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Poems On / About PARIS  10/1/2014 5:19:43 PM
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Tatooed Lovers

Hey Babe
How can we forget?
Those paradise days
In the city of Paris!

Seine river cruising
Eiffel tower dinner
Shows after shows!

Le Moulin Rouge
Le Crazy Horse
Le Crazy Girls
Le Femme
Le Lido de Paris
Le Paradis Latin
The great Parisian shows!

We were happy
L'Open Hope –on
Hop-off Tour
The Louvre Museum
Mona Lisa
The 'Arc de Triomphe'
Avenue des Champs-Elysées

Place de la Concorde
Sacre Coeur Basilica
Notre Dame Cathedral
Centre Georges Pompidou!

Going to La Defense
Having Champagne
At Champagne

Hi Babe
How can we forget Paris?
The tattoo lovers we knew
They lived and danced
Above the studio
Where we lived! .....
kp. shashidharan

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Schizophrénie Algérien

</>Les Mots de
Madame Seloua
Luste Boulbina

(Quoted from lrafricain.blog4ever.com/.../lire-article-172272-84...L)
En Algérie
il n'y a pas
équitable et
les conflits
de la société

Rien ne peut
se régler autour
d'un bien

Un mot
qui revient
chez les
c'est la

Jaloux de leur
les dirigeants
ont importé
une langue
officielle -
l'arabe -
qui a été
à la langue
subie (le

Or l'arabe
est étrangère
à l'algérien
de la rue

Mais comme
c'est un symbole
de souveraineté
ou de ce qu'on
croit tel
on préfère
vivre dans

Philosophie politique en Afrique contemporaine: Etat des lieux - Le...
lrafricain.blog4ever.com/.../lire-article-172272-84...La lutte politique
en Algérie s'est faite par la guerre....
La philosophie politique africaine et ses développements
CSPRP – Paris Diderot / CNRS Nancy 2
Vendredi 20 juin 2008
Notes prises par Laurent Ladouce

Le Centre de sociologie des pratiques et des représentations
politiques (CSPRP - www.csprp.univ-paris-diderot.fr) est une
équipe d'accueil pour des chercheurs, des doctorants et des
post-doctorants français et étrangers. Le CSPRP organisait
le vendredi 20 juin un colloque à Paris VII, en coopération
avec le CNRS de Nancy 2 sur le thème «La philosophie
politique africaine».
Margaret Alice Second

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In A Paris State Of Mind

It was the Paris feeling of it all
assaulting my senses
as I slumbered and dreamed
on imagined European time

White noise buzzed
with sophisticated speak
clicking on cobblestone
to Chanel boutique snobbery

As the Eiffel Tower loomed large
drenching the city in warmed light
my dreams paused, to images of home
longing for Lady Liberty, a fine french gift

Scents of the city of lights cling tightly
lavender, roses and mint leaves
hurry me back to my imagined luxury
dreaming of the Hotel Le Bristol Paris

The french sandman sprinkles gold dust
here in no man's land, dream world central
still safe and sound in my trance
the time ticks and I continue to float

I notice the pace of the country
no rat race rules, or impossible schedules
they march to a different beat
cafe's, wine, and enjoying life

As I begin to slowly wake
and find my way through this foggy haze
my final image of Paris in my dream
is a speeding car, hitting the thirteenth pillar
in the Alma tunnel.

Some things are never forgotten.
Robin Bennett

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Parisian Boulangeries-Patisseries

ah the boulangeries
iconic Parisian pastries
little rod baguettes
flaky flight croissants
melt-in-your-mouth pains...
au fresh made chocolat boulangeries

ah the Parisian boulangeries
charm in historic storefronts
lit exciting inviting windows
uniquely Parisienne facades
lessons from Paris boulangeries...
wrapped in old-fashioned paper bags

so pretty inviting service exciting
we learn as customers culture lessons
decor is appealingly rustic the breads
cakes strikingly presented almond
apricot bread is sublime we feel fine
as we contemplate purchases wait in line

chocolate tarts are second-to-none
like young children we are having fun
breads reasonably priced fresh delights
arranged individual tarts chocolate tarts
appeal tempt worth any all extra cents
all made with finest loved ingredients

continuing to produce quality breads
pastries cakes eye-catching sumptuous
downright decadent Parisian boulangeries
with one on virtually every corner selling
extra-special baguettes or raspberry tarts
we will never go croissant-hungry Paris

has a concise list of our world's best bakeries
time in Paris is strictly romantic French thus
for quality cuisine we need not spare expense
a recent emergence of string Starbucks outlets
McCafés cannot hold a candle true Parisians
romantic love tasty boulangeries-patisseries

easily resisted managed to withstand globalizations
cheap junk food outlets mass no quality invasions

Copyright © Terence George Craddock
Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

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