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When We Pass Away

We will pass away sooner or later and This is an inevitable fate to all of us even if One lives for hundreds of years Simply because death is inevitable By God through His Archangel Izrael, Most people believe that they will die Differently, but they will pass away, In between death and before death, We're more vital and more energetic, At a certain point, Some think that they will not die or death is Mistaken them, Death never mistakens anyone, but I's just a matter of time, We can not avoid death especially those Sudden deaths that happen to many people, Some people believe that death is inevitable and It might come anytime and anywhere, The idea of death scares most of us Simply because it's not easy for someone when He is going to die or death will come inevitably, When we die, then We will inevitably let everyone and everything to others Because we can not take anything with us except our deeds, Most people are not ready to face death Because they think that they should enjoy life till the end, Sudden deaths are on the rise, but Nobody cares, Some people think that they should live only to stay in this world and They don't have any idea about the other everlasting world, Anyhow we are inevitably going to leave this transitional world Whether if we're willing or not towards the other everlasting, that is Hell or heaven, so Death is not scary, but To some people it's very scary.

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I Am Hungry (The Hungry People Are Dying)

No one listens, but Everyone is silent, Hunger kills and no one Listens to the hungry people Who are dying horribly! Starvation sweeps the Hungry people and no one listens, The starving people ate the cats, The dogs, the poor donkeys, The green grass, the trees and their Leaves, or may be the corpses, Who knows what's going on with These hungry people? These poor people fall like The trees' fallen leaves, Time flies and no one listens, But everyone is greatly silent, Our world is dead and we're dead, No one listens, but everyone is silent, We are not pieces of rocks or Grains of sand, but we're dead dreams And vague realities in our life! We are not made of iron, but we are The real cruelty itself and our feelings And emotions are dead like our words, The hungry people are dying every day And we don't care about their poor souls, Who are we in this world? ! God knows what's going on with everyone, so I do not blame anyone.

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Why do people die,
why do people cry.
Why do people grieve,
why do people always leave.
Why do people hide their emotions,
why do people do secret devotions.
Why do people hide their face,
why do people hate Gods grace.
Why do people hurt other people for the hurtful feeling of evil,
why do people act sad and when people ask, get mad.
Why do people do things for attention and always end up with tension.
why do people backstab their friends, all because of different bends.
Why do people love to hate all because of another fate.
And in the end, when i sigh,
All i can do is ask 'Why? '
kendra terry

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The Pretty Suicide Rock

It was named the Suicide Rock And everyone knew about it. It was over there on the Kournish Of the Southern Shore. It was over there for thousands of Years, but nobody told that anyone Committed suicide or threw himself or Herself because all people were good And lovely. People used to call it this name and Even after it was hidden by days and By a lot of works. All lovers and all different kinds of People used to go over there to enjoy Themselves and to enjoy the sea winds. A lot of people had good memories in That spot a long time ago. The Suicide Rock is still in the people's Pretty memories until now. Indeed it's the pretty rock that all People of the pretty city loved it. Nobody committed suicide and nobody Killed himself or herself. It's the pretty rock of time that Witnessed a lot of things and it's Still hidden somewhere and it's in Hearts and minds.

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