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Poems On / About NIGHT  11/26/2014 11:21:37 PM
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Good Night

The sun has sunk behind the hills,
The shadows o'er the landscape creep;
A drowsy sound the woodland fills,
And nature folds her arms to sleep:
Good night--good night.

The chattering jay has ceased his din--
The noisy robin sings no more--
The crow, his mountain haunt within,
Dreams 'mid the forest's surly roar:
Good night--good night.

The sunlit cloud floats dim and pale;
The dew is falling soft and still;
The mist hangs trembling o'er the vale,
And silence broods o'er yonder mill:
Goodnight--good night.

The rose, so ruddy in the light,
Bends on its stem all rayless now,
And by its side the lily white
A sister shadow, seems to bow:
Good night--good night.

The bat may wheel on silent wing--
The fox his guilty vigils keep--
The boding owl his dirges sing;
But love and innocence will sleep:
Good night--good night!
Samuel Griswold Goodrich

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In the night, in the night,
When thou liest alone,
Ah, the sounds that are blown
In the freaks of the breeze,
By the spirit that sends
The voice of far friends
With the sigh of the seas
In the night!

In the night, in the night,
When thou liest alone,
Ah, the ghosts that make moan
From the days that are sped:
The old dreams, the old deeds,
The old wound that still bleeds,
And the face of the dead
In the night!

In the night, in the night,
When thou liest alone,
With the grass and the stone
O'er thy chamber so deep,
Ah, the silence at last,
Life's dissonance past,
And only pure sleep
In the night!
William Watson

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A Night Like This

Nice night for a night like this
Lovers are with each other and in bliss
The crescent moon tonight is a shade of blue
Far away from the clouds of mist
I still remember the time we were with each other
Sharing our first kiss

There are times on a night like this
When I dream and stare off into space
Where I think of you and can almost see your pretty face
In my mind, sometimes I want us to be perfect
But sometimes that's not good enough
Or sometimes that's not meant to be
For you and for me

Someone's shooting out the lights with a shotgun on a night like this
While lovers pair up and dance in the streets
Passion runs wild tonight on a night like this
And heat is apparent on this summer night
While the lonely children are frolicking with the fairies
On a night like this

In my bedroom
I've closed the curtains
And I'm blowing out the candles by my bed
They've served their purpose for a night like this
While I sleep I'll be waiting for you to come back and return
Love may surely take time
But passion burns extremely well
And I'll be waiting for you
On a night like this
Justin Gildow

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I find comfort in the night
Fireflies and stars
The rivers glisten and sparkle
A reflection of the world can be seen
The moon shines bright
Hear the crickets chirp
And the wolves howl
Hear the owl hoot
And the world sleep soundly
Nothing but the night to see
Nothing but night for me
So much to see
But sadly the night must end
Like all good things do
But every night is new
I will be there to await
What will come when one is awake
To watch the night go by
So many things to find
Every night is one of a kind
I'll just have to see
What awaits me
In tonight's wonderful night
But I must be quick
Because all good things come to an end
I don't care if I'm sick
I'll find a way there
To watch this night
Diana Americano

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