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Poems On / About PEOPLE  2/5/2016 6:09:24 PM
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My Sentences And My Phrases

We all write down sentences and greatly phrases To express ourselves anytime, anywhere, and everywhere Simply because we need to communicate with those whom We talk to globally and locally, but Our sentences and even our phrases might not be appreciated If they contain a certain tone that find a single soul to love it, Usually, my sentences never ever touch people's sensitive Feelings and emotions because I've already known about people, My sentences are good and are pretty as anything good and as Anything pretty that people love greatly and wonderfully, Some people might misunderstand our sentences (my sentences) as A weakness or as something they're not familiar with, Even if I great put some spice and if I add flavors to make Them tasting great, then People will say that they taste a little bit sour, Satisfying people is difficult all the time because One has no choice, but to express himself freely, Even if one's sentences and one's phrases are greatly chosen To satisfy some people, then These people will not glad and will not be happy Simply because they complain about tiny or trivial things For no justification anytime, so My sentences and my phrases express themselves greatly And happily to those who want read them or those who Want to communicate with them.

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Among The Good People

I love to be with all kinds of good people Simply because that will make better, but That dose not mean that I must exclude myself From those who are not good anytime, I pray God to guide the bad people, so May be one day they're with the good people anytime, If a bad one does not want to be on the side of the good people, then We know, for sure, that This bad man is out of any question, Good people make one's life better, but Evil people will not anytime, We must pick good people because we need anytime, Bad people are useless because We get only headaches from them, so Such is our life and such is our choice anytime. ______________________________________________________________________

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Different Kinds Of People

Some people, In our current world, Keep up and up in their life, Some other people keep down, In our world, and Down... The rest of people keep Hip-hopping in the same place, Some people, In our world, Fall fast and dramatically For any reasons, but Some other people never fall Simply they balance things In a good way... The more we know people very well, The more we know their footsteps In life anytime... Different people choose their Steps well in life anytime. ______________________________________________________________________

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Some people have it tough. See we have people who need to get somewhere to, but other people complain about it saying they want to go home and sleep. It makes people mad how selfish people are. You see other people have homes to and if them selfish people got a problem the can walk their own happy ass home themselves like them other people would have to.
I have a friend, a nice little friend. It's been so long sense I seen them because of a tragic thing. She was abused at school, home, and everywhere. She was holding in all her anger and sadness. Then someone noticed she was diagnosed with depression and absolutely nothing changed. So she ran and ran and ran till the day there was nowhere to run and nobody ever saw her again.
Tough, rough, hell these are all things people go through. Then there are some people who live the good life no troubles. That will change life will change the world will change then all them will lose everything and then the people who had it rough they will survive in a world where everything is rough.
Jackson Wings

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