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Poems On / About PEOPLE  7/24/2014 3:00:57 PM
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One Big Happy Family

There are people who are rich
People who are poor
People who are kind, people who are hardcore
People who are smart and people who acts like a fool
So many kinds of people in this world
That God has created in his own image
He wants us to be kind but not living in chaos and range

God wanted us to live in peace
Living with our cousins, nephews, and niece
Living together and loving one another
Living with our family and friends
The number of people on earth are so many
We should help one another like one big happy family
Courtney Elfa Alaban

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They are good kind true and bad,
Beautiful the people who seek love,
Dangerous the people who seek power,
God could be people or a person that people told of untrue,
People learn from people,
Plenty are those who choose to follow,
Never ending cycle of life we people proceed,
New old and missed of those who are people.
Carlton Douglas Kennedy

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Oh, People!

People can lift you up with comfort
People can bless you with joy,
People can take you for your worth
But some people can hurt and destroy.

People can give you so much love
People can also give you pain,
People can bring you closer to God,
Some people cannot make you trust again.
Cynthia BuhainBaello

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It's Not Your Job

It's greatly not your job To like or dislike someone Because it's unfair to behave Like this towards people anywhere, but It's your job is to be pretty to people Because all people are nice and pretty And they deserve to be treated nicely and Wonderfully anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, If you don't like people This is your problem because people everywhere And anywhere are sweet and lovely, It's not people's faces that determine one's lovely Or not lovely, but we look only at people's pretty deeds, so People are greatly pretty and sweet anytime, Anywhere, everywhere, and all around our globe.

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Poems On / About PEOPLE