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Wrong Leaders

why are our leaders being the ambassadors of our country's dwindles, being the corrupt masters of our economy, they are patriots in reverse order, impoverishing our brothers and sisters at home, they call themselves 'saviours' of the people, office loafers in the guise of workers. Our leaders are barons of incompetence with kleptomaniac fingers, position occupants and enemies of services. Why are they locke-up in corrosive war of corruption, with the people's treasury and killing their future. Our leaders are frustrating the corporate will of their followers. The hungry, beleaguered and famished. Our political elite who are in air-conditioned chambers and exotic cares, crying of rip-off, tucked away from their impoverished constituencies, lying prostrate and providing us with death traps for roads, candle for lights, underneath trees for schools, mud for water rats for protein and alibi as governance. They are rancorous elite battling
for supremacy, for the control of power and the people's wealth mowing down their. The leaders are the round trippers, the people see neither money or food. Our leaders without motive, without vision, without mission, are canvassing the able-bodied men on the streets, men fit for farms, to carry tools in their hands of polical overlords, missioning for vendetta against political opponents in their fight for power. Their actions and inactions reducing the people's expectations and aims to nothingness, stealing our collective joy.
Nana Kakraba

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I Am

I am to be or not to be, No one cares about me Simply because People care about your money, your situation, and........................, I am a human being Who cares about others' pains and sufferings Anywhere and everywhere, There are people, in our life, Who don't care about you Because they live their life as they like, I Care about any kid whose soul was perished Unjustly here or there wrongfully or under Any injustice with the missiles of treachery By the planes of treachery, I am not like anyone, but It hurts me to see the death of childhood in Gaza or in any other place, I am not selfish to that extent in which I Get mean to prevent myself from seeing kids' Scattered pieces of flesh, women, and men, My fingers get tired typing about pains, sufferings, and even about poverty, Poverty is an industry and A human being never comes to life poor, I am aginst this usless idea, Poverty is made by those who make to others, I am existing when I feel the other people In words and in action, I am not sitting in my ivory tower To talk this way or that way looking for Those might believe in my lies here and There, Who made these ivory towers to those Hundreds of those big liars in The daytime? We are like one body if a member of that body hurts, then the whole body hurts, These are wonderful words said by our messenger (Peace be upon him) , where are we from these words? It hurts me a million of times everyday And I feel ever kid's pains he or she got From the hatred's arrows, There are a lot of bubbles around us that Fly away, then they explode As when a newborn baby farts, Those who don't feel people, then They don't belong to these people, Pains and sufferings are, in our time, a must and are necssary, Where am I from that time? ! Regardless of all that, ' I remain as is without that ' Igo ' Because we're all human beings From Adam and Eve, We are all from dust, We're all from a handful of dust, Only a handful of dust suffices man's eyes, Only a handful of dust...., Only a handful of dust... _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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We Only Become

Before our death, That is all that time which we live Before we pass away to the other world, We are only bubbles and we are only like Those mirages of any desert in the eyes of Other people... We are in great oblivion before We move into the other world... No one cares about you and about your life If you're a poet or you're anything else... That's our world! We are merely appearances in the people's eyes, but It depends... People only discover our greatness and our creativity After we pass away for ever... Before one's death no one knows anything about us Simply because people are like this... There are many examples about people who Passed away a long, long time ago... We become great and icons only after We leave this world immediately... When we are still in this world, No one cares about us at all... In-between distance separates our existence as Normal human beings and our departure as something else... Our world is unique in what It treats us before and after... We can not change that 'before' with that 'after' Simply because that's our world choice which is a must... We can not change our world's road map If it insists on it........... This is our world anytime... ______________________________________________________________________

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The Shortest Road To Our Downtown

All roads and streets are busy, overcrowded, and Jammed anytime, anywhere, and everywhere Simply because a lot of vendors, booths, and A lot of people occupy the sidewalks and even All side streets anywhere and everywhere... People occupied all sidewalks just to be over there Selling all kinds of things and different stuffs... No one cares about those passer-byes anytime... I call the vendors' existence as occupation Simply because those people occupy all spaces over there Without authorization from any local authority... Occupying sidewalks prevents people from walking safely Into other streets because it's difficult to walk freely... Those vendors have settled in these places as if they Owned them a long, long time ago, but without any documents... This situation caused a lot of harassment to all stores' Owners to that extent that prevented them from even entering Their stores as they are supposed to be anytime and anywhere... Removal of those people is difficult, but it's not impossible But it needs patience, tolerance, and time because things Do not happen in moments or in a few seconds anytime and anywhere... There must be clear roads to allow ambulances to take the shortest roads towards hospitals, so they can save a patient's life anytime... ______________________________________________________________________

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