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Mother- haiku

Milk kissed ocean
Floating black pearls adorn -
Her kohl laid eyes

Rays of sun
Warmth of incense
Bringing silent prayer-
Spiritual bliss

Tiny pink petals
Blanket mother' a bosom
Blessed little orb reveal-
Shiny pink nose
Lakshmi C Radhakrishnan

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Fall is coming

the waters slip
down in to the valleys they drip
down the rocky slop
into the grove below
green and lush pink and red as rust
rivers bobble and flow
down the mountain they go
burp, slurp, swish, gurgle, and blow
water falls down below
green and lush pink and red as rust
flowers grow on green banks a glow
of yellow spruce, and pine cone
Fall is falling down below
mountains are calling
leaves are falling
moist and wet
Fall is coming
Amanda Shelton

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LoTus (translation)

A lotus pink, softly and delicate
stands seldom even alone
floats with other Lotusies
over the leaves of a lake
too nicely - in the sunlight
to kiss.

Shines brightly and radiant
rises with pleasure as a pair
has immaculate leaves
then this is called
Lotus effect
no thing or even being
has ever tainted her.

Thus they stand in the blue
under the sky far
with theirs know how
in a pink dress
and are almost untouchable
like spinsters in India
in her period of blooming

All rights reserved
Floy Dy Ra,09/18/2014
Floy Dy (Floyd) Ra (Floydson)

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A Pink Chalk Moon Rising Behind A Blue House

a pink chalk moon rising behind a blue
house, like a candy-colored picture
from a children's storybook:

through the storybook glass wall the yellow
leaves rained down and down
the blue house sinking under the
chalk pink moon trembled
snow fell exactly like sugar
crystals and disappeared as
if it never formed in flakes in

gestures too accelerated
on the bluie porch in the
dazzling day's


mary angela douglas 1994
mary douglas

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Poems On / About PINK