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Poems On / About PEOPLE  5/26/2016 11:33:24 PM
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The Poor People In Ramadan

Only God feels the poor people in Ramadan Simply because a few people try to help them, A poor fasting person needs some dates, Some potato soup, and some bread, Some poor and fasting people don't find even the least Because most of the other fasting people go inside Their houses to enjoy the most delicious foods while The poor people lack the minimum to their tables, Feeling the poor is a great advantage of this month Because this is the pretty and real essence of Ramadan, Not feeling those pretty, fasting, and poor people leads To not to achieve the pretty goals of Ramadan, In Ramadan, equality must prevail or at least what we have More, we give to those who lack everything, There is a pretty message behind behind fasting which Is feeling others wonderfully rich or poor and sharing others In their needs, otherwise Ramadan will not achieve its pretty Meaning without standing firmly with all poor and fasting people, This is the month of Ramadan is to give to those who are in need Without letting them feel that they're in real need, so Ramadan is still in its beginning and we can afford all pretty Help to those whose tables lack even drinks or simple foods.

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Their Smart Missiles Are Not Smarter Than The Pretty Defenders

Killing innocent people with smart-imported missiles Will not achieve a victory, but It will make people (defenders) smarter to defend themselves, Smart-missiles (AIR TO HOUSES, AIR TO EARTH, AIR TO CARS, AIR TO A FARMER, ....) are weapons of mass genocides Simply because they only target innocent people - of any kind - I'm against killing innocent people anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, If you are able to destroy everyone and everything, then Remember that God is over you and over your superiority anytime, Arrogance has failed because of people's strong will against Any ugly and mean aggression, People will not die - some might die - Because they have the pretty inclination to survive, Smart-missiles of aggression and arrogance will fall and will fail Against people's determination to defend themselves, so Store your smart-missiles in the muddy water because you might Need to look for fish among them one day.

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Images Of Starving People To Death Are Clearly Ugly And Mean

Undoubtedly criminal minds Work on starving innocent people To death while their tables are Really filled with all kinds of Delicious foods and drinks anytime, Criminal personalities take innocent People to that extent in which they Let them starving to death deliberately, Mindless figures plan to kill more And more innocent people by starving Them endlessly to that bitter death Uncaring about their cries or about Their hungry stomachs anytime... It is our twenty-first century that Displays itself as a century of starving Innocent people to that horrible death, Denouncing and condemning all acts of Starving people death are not enough, but There must be tribunals for those criminals Who deliberately starve people to death, Our whole world is regretfully irresponsible For all that happens here and there... We feel that we are in a big jungle that No one cares about others' dilemmas... Images of starving people to death are Clearly ugly, mean, and even shameful if The whole world tries to fix them immediately... _____________________________________________________________________

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In A Poetic Way

I love poetry and poetry Loves me anytime and anywhere, Sunprincess loves poetry and Poetry loves her too, I feel everyone and everything Around me in a clear and poetic way Because poetry runs hand in hand With my blood inside my whole body, It's just a normal thing to talk Poetically to people, but In a great and wonderful way, I feel proud to talk to people Poetically and nicely because I love people and I can not live Without people anytime and anywhere, so To talk to people poetically and nicely, It means you love people in truth to the bones.

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Poems On / About PEOPLE