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Poems On / About PINK  9/2/2015 9:47:56 AM
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Sexy Is Sexy, ' Watching You

Walking down the great hall.
Twin curved round balls.
Well rounded calf muscle and strong thigh and tall.
The hiking of skirts not seen by all.
Pink lips they drink from pink clouds,
dark heavy skies and blue clouds.
Full is the rumble and throaty the roar,
coming in through the back door.
Coming back for more pie, as it pulls up fast one striped flag.
Is It Poetry

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My Pink Poem (Written With My Pink Pen)

I think I'll write a pink poem,
To make you smile,
Because pink poems say
I love you in all the languages
Of the world!
Take my hand,
Take my heart,
Share my laughter,
Listen to the music...
And don't just smell the roses,
Plant new ones and think of me.
Dorothy (Alves) Holmes

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Candy Floss

Real sticky stuff swirled around a Stick
Put on in layers nice and Thick
Fluffy Balls of Pink and Red
Much bigger than any kids Head
Grinning a big Grin
They stick there head In
And eat that sticky pink Fluff
Like there just ain't Enough
Then one of the kids turn to Me
And say's: that will be $1.50
David Darbyshire

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Love Anew

Pink lace
and cream velvet
she had style and grace
truth shone in her blue eyes
and moonlight beamed from paradise.
His heart increased its pace
when he kissed the girl
who was wearing
Pink lace
Joyce Hemsley

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Poems On / About PINK