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Best Poems About / On PARIS
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1) A Cordial Meeting In Paris (Though She Will Be Difficult To Write About, She Will Not Be Difficult To Remember.)

A Cordial Meeting In Paris
An Epistle
(from Songs From The Women Of The L.O.M.)

While I was in France, on my first extended visit to Europe, after having toured the city of Paris, I stopped by, after randomly coffee-pub-hopping and met a couple of young ladies that I only had a brief moment to talk to while there. The first one that I met, she was sort of apprehensive about talking, but shortly after a brief introduction, she sat and had a cup of coffee with me. I can neither remember her name, nor where she was from, though I try each day, for there seem to be something special about her, and for some phenomenal reason, I suspected either Israel or Palestine. Of all the people that I have met, I have never had trouble recalling certain events about that person that I knew I would want to keep. I remember her face vividly, the way she looked from head to feet, but, for some reason, all of the personal dialogue was erased; though she will be difficult to write about, she will not be difficult to remember.

Preparations for the Future

They say that, though usually looking back in retrospection, that it's wonderful being a child even at that point in reverie when great sacrifices are being made to comfort and protect them, to guide and nurture them, to mold the mind and soul for what we sometimes hope will be a predestined quest that we have planned out; the worst case scenario is that they part at least half way through the journey after the mind has assimilated into its DOS, the basis, as we say, for discipline that will create and hold fast to a good work ethic, the understanding of a moral life that does not become a clichι after a year or two of being tempted and should challenge recovery if after a temporary setback; for it's the basis of being a constituent in a family, society or global community, the norms and standards that give our world an ecumenical stability that's recognized, excepted, respected and considered desirable, and the same retrospection that is being used to guide them, will allow them to look back as we often do, and show altruistic appreciation by one day acknowledging what has happened; if possible, improved and perpetuated throughout their lives and that of their posterity.

A group of children who are not yet expected to indulge in what is happening, not expected to even understand or appreciate, but expect to receive the venerated guidance of the giver of life and law until that day of questioning, with rationale and introspection, are playing in the middle of a room while the adults are listening to a radio in the background. Knowing that their children sit there, still unaware of the great expectations that are being planned out for them, they continue plotting the perfect handoff to what will be the posterity of a perfect future; but today they hope, like the victims in the eye of a hurricane, that this unbelievable calm will be the end of their woes, yet fervidly laying the tracks to a locomotive that is not only inevitable like the storm after the calm, but necessary at the present; desirable after the throes that comes from and arduous labor.
Otradom Pelogo

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imani halley

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I looked for a place I could call home in the United Kingdom, I searched from Glasgow to Bristol but didn't accomplish my goal. At first I was concerned that my failure would become a problem, but then I managed to bring my anxieties under control. I scoured for a place to call my own in the French empire, I explored from Paris to Nice but my search sadly did not cease. I thought that that which I wanted was not for me to acquire, but with time I found that my optimism started to increase. I hunted for a quaint place to live within Germany's frontier. I roamed from Hamburg to Munich while unable to make a pick. For a while I was miserable since my future was unclear, but I was determined to find somewhere that wasn't prosaic. I decided to claim some land and then make my own dominion, with the hope of filling it with beauty which elsewhere can't be found, all without ever having to ask for another's opinion, however I had to give up as the troubles faced were abound.
Christian Lacdael

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A Delivery Van

In the middle of the intersection of the Rue de Seine & the Rue de Buci a van stops & the driver, taking his sweet time despite the pile up of traffic, loads several cases of bottles onto his trolley & wheels them into the Bar du Marche. About twenty sheep (a flock of sheep in the middle of Paris?) moving slowly up the Rue de Buci, approach the van & clamber into its open side door, & the shepherd, slamming the door shut, sits down at a table & orders a cafι express which is brought by a surly waiter a few moments later, the van driving off with a load of bleating sheep, this incident similar in many respects to the one I encountered last night at 11:30 in the Pigalle Metro station trying to catch the last train home – a herd of Texan long horn cattle completely filling the platform, impossible to get near the train when it stopped, had to walk home.
Philip Hammial

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