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Poems On / About PINK  9/4/2015 8:09:59 PM
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Mr Bello

I know of a pink man
He wears a pink cloth
Every pink. Wednesday to fit
His students call him mr pink man
But I actually know him
As Mr Bello, the white man

On a pink wednesday
He walks with a pink high shoe
The sky-pink birds scream in fear
The shades painted themselves pink
Mr Bello Dances round the pink market
Market Woman go pink-pink-pink
The leaves Say pink pink pink and pink
The waiting wares shout pink and pink

Mr Bello removed his pink cloth
And threw it Up to The pink-blue Sky
Then dances again in pink joy
At last, we Realised his pink wife
Has given birth to a pink boy
john chizoba vincent

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A blush of pink:
She'd caught a roving eye -
He gave a wink.
Her smile had played a shy
And quaint florescence;
The siren of pubescence
Drew him in.

She bade him touch her hair,
Suggesting that he dare
To kiss her pulsing lips!
E'er the fool a man, he did:
The drips of blood began to cheer -
And so, another rid:

Tips of fangs are sharp, you know -
Dancing ivory feeds her soul -
See her claim a howl upon a chilling wind!

Slain, he lay across a crimson floor:
She grinned in her repletion.

A blush of pink;
Beneath a glowering sky
Her savoured drink
Was done.

Copyright Mark R Slaughter 2010

pink pink pink pink pink pink her blush
pink pink pink pink pink pink her blush
pink pink pink pink pink pink her blush
pink pink pink pink pink pink
Mark R Slaughter

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A Man With A Pink Umbrella

Pink day

Pink hedge

Pink porch

Pink balcony

Pink woman

Pink ghost on a pink road!

Pink door

Pink hello

Pink dream

Pink sparrow

Pink night
Framarz Bagheri

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Pink handkerchief
'Pink' username
Pink bag
Pink eyeglasses
Pink earrings
A girl in all-pink walking
A girl in all-pink talking
A girl in all-pink eating
A girl in all-pink hurting
A girl in all-pink crying
But a girl in all-pink, dazzling
A boy in a pink t-shirt, bedazzled
by a girl in all-pink
A girl with a Pink Soul.
Mary Jesusa Villegas

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Poems On / About PINK