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A dance to love, a dance to hate.
Grip my arms with yours, take lead.

Show the way with your footsteps.
Angel of mine, dance, dance.

Dance to the night sky's music.
The birds, the wind, the rushing water, our music.

Listen, listen.
Hear, feel, smell, taste, feel, feel, fall, fall.

Listen, hear the music the sky makes.
Look at the stars, the way they shine, like two angels dancing.

Are we those angels? Is our dance the dance of the angels?
No, just the dance of love, of love.

Angels love..dance the dance of two angels in love.
Listen, the music stops..bringing magical silence to our ears.

Listen to the nothingness, dance again to the empty music.

Here, in my hand I give you heaven, the dance of the angels, the key to heaven. Here, here is heaven.

Here is the light, let it shine, let it shine through us.
We float, towards the music of the sky, towards heaven.

The ground beneath us, so far now, so far. Drifting upwards, we say our goodbyes, until again we meet. Until again we meet.
Karmel Clune

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Two Heart Music

Music is
With out
Writing word...

Music is
with ou
Drowing for paint...

Music is
With out
A Speaking word...
Music is

Not with out 0f

Two heart music is
Music also a love...!
otteri selvakumar

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