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Kill From A Tree

the feeling i need is to be's a star.the camping out has gone too far.the life is the times, and i bust a rhymes.limes are falling good.i wish i would.still good meals are the deal, i hang from tree's and kill.what will, you do? a poltergeist boo, and i sooth a heart with a due tart.dont blame me for tryin', iwas only dyin.dont fix me a drink, i already drink the pink mist of a closed fist around your larynyx
chris bowen

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large red ballons in this cold and dreary place, a moment of pain filled with love and laughter, and best of all, , , hope.large pink ballons made of the stuff of earth, and a bottom filled with sand, , still, there is hope, and best of all, JESUS CHRIST.................
david gerardino

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Random Write (Not A Poem)

blood drips slowly from the lips of a killer a dark moment when time stops eyes piercing through a beam of light suddenly darkness and despair turn into light the blood is pure the taste is precious slowely licking the crimson red from where the tongue touches the bright pink lips light enters the soul and finds the heart blackend heart the light sees through finding a nerve making the body convulse a transformation occurs turning darkness into all that is pure and good eternal eyes watching as the darkness fades into oblivian leaving behind a miraculous creation meloncoly flows through the fresh dry air disolving in the suns natural glow a new man appears from a once worn outcarcus of his past.
Amber AandB

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white stillness anonymous error free gold bach
purple wonder bartok gold power of powers beach
pink son of joy pink infinity beethoven navy blue conqueror of life and death berg
indestructible indigo blue berlioz light blue fountain bernstein
the green first cause bizet compassionate yellow boulez
endless orange brahms victorious red cage

I live on $1 a day
Breakfast is 5 glasses of water porridge with little sugar a bite of carrot and a bite of fruit
Lunch is two toasted sandwiches using cheapest white bread
One with peanut butter and red tomato ketchup
the other with olive oil and dry parmesan
Eaten with some vegetables- beetroot is my favourite

red without leader chopin orange- who cannot be obstructed copland
yellow that cannot be defeated crumb green depth as clear as crystal debussy
all attractive light blue du fay strong indigo blue dvorak
many armed navy blue ellington pink granter of boons farmer
gold box of compassion gay compassionate purple handel
gold of golds hardin son of the white universe haydn

Dinner is two handfuls of white rice cooked in the microwave
With more parmesan and a dash of green olive oil

Once a week I eat out- max bill $10
Once a month I see a play at the pay what you can nights
Or attend a play reading

white of whites hensel gold leader of truth hildegard von bingen
purple king of kings ives cheeky gold friend jacquet de la guerre
pink lover of children joplin navy blue pal of nature josquin
indigo blue knowledge lansky light blue song of nature larsen
green creator leoncavallo yellow ruler of senses ligeti
orange guide liszt red protector lutoslawski

Once a month I buy a cask of wine
Every fortnight I attend a social group for older men
Once a month I go to a place of worship
Every Sunday I go to the beach

red lord machaut orange giver mahler
yellow conqueror mendelssohn dazzling green messiaen
light blue of the goddess moniot d’arras with indigo blue pearl shaped eyes monteverdi
navy blue slayer of all bad mozart with pink lotus eyes palestrina
golden hair golden complexion prokofiev purple purcell
golden lord of motherly instincts ravel supreme lord of white space reich

Every two years I leave town and travel the world on a small budget
Once a year I go to a fancy restaurant
Once a year I see an opera or a ballet

white rodgers and gold love lord schoenberg
of all purple knowledge schubert golden remover of evil clara schumann
pink lord of thunder and storms robert schumann navy blue pleasure smetana
indigo blue beauty strauss light blue crest stravinsky
all attractive green tchaikovsky of yellow stirring music ung
son of orange vivaldi everyone's red refuge verdi

I watch TV or a dvd everyday (borrowed from the library)
I have a car
I like to wear Grey

unblemished red wagner orange webern yellow without properties grainger
with green lotus like hands with green navel glanville-hicks
absolute light blue truth chesworth indigo blue essence page
navy blue sparkling personality bandt pink charioteer sculthorpe
with gold vine purple leader of beings ravi shankar
pure gold soul pure white soul
white whose eye is the sun with numerous golden eyes
purple golden winner
with numerous gold feet all witnessing pink
eternal navy blue indigo blue knowledge
light blue protector of all green god of all gods
yellow speaker of truth dedicated to orange truth
red peace with red glory

I live on $3m per day Breakfast is five glasses of water coffee fruit cereal and croissants Lunch is usually at a restaurant spending about $1,000. I only drink water and like to eat salad and a pasta. I am a vegetarian

orange beauty yellow
of green and light blue evenings
handsome indigo blue I ntelligent navy blue
pink of pinks of gold heavens
purple winner gold brother to all
openness formless white and gold

Dinner is usually an Asian restaurant where I eat white rice with simple vegetables. I generally pay $1000
I have a permanent box at the Sydney Opera House where I go most nights. My driver takes me in my expensive light blue car
I go overseas every three months. I am a benefactor to many art organisations

all prevailing purple efficient purple purple creator purple form
golden and universal pink form and soul navy blue religion
indigo blue and light blue king
supreme green yellow orange master red

I live alone Every fortnight I attend a social group for older men
Once a month I go to a place of worship Every Sunday I lie on my private beach
I like to wear grey
Bhupen Thakker

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