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Poems On / About PEOPLE  2/11/2016 7:19:54 PM
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As Long As Evil Persists, Then There Is No Peace At All

Peace has its people and evil has its people Simply because peace beats evil anytime, Some people are always in the camps of peace Because they want our world to be lovely and peaceful while A handful of evil doers choose the camp of evil Because evil means something to their sick minds, Peace and evil can not get married anytime, They are like fire and ice, They never meet like two paralel lines whatever they longer, then They will not meet, Peace prevails for ever and ever because it's the legal demand Of good and lovely people while evil fades by time If tries to dominate for a short period of time, Shelling and bombading people come under the camp of evil Simply because lovely people live under the umbrella of peace, If evil goes on anytime, then There is no peace at all anytime, so Peace pushes evil aside and beat it up to make room For all that is pretty and wonderful.

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I Ignore

I always ignore bad people And their bad words Simply because I never side with evil Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere... Good people are my best examples And their pretty words... Bad people versus good people Anywhere and everywhere... I learn to be honest and good When I balance bad people's acts... I take from good people what They do and what they say anytime... Life is a big school to learn from or We will fail greatly if We don't learn anything... What's bad never becomes an example, but What's good turns life into A great stage of pretty love and knowledge... _____________________________________________________________________

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Hunger Is A Mean Weapon Anytime, Anywhere, And Everywhere

Death tolls go up and Ugliness goes up too... To punish people by preventing Foods and drinks is totally A crime against humanity... It is a shameful thing to let People go hungry endlessly... It is a shameful thing to see Innocent people dying as a result of A man-made hunger... It is meaningless to let people Dying while they are in urgent need for Foods and drinks anytime... It is illegal to treat innocent people For no reasons... Humanity loses its pretty fairness When innocent people dying As a result of man-made hunger... ______________________________________________________________________

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Some People Are Unfair And Unjust

If you make a grave mistake You will be liable to a court Session or you must stand trial For a crime committed by you, If you have proofs or clear Evidences, then you will be acquitted of All your mistakes or your bad mistakes, If you are unfair or unjust, then We can say that you have injustice, Being unfair or unjust in your life Will lead to bad and mean results. Some people have grave mistakes like The ugly tyrants and their ugly tyrannies, An ugly tyrant and his ugly tyrannies will Lead to disasters of man destruction like People's fleeing, people's displacement, People's mass murders, and all kinds of Atrocities anytime, anywhere, and everywhere. Because of some people being unfair and Unjust, human kind will pay a very high price. Unless we stand firm and united against The unfair and unjust people, then we will pay very high prices and bad results. Freedom, fairness, justice, and all kinds of good human relations will help Humanity and human kind go forward until The end without being harassed or bothered.

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