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Poems On / About PASSION  5/31/2016 2:50:04 AM
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The Things I Love With A Passion

I rock and roll with passion
I talk out my soul with a passion

I eat good food with passion
I defeat bad mood with a passion

I sleep well with passion
I weep hell with a passion

I dream endlessly with passion
I gleam ceaselessly with a passion

I aim for money with passion
I do the same for honey with a passion

I listen carefully with passion
I glisten dutifully with a passion

I search for fame with passion
I research to blame with a passion

I walk everyday with passion
I talk and play with a passion

I embrace life with passion
I face nightlife with a passion

I laugh out with passion
I chaffe about with a passion

I cook with others with passion
I look at mothers with a passion

I touch gently with passion
I clutch tightly with a passion

I work hard with a passion
I rock mad with a passion

I gear up goals with passion
I stir up roles with a passion

I make friends with passion
I take weekends with a passion

I love kissing with passion
I love teasing with a passion

I make love with passion
I take from above with a passion

If push comes to shove
Label me old fashioned
For these are things I caption
In life with all my passion

Copyright 2006 - Sylvia Chidi
Sylvia Chidi

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Passion For Poetry

With so much/a feeling that's everlastin'/she keeps me motivated with a neverending habit/she goes by Poetry/when she's with me, they gon' know it's me/she keeps me in control, at ease/to speak from my soul that's free/she gives me that passion/to live lyrically lavish/sometimes unleash the beast within me, like a savage/she keeps me addicted like a drug/pursuing what I love/and keep it poppin' like a rave or a club/she helps with my discussions/goes perfect with percussion/it's Poetry I'm lovin'/without her, I'm nothin'/together we're devoted to the game/like earth should be our claim/truly blessed, hollow be thy name/I feel her with a passion/fulfill her with a passion/copyright, submit, and instill her with a passion/she's a universal language/this gift I'm cursed to claimin'/she'll never leave my side, been with me since birth and stayin'/and we gon' set it off together/let it off together/and we gon' make the crowd applaud together/with an open relationship/provoke me to say this shit/givin' me a passion with some quotes you'll be savorin'/with so much pasion/that's so everlastin'/coincide with a passion/that you could image/her name is Poetry/who keeps me going uncontrollably/and flowing uncontrollably/with more, this ain't the most of me/with so much passion/that's so everlastin'/Poetry's my love, my drug, a habit/together we gon' hold it down/with a remarkable sound/off top, poetry makes the world go round
Kris Smith

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She is driven by the passions of life...
The passion in people, the passion of gods word and the strength of his lite...
She is driven by passion and the beauty in what she can see...
The passion in the strength of powerful waves brought in by the sea...
She is driven by passion and all she can feel, and the wiff of there scent...
The passion in the beauty of mountain tops, tall trees and the feeling of being heaven sent...
She is driven by passion and her passion is life in itself...
Rick Valdez

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Passion for the stars
Passion for the ocean
A moment of passion so easily shared,
With no fear o regret.
Passion is the eagerness to wake up with the light

A moment of passion I'll never forget
My passion found me
And what is my passion?
Passion and lust takes my mind

Passion the power to love,
The speed of passion: Furios
Passion is something you see
Passion its something you are......
anees akbar

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Poems On / About PASSION