing a grammar of music that evolved over the centuries without any overt instruction, giving an internal coherence to music and allowing it to adapt to cultural and social change, with a shared understanding between musicians and audiences. Penrose writes;

“Through foolishness they deceived themselves into thinking that there was no right or wrong way in music, that it was to be judged good or bad by the pleasure that it gave.” With these words Plato complained about the “promiscuous cleverness and a spirit of law-breaking” that characterized the music of the time—the fourth century B.C. Even then, it seems, music had a form and structure that guided its composition and performance, for “law-abiding” musicians anyway…. Beethoven, in Mr. Katz’s view, never damaged the system of harmonic tonality and “integrated” form, for all his iconoclasm. But a succession of composers––including Schumann, Liszt and, above all, Wagner––chipped away at coherence by preparing unprepared and unresolved chords, chromatic alterations, and above all modulations into remote keys. With his “unendlische Melodie (infinite melody) and other devices, Wagner savaged traditional musical structures even as he created astonishingly beautiful music. The gulf between past and present widened as the 20th century progressed––but there were pockets of resistance, Ms. Katz observes. Debussy joined the moderns in rebelling against the constraints of harmonic tonality but found coherence in modal forms and in melodic tonality. Composers like Bartok, Ravel and Janacek, though also pushing the boundaries of traditional harmony, appealed to the ear by retaining crucial elements of traditional tonality… [Ms Katz] is hopeful that musical tradition can regain its footing, perhaps by recreating the “abstracting” process that allowed Wesstern music, despite its inability to describe what it does, to beguile and fascinate us for so long.

gershon hepner

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MUSIC[ Collaboration with Gaylord Munemo, Miranda Mabuto and Delboy Jones]

Boom! ! Zoom, who is in the room,
we got company in the studio,
Delboy on the mic with the vibe,
Donald on the piano, randie on the violin and Gaylord on the drums as the beat makes the heart beat louder diluting the chronic pain in the heart, camera lights action as Randie takes the dance floor as if its like pick and roll on the floor,
as the zeal ignites the rhythm of the music in our hearts, suspending our conscience into ego while the beat and rythm of the drums ignite our hearts away from sorrow, as music takes over the heart
the vocal sounds and instruments produce beautiful rhythms and melodies that soothes the heart and mind from any tension in our lives,
music, a special antitode for the virus called missery and sorrow that is in our hearts and beat and rhythm creates the breeze that dilutes the fury in our souls
Music an art of expressing emotions, tones arranged in order
and sequence as the beat, Rhythm and emotions in our hearts convey a meaning to different people in the community circles as the sound, beat and rhythm arouse hidden happiness and interests that we can't express alone,
Music a state of relaxation to the mind and solace during hard times,
Music a realm and hotline for hidden emmotions in the inner heart, Music a wake up call for the mind when the zeal is so high, high as a satellite.
One may fail to explain the zeal and what is in the heart, only the Harmonics, the pitch, the flow of dynamics and timbre binds and open one's heart to express the hidden emotions, as thoughts will be induced to open the realm of truth....
[Gaylord Munemo]
Boom! ! Boom! ! There goes the drums of the Amazonians,
hear the echoes from the sea, the precision of the caribbeans,
To heal a wound, to broden a smile and a special faith,
To shed a tear, and to make one see a bit more clear,
Encoding of utterings either exotic or erotic decoding vocals, alien or foreign,
Music my old time lover, let it be you and you always,
Divorce not yourself from my ears,
Your Flow in a slippery floor of my veins,
Rhythm to boost lost count of stimuli to come from Euphonic from Stereophonic,
Music the art that revitalise the weak, Music the unquenched thirsty of a desert,
Music the truth coexisting in reality.
[Miranda Mabuto]
Music, a whisper of the wind in the willow tree,
The pitter, patter of the rain, the cobble the street,
The swishing of the eagle wings high up and free,
Thus the real Music have you listened to the harmomy of the bees, the melody of the ants, the cresendo of the whale,
how can one fail to stop and listen to this music...
donald kuutsi

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