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Poems On / About PEOPLE  11/24/2015 10:11:02 PM
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Un Must Stand Up For The Pretty Refugees Anywhere And Everywhere

With my naked eyes, In front of the UN offices Here and there, I see the horrible sufferings And the painful pains of the pretty Refugees asking for some help To themselves and to their pretty families, People are suffering too much asking For help and for support of the UN body, Regretfully no one cares fully about The painful dilemmas of these pretty refugees, UN has double standards about people and their Sufferings it depends on every situation, People should be equal under the international Body organization because of the people's painful sufferings, It's not fair to treat people like this because what's Going on to these pretty refugees in a certain time at a certain time, Please immediately and surely end the painful sufferings of these Pretty refugees now and before it's over because these people Deserve all that is good and pretty anytime and anywhere.

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Some People Are Unfair And Unjust

If you make a grave mistake You will be liable to a court Session or you must stand trial For a crime committed by you, If you have proofs or clear Evidences, then you will be acquitted of All your mistakes or your bad mistakes, If you are unfair or unjust, then We can say that you have injustice, Being unfair or unjust in your life Will lead to bad and mean results. Some people have grave mistakes like The ugly tyrants and their ugly tyrannies, An ugly tyrant and his ugly tyrannies will Lead to disasters of man destruction like People's fleeing, people's displacement, People's mass murders, and all kinds of Atrocities anytime, anywhere, and everywhere. Because of some people being unfair and Unjust, human kind will pay a very high price. Unless we stand firm and united against The unfair and unjust people, then we will pay very high prices and bad results. Freedom, fairness, justice, and all kinds of good human relations will help Humanity and human kind go forward until The end without being harassed or bothered.

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Some people may be black; some people white.
Some people might be thin; some people fat.
But I say it doesn't matter, for no matter what, we are all equal.

Some people's smiles are dull; some people's are bright.
Some people may own a dog; some people a cat.
But I say it doesn't matter, for no matter what, we are all equal.

Some people can't see; some people can.
Some people are strong; some people weak.
But I say it doesn't matter, for no matter what, we are all equal.

Kaitlyn Mae Henning
Kaitlyn Henning

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I Guess

I guess people hate the truth

People don't care to look for the truth

I guess I'd be this way too if I was married

People don't read the bible nor the Koran nor any other religious book

People that do don't really read it

People that are radical follow their wicked hearts

I guess people hate the truth

People will find out the truth one day and they are not going to like it when they find out about their stupidity

People glorify stupidity

People are dumb to everything that isn't significant to them

People look at the news because someone else is finding the truth for them

People don't like to do anything that is outside their lives

People don't donate money they let others do it for them

People that donate for them keep some for themselves

I guess people hate the truth because people don't want to know the real evil truths that float about us
Theorem The Truth Serum

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