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Best Poems About / On PARIS
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Let The Games Begin

I started a war
with Juliet
romeo thinks im angry at her
we ARE friends after all
but oh how wrong he is
i love him
but how the innocence hides the hatred
silly silly romeo
he should know
how terrible me as an enemy can be
i do believe it worries him
me an enemy of Juliet
but not for long
because now that i have up and left, she knows romeo is mine
all rules no longer apply
there is no honor among enemies or thieves or politicians
and right now, i am all three
a thief who steals romeo
campaigning for Juliet's exile
and darling im an enemy of Juliet

you should know that, Juliet
my my
rosaline is here to stay
to take the man your cheating on away
i hope you are satisfied with Paris
because no one like a suicidal girl with a straying eye
ah and what an eye you have, Juliet
and THE EYE ON PARIS! oh his inbox must be something special
oh, just wait i till i get a hold of the screen shots
you should have know better
I've told you the tales of wars and victory's
you shouldn't have made an enemy out of me
kitty smith

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Summers In Paris

each summer i go to paris to write
and each trip i make you greet me
as though you haven't seen me in ages
then you tell me i get more beautiful
with each passing year
but i'm just getting older
and it's really men not women that
get better looking with age

i pose for you by day watching your brush
as it whisks over canvas
nights are spent in quaint restaurants
where we eat only the finest foods
chasing it down with the best of the wines

later in the night i try to write
but you won't let me
you're too busy teasing and tickling me
it's impossible to concentrate
you never cease tempting me into your bed
you tell me i will be famous
once your masterpiece is complete
then when i come to paris
everyone i pass by in the city will know me
Faith Elizabeth Brigham

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americans in paris

Americans in Paris
rarely will embarrass
the Frenchies,
who, when they’re in Manhattan
regard as ill-begotten
our wenches,
since they don’t give French kisses
like those a Frenchman’s missus
Unlike the taxi horn
George scouted, Frenchmen scorn
as girl guides
without baton

Inspired by a TV performance of “American in Paris” by George Gershwin, performed by the NY Philharmonic conducted by Alan Gilbert in a New Year’s eve concert that included five Cole Porter songs sung by Thomas Hampson, including “Why Gay Paree? ” a favorite of Hampson, who was interviewed by Alec Baldwin before the performance.

gershon hepner

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A New Pilgrimage: Sonnet VI

Away from sorrow! Yes, indeed, away!
Who said that care behind the horseman sits?
The train to Paris, as it flies to--day,
Whirls its bold rider clear of ague fits.
Who stops for sorrows? Who for his lost wits,
His vanished gold, his loves of yesterday,
His vexed ambitions? See, the landscape flits
Bright in his face, and fleeter far than they.
Away! away! Our mother Earth is wide;
And our poor lives and loves of what avail?
All life is here; and here we sit astride
On her broad back, with Hope's white wings for sail,
In search of fortune and that glorious goal,
Paris, the golden city of our soul.
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt

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