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Poems On / About PASSION  7/24/2016 1:46:11 AM
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Best Poems About / On PASSION
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Round About

Swerving and swirling like in search of en-route the passion of the lovers of life and nature. Do I really love life and nature? Some of this planets have dire need of nature and life but the contrary pursues their nature the observance of time that seem to wear them. The question of inhabitants that takes over the feelings and thoughts. Ingenious and genius that partake their passion want to fly with me we somewhere on earth?
Alexander Keli Mutua

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Fusing Lips

Diffusing and refusing the enter into the realms of love, passion and affection. Where a merge of two ignite and reignite the urge a large of emotions and thoughts. The brought and wrought within the sight and insight of two who deed and need bid the union of love. Hive of passion and affection that settle and resettle emotions and thoughts within the depths of earth. Where the reliance and align of life unravel the utmost engulf into love.
Alexander Keli Mutua

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Passion Of Time

I closed my eyes as I played the tape of our passionate times. The thought of your fingers touching the pores of my skin as the deep passion we shared within. Your eyes sparkled as they looked into mines as my mind went into a daze of how I didn't want this moment to end. My lips touching your lips as flowers blossom with immuse. I open my eyes as I stop the tape in my mind, I walk to you then we begin to record to another passion of our time.
Ajmacia McQueen

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No Taking My Fire And Passion

There's a fire in my eyes
a passion in my soul
that no one can quench.
This fire that leads my life
takes no pauses
this passion has ne doing
anything and everything
to do what my passion commands
the desires of my passion
are unquenchable and
uncontainable. you want some
of this girls free tough
you can't get none. you want to
take her passion away
goodluck. hahaha your
feeble attempts make me
laugh. There is no taking
my fire or passion too.
so not sorry and I hope you'll
one day find a fire and passion
of your own rather than trying to take mine
Krazy Rae

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Poems On / About PASSION