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Poems On / About PEOPLE  11/29/2015 6:19:46 AM
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In A Poetic Way

I love poetry and poetry Loves me anytime and anywhere, Sunprincess loves poetry and Poetry loves her too, I feel everyone and everything Around me in a clear and poetic way Because poetry runs hand in hand With my blood inside my whole body, It's just a normal thing to talk Poetically to people, but In a great and wonderful way, I feel proud to talk to people Poetically and nicely because I love people and I can not live Without people anytime and anywhere, so To talk to people poetically and nicely, It means you love people in truth to the bones.

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From Your Ivory Towers

There are people, In this world, Who talk to us from their noses, These people sit in their ivory towers To be or not to be, We're all pretty people and we're Equal in everything, We are not sitting in ivory towers to talk arrogantly To people like us, Our mouths talk and not our noses because We love all people globally, These ivory towers are merely rocks of arrogance that don't mean Anything to us, All people are great and lovely, so Why should talk to them from ivory towers anytime, Anywhere and everywhere?

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People Who Talk From Their Noses

There are people in this world In which we live together Talk through noses instead of their mouths... I don't know why these people talk from their noses! We are human beings from Adam and Eve and Adam was created from dust, It's no wonder to see arrogant, smug, and Even haughty people Look at us disdainfully according to what They feel towards others like us, Arrogance, haughtiness, and talking through Noses mean disdaining others with a reason or without a reason... It's a wonder if Some people think that they are over other People, but They live in illusion because All people are good and pretty, Looking from illusive towers and talking Through noses with others Is a big problem! Life, with its beauty, means equality Between people, Living together, and People love to each other without Arrogance, without haughtiness, and Without a reason... The lower land drinks its water and its others' waters, We must rely on humility rather than Arrogance, We must talk from our mouths rather than talking from our noses to Feel the importance of life around us, Life is take and give, It's a great feeling towards others... Other than this They are merely trivial things... Life is pretty as much as we share it and We introduce the best in it. __________________________________________________________________________________________

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My Poems

Poetry is great if it conveys Our pretty messages in life to other people and To other things that make people feel their humanity anytime, My poems love people Anywhere and everywhere, I talk to all people Through my poems To let them feel their existence Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, I write to those who suffering from Different kinds of pains, My poems contain pure and true love To those people who are everywhere, I write to everyone To make him or to make her Feeling things greatly and wonderfully, Poetry has a great message That is to convey love to all people, Love is the foundation stone in my all poems Because it is the basic thing in our life..............

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