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Best Poems About / On NIGHT
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That Joyous Night

That night is approaching once again,
after traversing a year long journey
That night of sparkling lights
that night of gaiety and gay abandon,
that night precursing a new dawn:
signalling end to a year's strife
ushering renewed zest for life.
Sometimes I wonder what's there
To rejoice and to celebrate?
End of a year's sufferings and struggles!
Or is it the hope of a better dawn! ?

This night of sparkling lights
horizon to horizon glittering lights,
This night of a few throbbing hours
Of a new dawn, it is harbinger
In its glory let us bask
Disturbing questions let us not ask,
Some of its sheen let us capture
To assuage the hurt in near future
For the miseries and the tyrannies
will not vanish overnight;
The world will not be transformed
by the glitter of this festive night.
Yet let us welcome this joyous night
and partake in festivity with gay delight.

That night of gaiety is here once again
to bid adieu to the old and usher in new.
Om Chawla

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My eyes shined like the stars on the lake,
But you never mentioned it,
Just a girl and boy on that beach that night,
Alone but for the waves and wind,
Singing gently as we swing towards the moon,
Imaginary wings catching updrafts,
Before swinging us back towards the Earth.

I never wanted those summer nights to end,
Wrapped in your protecting arms,
In that pickup truck as black as midnight,
Listening to the night as it sang,
Crickets, frogs, owls and other creatures of night,
Seeing everything but nothing,
As our hearts sang a melody that was only theirs.

Never wanting to visit the realms of dreams,
For my reality was too sweet,
Staying up late whispering on the phone,
Both forgoing sleep for love,
The innocence of those many nights together,
Giving way to the bliss of day,
And the knowledge I could you see in short hours.

But after all of those nights loving you loving me,
The most memorable isn’t beautiful,
Only loathing and hate to make this night bleed,
The memory of that painful occurrence,
The night I realized I had lost the real you forever,
Pushes its way into my mind first,
And banishes away all of those wonderful nights.
Shiloh Thompson

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She Likes Night

She likes night
Not wish to be in day light
How beautiful is this night
Everyone is sleeping so delight
In the night she can breath freely
No one upset her unnecessarily
In the day she is endeavoring to hide herself
People wandering to ensnare her by themselves
So, she likes night
Not wish to be in day light
In the day she has to go to school
Fear of flattering in front of other children be fool
Her school fees not yet paid
She is wandering for money to be made
In the day everyone wears beautiful dresses
But she has nothing to impresses
So, she likes night
Not wish to be in day light
In the day she do not go to church masses
Everyone glazing in to her eyes not to Jesus
Tried to close her eyes towards other
But still she can hear the murmurs from the air
In the day she cannot see dreams
For her the time is so extreme
So, she likes night
Not wish to be in day light
In the night she can shed her tears
In the night she can murmur her prayers
She can see her parents on the sky
They are there among the stars looking into her eyes
She likes to be one among them
But still she is living for someone
So, she likes night
Not wish to be in day light
Aswathi Asok

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Good Night

The sun has sunk behind the hills,
The shadows o'er the landscape creep;
A drowsy sound the woodland fills,
And nature folds her arms to sleep:
Good night--good night.

The chattering jay has ceased his din--
The noisy robin sings no more--
The crow, his mountain haunt within,
Dreams 'mid the forest's surly roar:
Good night--good night.

The sunlit cloud floats dim and pale;
The dew is falling soft and still;
The mist hangs trembling o'er the vale,
And silence broods o'er yonder mill:
Goodnight--good night.

The rose, so ruddy in the light,
Bends on its stem all rayless now,
And by its side the lily white
A sister shadow, seems to bow:
Good night--good night.

The bat may wheel on silent wing--
The fox his guilty vigils keep--
The boding owl his dirges sing;
But love and innocence will sleep:
Good night--good night!
Samuel Griswold Goodrich

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