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Poems On / About PAIN  7/24/2016 9:40:18 AM
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Pain Pain By Cedrick Dennis

Pain Pain over here pain over there Pain in my heart pain in my soul Pain in my mind Pain in my skin pain in my bones Pain being caused left and right Pain being caused till the heart bleeds red Pain being caused till the skin and bone rip Pain being caused till you break into tears Pain at school Pain at home Pain in my head, pain in my heart Pain in my mind, pain in my soul Pain happening in my sleep Pain happening in my thoughts Pain happening when Im alone Pain happening in the shower, in my room, in my bed, in my house where Im all alone Pain happening every hour, every minute, every second of my life Pain caused by anger and hate Pain caused by hurt Pain caused by greed Pain caused by sorrow and depression Pain caused by grief and confusion Pain caused by your family and friends Pain caused by the world Pain caused by people you love Pain driving me crazy Causing me to take pills till it fills up my veins I go to sleep never to wake up and see that light The light that will end my pain for good
cedrick dennis

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THE REAL SONG OF LIFE ????? ?????? ????????

From the pain's heart, From the ache's heart, From life's heart, and From the heart of every pain and From the heart of every ache Tragedy comes, The real tragedy of man, That pain exists in his heart and Was born out of his pain In an hour of pains To be pain that hurts, The true man is consisting of pain and Aches because without pain He will not survive, Even to be, He must live amid pains, He must prevail in it, and He must die in it to feel his happiness Especially in awkward situations, It's the pain's sweetness and its ecstasy, The true pain squeezes both In the body and in the soul, then Spreading into the parts of the body till The end, The pain's end is the true beginning of the Pain because we can not live without even if We try, Pain was born with us, It walks with us, and It follows us down into the grave Because it can not separate itself from us. *********************************************

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Life is full of pain, but hopefully it is not all in vain. Life is full of sorrow, which prepares you for tomorrow. Pain has many sources, and through your veins and your body it courses. Pain is about learning, and can be caused by yearning. Without pain there is no hope, and without hope you can not cope. There are many types of pain, with each giving its own knowledge to gain. Pain can be physical, mental or emotional, but pain is never rational. Pain can be an amazing thing, but it can destroy everything. Pain is life and life is pain. Without pain you can not live. and living can not be done without pain. So I will suffer through all the pain, and the dark and the rain, hoping for a better day and a better way. Hoping that maybe one day all the pain will go away. It may sound strange but with pain comes happiness and with happiness comes pain. You can not have one without the other. Pain, happiness and life are like lovers. Always present, just sometimes not clearly visible!
Mark J. Shelton

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pain pain hurt i been threw so much pain pain is hurt imagine leavin by yourself got nobody to love you that the worst pain somebody can have this kinda pain hurt so much pain hurt alot i had so much pain i hate pain i hope my kids never been to those pain i been to
milouse dacius

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