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Poems On / About PINK  11/21/2014 5:59:20 AM
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Beautiful Pink Flower

Resides a flower
A flower, somewhere in this world
Pink in its complexion
As it goes on to represent grace
Charm of nature and immense love also
A flower with mixed a mixed design it is
In lovely pink with wonderful green leaves
Is this bud, so evergreen
So pink and so true.
Rohit Sapra

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For Best Imagery, Close Eyes, Imagine and Ask Someone to Read to You Imaginatively

Pink with splurts of blue.
Blotts actually.

Raining blue
a puddle of blue.

What kind of blue?
Ordinary blue
not sky blue
not navy blue
just blue.

And where's this blue going?
Perhaps back to the pink
nowhere really.
Maja Dezulovic

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Pink is a shade of red.
Red stands for blood.
But pink stands for love.
How do two colors so similar mean two different things?

-Vanity Walker-
Vanity Walker

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A Secret Shade Of Blue

Pink is just a shade of Blue
with Purple in between
And Yellow is a shade of Pink,
and, the color that is Green,
I think, is a shade of Yellow too-
And Green, so colorful and clean,
is just a secret shade of Blue -
so if you asked me if Pink
was also Green
I'd tell you, Yes, it's True.

(March 14th,2012)
Ray Quesada

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