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Poems On / About PEOPLE  10/10/2015 9:30:45 AM
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Citezen Rights Revisited.Docx

Citezen Rights Revisited
You have the right to bend over you must do anything they tell you now you must not fight or cuss or get angry at the perverts or the queers or queens in charge of the citezen rights. The gangs steal things. The cops tell people to leave. The city is dirty a dirty city of love. Corporate city is ant see not see communistic in its view of worms inside the people lives as nothing to the function of the building more important then the people using functions within the soulless city proper is the administration hiding in the 666 in functions and in offices still hidden from the public eye feel like a Protestant hiding in a catholic cemetery in plain cite of the city guards. Eye candle my wick no one shall force me to be criminal eye keep my own council a corporate city makes up its own rules the people the poor the poor people are fools jesting and prancing but no sitting no standing allowed in corporate amerika no homeless allowed to eat inside the money is not green they must not be saved in a plain brown wrapper is the food gone eye will eat the scrounge and found eye am so fond dew will come the snakes will leave my San Antonio for winter comes. Eye will remain a buffoon perhaps iff my toe gets better where eye can walk more miles eye will try to find a dry space on the freeway loop the 410 freeway loops around this city it is perhaps only 5 miles from me every day much too far to walk in my condition is uncertain but eye pray to Saint Jude the Saint of all depression. And looking for the quarter under my willow from the tooth fairy. Texas is short for Hard as.
Charles Hice

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The Treacherous Sea

No one is bigger than the sea Inside it or outside it, All people dwarfs if they're compared to It, The sea is treacherous and it does not a Promise, There were many people who died inside it and they went in vain, Never play with any sea and never kid with it, It may laugh to us and it May let us cry at the same time, The sea is treacherous... I swear God! It is treacherous, There were many who died in the sea when Touched the sea's edge, If anyone drowns, then He will go for ever and ever... There are some people who play sometimes with the sea, then they manage, but There are some people who sometimes play with it, then they fail.... This is a sea...It's not a swimming-pool............... The sea is treacherous! No one can play with it! One must understand the game's rules! _____________________________________________I translated this poem from the Latakian dialect... _____________________________________________

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World Of Clowns

People who cover their true faces with makeup
People who act totally different from who they really are
People who are bad actors, but good performers
People who don't take things seriously
People who have fake sense of humor to replace their hurts
People who live fake lives to impress the audience around us
People who are masters at doing tricks to give false leads to the most attentive watchers
People who fall down again and again just to get the reaction
People who laugh even though there's no more smiles in them
People who have a fear of themselves


Hope Denton

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All Kinds Of People

In Google plus we find people
who seek love and also meet people
In Google plus I find new people
who are real and good people
In Google plus there are those people
who only want to get it on kind of people
In Google plus there are communities
groups of like minded people
who share their love and interests people
In Google plus I meet all kinds of people
But the best ones are the ones we
keep with us for a long time people.
Philo Yan

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