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Poems On / About PARIS  7/26/2016 7:09:46 AM
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Best Poems About / On PARIS

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Paris Paris Paris

Paris Paris Paris
You made World strong Today,
You made World Together Today,
You made People Bold Today,
Paris Paris Paris
World became ONE,
May their Soul Rest In Peace
A new beginning will be soon coming...!
Don't loose Hope..,
Paris Paris Paris
We are there,
World is here,
People from far,
7 Oceans apart,
Became PARIS Today, , .
Lovely Paris., Dear Paris,
Let the Eiffel Shine,
In the melody of Sunshine,
Let the New day appear,
And the past Disappear..!
-Harshit Sheth
Harshit Sheth

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The city of magic
The city of love
The Eiffel Tower
The Arc of Triumphe
If a man gets sick of Paris he gets sick of life and beaty
Bleed out your beauty
Saika Pierre

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1) Larissa's Song - France/Armenia (From) Songs From The Women Of The L.O.M.

I incorporated Larissa's Song (which was taken straight out of my journal, word for word, written shortly after visiting Paris in 2005) into the novel Stasis & Poreris. In this chapter Larissa is sitting with a group of people waiting on an interview for a new job that that they all applied for due to being in transition (a new phase of their life...) But this interview will be held on the realm of their (imagination) . The interviewers had planned on putting them under a trance once the interview started to incorporate them into their world, a world that will test their morals, virtues and even issues that they consider unlawful.

But while waiting for the interviewers to come and get them, Parallax, a young man about the age of fifteen begins to hand out gifts to them, ironically, gifts that he recently used to rob innocent people of their wealth without them knowing how. Yet this is what's left over after deciding to change his life and go on the interview with the rest of his new friends.

Larissa's gift is a letter hidden in her subconscious that with his ability to read people's minds, he presents it to her...

(from the novel Stasis & Poreris
Chapter XXXVII
Parallax and Empathy)

Paroch, Rita and Laura, their gift came in a briefcase that Parallax hadn't discarded yet. And for Larissa, there was a gift that he prayed that the end, a sentimental and passionate one, would justify the means of how he attained it. He had taken the time, while on his way there, to write her a letter, but one, not from him; he got it from Larissa; one she kept as if it were her own, that delighted here in the unattainable sub conscience, It was from a journal that her curiosity opened, which belonged to a dear friend of what seemed like a not so long ago time and place one night in the romantic city of Paris.

My first night in Paris, France, I had decided to, after having a very long day of doing, of all places, my ‘tour of the town' thing, or should I now say ‘Tour de France', which had taken me to most of Paris' famous and most beautiful sights. So lying down for the evening, I turned off the lights and just before closing my eyes, I turned on the TV to try and download bits and phrases of the French language that I would be able to use while walking around with the ‘How To Speak French' book pulled from my pocket on a continuous basis, though the bonjour, bon soi, monsieur and mademoiselle, is about all that I really attained, least without flipping through the pages every time I met someone. But I guess, the listening too closely, got me out of bed, dressed and heading downtown, where I ended up in a nice little club. I ordered a soft drink and began to sit there and listen to the music, when turning around after being distracted for a moment and finding Larissa sitting there to my side; smiling and politely introducing herself, who said that she was from Armenia.

We ordered champagne; it was my first time there in Paris, as I said, and thus the toast was to a beautiful night in Paris and to a beautiful woman to share it with. We then found a nice comfortable table and sat and talked for about an hour or so; she kept me entertained, as people passed in and out of the club on a nice drizzly night. Telling me about her country, some of the things that a Parisian would do and thus making me, after a very long and exhausting trip there, feel welcomed and at home. I had earlier went to see the famous Eiffel Tower, since someone had told me that it was much more beautiful at night when it lights up, and equally as many people and tour buses are out to see it. And thus we talked about the things to do in Paris, the people that lived there and the life that she lived after arriving in France, like so many others, leaving home to move to France. Unfortunately, my stay there was only a couple of hours long, and after finding a nice conversation after a long day, you hate to have to all of a sudden, leave, which I politely explained, but was even more glad when I saw that she was having equally as good a time as I was, but more importantly enough, that it seemed that she truly enjoyed my company, which made that toast that we started off with, that last words that we said, after ordering another glass of Champaign and lifting our glasses for the last time and once again saying, to a beautiful not in Paris and a beautiful woman to share it with.
Otradom Pelogo

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Last month I moved to Paris
Last month I moved to.........

Paris, the city of light and joy ////// the city of art and sex
Paris, ....................................
........., the city of light and joy ////// the city of art and sex
Hrayr Tchanan

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