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Poems On / About PASSION  5/24/2015 4:13:29 PM
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And can'st thou believe that my passion has perish'd,
Tho' the torrent that first overwhelm'd me is gone :
No ; - first in this heart thy dear image is cherish'd,
Tho' the stream of affection run silently on.

As the lamps that enliven the tombs of the dead,
And all the dark vault with their brilliancy fill,
So love round this heart its blest radiance has shed,
And my passion burns brightly-tho' hiddenly-still.
Mary Anne Browne

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The Passionate Man

The passionate man
I s full of passion inside of him
And he has to keep on moving everyday back and forth
On the planet earth
The passionate man
Needs to find somebody like him that has passion also in order to love Somebody to work
Otherwise it won't work at all for him and that is the whole truth
Aldo Kraas

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Bonafide Character

In ten minutes I feel efervecent with passion in words
ten minutes later the barometer of passion dropped to self-dispair
ten minutes after....must call someone to share some sweet candy coded bonafide glamour
Wait! Stop!
A minuted has just passed and truth rushed through like a bolt of lighting
Oh the unbearable truth.
Must take a toke now.
Jack Rivas

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The memory of his lips gentele resting on mine and his hand grasped around my waste is something i can not brace.His memory i dont want to let faint.But this pain is enough to make me break.His breathe apon my neck and his body against mine.I dont wanna let it go.My passion for him is so stong that it drives me to my insanity.But why must i feel this way? ? Why does it drive me insane.It kills me just to say his name.The memories of him make me weaken inside.I'm breaking down befor i build back up.I dont want him here..I dont wanna hear him or take notcied that hes still around.But i drown myself in my own memories of the love i have for him.i dont wanna lose him.i know he loves me but to think he kisses someone else is like a spear throw my heart.my memories wont fade.they'll never die off, but what happens when that drives me insane.what happens when he fades away? i dont wanna let it go. only if her knew.onlye if he knew that every second that passes i think of him.An every minute i rip myself apart inside to know that i've lost you an now im blue.i dont want this to be true..i dont ever wanna lose you...but isnt that whats driving to this place? ? isnt that whats giving me this pain these feelings? ? is my own sorrow? why cant i find happiness? ? why cant i find that im wanted in life..but his memory keeps me going...to know that i have hope to keep holding on...an let him be free...the pain will leave someday..someday i'll be free again but not now..not whle im stilll screaming his name...my hand resting apon his face gazing into his eyes..the warmth of him against my lifeless body is what brings me back...his heart beats as one with mine...his eyes like diamonds they sparkle an shine...his kisses priceless...his passion..his style..his bright mind...the imperfectionest that i love so much...we dift so far apart...my fingers are beining to slip...that simple kiss that feedom to look to the stars...i have it all...i dont need you to walk by myside anymore...becuz ive fallen to the floor...an i cant take it anymore..we driving this apon ourselves me more thant you..so this is true i love you..but more tha more i fight it an the more i hold on the harder its get..so here it is..this is it...i want you more than life...but i cant have you im finally ok by that...becuz i do have you an i'll never lose you...so its time for me to let go now..im moving on..an setting myself free from this missouy...but there you stand with your hat on backwards an your skateboard in hand..i watched from a distance as your shirt flies through the wind and your wheel hitting the ground..oh the memories that i've found...but it always makes me frown...the bench at lunch the lik hut off campus...the beach..the camping trip...flower...epic adventure..bullwinkles..all of it real..all of it gone..so here i lie once more my bodies broken on the floor..but its ok..cuz this time..for the frist time im gonna pick myself back up again...im not gonna get close to that edge again im not gonna let you in..but you know so much an the sweet melody of you voice i break down an you win...but this time this time im letting go im not gonna let it hurt me anymore..becuz i have one thing that they dont..an thats your heart..so i love you an the memories will stay but now its time becuz im long gone away
Aubre Fuller

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