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Poems On / About PEOPLE  7/23/2016 8:05:25 AM
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There Are People

There are people who think that When you respect them it is something compulsory, but I tell them that nothing is compulsory when I respect so-and-so... Nothing in the world can enforce me to Respect or to help anyone Simply because if people deserve respect, then I have no choice, but To show my great respect to them... Some people misunderstand things Simply because this is the way with those people... It's great to respect all people anytime, but Not to kneel down to some people just to make them happy... If respect is mutual, then Life becomes more pretty and more lovely... Respect, love, honesty, and all other positive things Are required just to enrich our life and to make it better... ______________________________________________________________________

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It Tires Me

It tires me to see poverty prevails Among some people, but the rest live In luxurious life anytime and anywhere, It toils me to see the tired people sad Because justice is not fair anywhere, It tires me and it toils me to see sad People in the streets anywhere and I stare at their eyes to see that sadness And how it's drawn on their faces, I see and my seeing things look different Because I want to draw a picture in my Mind about people and their sadness in life, I am tired and I am sad seeing people Sad about things in life even the trivial ones, so That image I shape will be a great attempt To draw a future perspective towards helping People getting new and pretty horizons in life.

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Abu Falta (A Man Of Bullshit)

Abu Falta is a pretty name For a man whose record of conduct Is very mean, In front of people, He behaves like a decent man, but In fact he is mean and nasty, He never helps people for good, but He looks firstly for his benefit, He backbites people and he always Curses on his closest friends, He never does anything good, but When it comes to his benefits, Nobody likes him, but A few just hypocrisy, He is a great hypocrite and Everyone knows him, He works only for money, so Some people call him a money lover (slave) , He kneels down only for money, so Money is his aim in life, He eats like a monster Just to replenish his instincts, He never forgives people even For trivial things, so He is called Abu Falta because People like to call him this name.

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As Long As Evil Persists, Then There Is No Peace At All

Peace has its people and evil has its people Simply because peace beats evil anytime, Some people are always in the camps of peace Because they want our world to be lovely and peaceful while A handful of evil doers choose the camp of evil Because evil means something to their sick minds, Peace and evil can not get married anytime, They are like fire and ice, They never meet like two paralel lines whatever they longer, then They will not meet, Peace prevails for ever and ever because it's the legal demand Of good and lovely people while evil fades by time If tries to dominate for a short period of time, Shelling and bombading people come under the camp of evil Simply because lovely people live under the umbrella of peace, If evil goes on anytime, then There is no peace at all anytime, so Peace pushes evil aside and beat it up to make room For all that is pretty and wonderful.

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