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Poems On / About PEOPLE  12/1/2015 3:54:04 PM
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People's Lying

People's lying here, people's lying there
People's lying everywhere
People's dying here, people's dying there
People's dying everywhere

People's dying 'cos people's lying
People's crying 'cos people's lying
People's denying that they is lying
No-one's defying all this lying

Even people who's dying still keep lying
So more people's crying
More people's dying
'Cos people's only know lying

(Sydney, Australia - 2007)
Alessandra Liverani

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I Ignore

I always ignore bad people And their bad words Simply because I never side with evil Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere... Good people are my best examples And their pretty words... Bad people versus good people Anywhere and everywhere... I learn to be honest and good When I balance bad people's acts... I take from good people what They do and what they say anytime... Life is a big school to learn from or We will fail greatly if We don't learn anything... What's bad never becomes an example, but What's good turns life into A great stage of pretty love and knowledge... _____________________________________________________________________

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Some People

Some people want to die
some people want to live
some people want to take
some people want to give

Some people have family
some people have friends
some people love life
some people wait for it to end

Some people need the help
some people help the need
some people want to share
some people love the greed

Some people are weak
some people are strong
some people are right
some people are wrong

Some people are smart
some people are fools
some people are wise
some people need school

Some people have no mind
some people have no heart
some people keep us together
some people tear us apart
True Pain

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Thoughts Commit Suicide Or Die As A Result

That rock of suicide never commits suicide Simply because it can not do this anytime and No one dared to commit suicide from its top anytime, but Some people greatly threw their pretty thoughts Into that blue sea that stands in front of it... If someone accidentally falls From the top of that rock of suicide, then People will say that he has committed suicide For any reason... Some people fall accidentally from their Houses' balconies, then People will say that they have committed suicide... Those who commit suicide have the intention to do this, but A few accidentally fall and people think that these are Attempts of committing suicide anytime... When people commit suicide, then All their thoughts commit suicide... Some people will not believe those who fell accidentally and Later died because of their fall, but They will this is a clear suicide... Committing suicide is against everyone and is Against everything, but If someone falls accidentally, then Then this another thing... committing suicide and when falling accidentally, then Those thoughts commit suicide or they die later on... Just different ways of death... When we pass away, then All our thoughts, which we carry inside us , Vanish immediately... ______________________________________________________________________

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