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Best Poems About / On PEOPLE
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Everything belongs to people

Everything belongs to people
Give back to the people
Give back their land their forest
Their hills mountains rivers
Give back to the people
Earth mines irons etc etc
Everything belongs to the people
Give the people the power
In democracy everything belongs
To people and democracy is
Of the people by the people and
For the people and people are
At the centre of power progress
Prosperity public funds
People are there just to forgive
And forget and do not take
The advantage of their ignorance
made the people know everything
Everything belongs to people
People are the people in this system
And the system depends on you only
You can make it coal
And people are there to group.
gajanan mishra

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We Complain

We complain
When in other countries people are in pain
We complain
And on the other side, conditions are inhumane
We complain
Many people want to ascertain

I don't eat cheese
While in other countries people die of disease
I don't want to clean my room
While many people starve just wanting food to consume
My mom just gave me 50 dollars and thats not enough
In different places people can't even pay for rent; life is tough

We complain
Many people, their life they can't sustain
Parents their kids they can't maintain
On Christmas people can't even buy a candy cane
People feeling like they're drowning in acid rain
And we complain

People out there who can't even afford to watch an ad campaign
People hiding on the streets because of shame
Because themselves are the ones to blame
Many things they detain
People out there who wish they were slain
People who wear the same clothes with the same little stain

People sleeping out in the rain
People who have given up and just start to cut their vein
When some people work and get their paycheck, they feel nothing they gain
Without insurance they gotta be careful because there's nothing they can sprain
Many people like in Africa have nothing to eat, not even a little grain...
And we complain
Bianca Edwards

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The Dream Song of Busy People

God is not willing for any of us
to fall short of his gory
So He gave us dreams
Of the soon coming new day
He gave us vision for telling his story
And the good news, Jesus is the Way.

There are busy people, busy people
busy building, busy building,
busy people, busy building people.
It’s the apostle, and the prophet,
The evangelist, and the pastor
and teacher busy building people.

There are busy people
reaching for people to teach
There are busy people
teaching the people they reach
They build up the saints by sharing their heart
encouraging others in the things of God.

There are busy people
preaching the gospel of dreams
There are busy people
Giving of all their means
They live in the Spirit
From the inside out
This is how we serve one another
Cause that’s what it’s all about.

There are busy people, busy people
busy building, busy building,
busy people, busy building people.
It’s the apostle, and the prophet,
The evangelist, and the pastor
and teacher busy building people.
Cornell 'RappinGrandaddy' Harris aka 'RG' Poetry

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People in my life

Walking down the path of life,
A path often hard, uphill and difficult
I meet people who walk by my side
Some of them choose to touch me
Some of them I touch
Some of them hold my hand and walk with me
All of them scar me somehow

I've met mean people
Violent, angry people
People dark in the soul
People that look good on the outside
People funny and gracious on the surface
But void and empty on the inside
People who try to cover their defects but can't
Emotionally naive, eternally lonely, unhappy and troubled people.

I've met people who step on me to get taller
People who break me to feel better
People who want me for one night only
People who hurt me and don't care
Weird, strange and unstable people
No sense in their behavior
People who take advantage of what I give them
People who don't appreciate me
People who expunge me from their life for good
People who erase me and cancel me with a message
People who refuse to take my calls
People who avoid me like the plague
Irrational people who I want to know better
People who interest me nevertheless...
People who promise won't treat me bad
but do so anyway without explanation
People who reject me abruptly
People who switch me off with the push of a button
People careless about my feelings
Oblivious, confused and indifferent
People who jerk me around for a week
Playing with my vulnerable soul
and toss me in the garbage afterwards.

Why, I ask, why is this happening?
Have normal people disappeared from this world?
Is it me who allows them to step all over me?
Is it my eagerness to meet someone normal
that makes me a magnet for such strange behavior?
Any normal people left out there?
Please come hold my hand
As life's ticking away and I can't hold out any longer
Come and I'll forget all I've been through
I'll try to do it right this time
I'll try to give you just what you need, no more.
Come tonight, I miss you.
I'll be expecting you.

Written on April 3,2007
CeCe Lamberts

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