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Best Poems About / On PEOPLE
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Some People

Some people make you happy,
Some people just give you worries

Some people make you smile,
Some people just add wrinkles on your face

Some people are happy with your laurels,
Some people get envious with your success

Some people make you feel recharge upon seeing them.
There are also people that sap your strength upon meeting them...

Some hates you for being good,
Others are proud of your noble virtues

Some people are really like the devils in disguise,
Some people give you a taste of heavenly paradise
Champs Ulysses Cabinatan

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Who Will Care For The People?

Who will care for the people; lost, confused and can’t find their home
Who will care for the people; raped, striped and left without anything of their own
Who will care for the people; who once had land, cattle and a harvest to reap?
Who will care for the people; who now possess despair and fear that denies them sleep?
Who will care for the people; that served only kindness but were fed a platter of pain?
Who will care for the people; who have been inflicted with cruelty again and again?
Who will care for the people; who for generations were treated unfairly?
Who will care for the people; that are the reflection of me?
They maybe many but I will mention the one that is familiar
This can be none other than the honourable Mr. Hamilton Ratshefola
Astell Collins

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James Rhio O'Connor Scholarship

Ashton Collier 1-15-2010 James Rhio O’Conner Scholarship
James Rhio O’Connor despite his illness was motivated by a losing hand, he set the standard for what it takes to excel from a level greater than success, and he impelled and extended the time frame given by his prognosis to elevate his mind and spirit. The leap he took was astronomical and brave; he knew it was more to life than cancer so he climbed the ladder non stop researching special ways to treat his cancer prognosis.

James Rhio O’Connor had one of the worst incurable cancers; Mesothelioma, it’s a type of cancer that is caused by exposure to asbestos; the cancer affects the outer lining of the lungs and internal chest wall and also the lining of the abdominal cavity. Asbestos is commonly found in homes, apartments, buildings and work sites, and it’s about 150,000 workers that die from Asbestos exposure every year, so I can’t imagine the pain he went through with his prognosis.

Yet he never gave up when doctors told him he has less than a year to live, he never gave up when he was spending countless hours in the library finding books on Mesothelioma, he never gave up when he was gathering information from doctors, patients and researchers, he never gave up. The obstacles in his life made him strive for more than just doctor visits, he managed to overcome his illness by more than six years. His critical thinking method developed a new philosophy on data productivity and efficiency, so now doctors can rethink the process of treatment to Mesothelioma patients and use the James Rhio O’Connor treatment.

If I had Mesothelioma I would do anything possible to further my life span, I would connect with people and open up a cancer group for all people dealing with Mesothelioma and other leading cancers, so they can fill at ease when dealing with their cancer, and we can talk about how they fill about having cancer and what they do to stay healthy and what they do to stay above their cancer prognosis, because when people get diagnosed with something they fear, I want them to not be afraid but be willing to fight and live this thing out together as a whole nation dealing with cancer. After I start up the group, we would go everywhere to inform people about the group and its benefits in the near future to come, and also find questions and answers from doctors, clinics and books about all types of cancers; and we would take trips to countless libraries and read countless books together, exercise are body mind and spirit together and strive for excellence together. The next step we would do is start a cancer relief fund so people can donate to help find cancer cures of all types so are future children and their children’s, children’s wont have to deal with surgery medication and chemo, I would tell people its ok to join we are all frighten in the beginning, but most importantly just helping people all together in a hard time in are lives, because cancer is a hard thing to deal with, it’s always good to be cancer smart even if you don’t have cancer you can still want to know how to take care of your body under circumstance or either help others in need that has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma and other cancers, Therefore life can extend, and people can be aware of all types of cancers so they could help that person in need.

I am just deeply inspired by James Rhio O’Connor’s endurance and drive because he gives people that hope we need to never give up, just keep it moving in a positive direction, his story tells that you can reach how long and far as you want but never give up. From all the things that happened in my life this is by far the most memorable story I have ever read, James Rhio O’Connor changed my life and maybe I could change a life by letting people know just stay focus and strive until you can strive no more; that’s what James Rhio did, he took the leap of faith as a human being, as person and as a leader.

For more information about Mesothelioma visit http: // www.survivingmesothelioma.com

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People Sos!

People! Become thoughtful!
You must be deep in thoughts.
This world? This world without truth,
People look but dont't look through.

People, people, people SOS!
You're destroyers of this world.
People, people I'm Boss
And I command: stop it all!

People, peoople! Trees do fall
Oxygen disappears from air.
This world without soul
Let's start new life since New Year!

People! It's time for changes
Countdown started, Yeah!
People! Make your choice,
See you in New Year!
Tim Riene

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