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The elegant sounds as a violin strikes a powerful note,
The sweet taste as a piano hits a soft back-tone,
The breath of life as a flute hits a dominant note.

As the world rounds the cosmos
In its endless cycle,
As do our lives,
As do our souls.

Music keeps my soul awake at night,
Music puts the smile on my face everyday,
Music makes me want to forget,
Music makes me want to live.

Life would be dull
Without that fascination,
Without that pure sensation.

Keep music close to your heart,
Spread music to others,
The voice is a powerful thing,
A song,
Can change the world.
Evan Skora

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The Greek People Across The Street

The Greek people across the street on their C.D. recorder play
The music of their Homeland from the Islands far away
And often with the music I hear them sing along
Their culture remains with them their love of Homeland strong.

The Greek people across the street wave to me as they drive by
Perhaps I ought to thank them for their music I enjoy
And if ever I get to talk to them perhaps to them I'll say
I could listen to your music every night and every day.

The Greek man and woman from across the street have a primary school going girl and boy
Beautiful dark haired children they seem so quiet and shy
Yet every time they see me they smile and say hello
I'm just a bloke they often see and who by sight they know.

The Greek couple across the street are in their early thirties maybe
Perhaps they still feel nostalgic for their Homeland beyond the sea
For every evening after tea Greek music I can hear
And it makes for pleasant listening to as I sit and drink a beer

The Greek people across the street Greek music only play
They brought their culture with them from their Islands far away
The pleasant sounds waft to me every evening after tea
And perhaps I ought to thank them for the joy they give to me.
Francis Duggan

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