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Poems By Poet Abisoye Sejoro  1/28/2015 6:14:25 PM
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  Best Poems From
  ABISOYE SEJORO (11/09/1990)

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Africa my Africa
Africa my mother land
land of milk and honey
land of natural beauty
Africa land where i live

Africa my Africa
A land of great rulers
Africa my Africa
land of nature
A land were nature lives

Africa my Africa
A land blessed by God himself
On the day of creation
God threw diamond like stone
gold like rain
He dropped crude oil like rain

Africa my Africa
land of milk and honey
Abisoye Sejoro




Lagos; a lovely city
city of warmth
city of Joy
city of strong expression
city full of free minds
city of people that are ready to improvise

Lagos; the heart beat of it's nation: Nigeria
The center of excellence
the state of commerce.
A state strong like its nation
Great like it's continent: Africa
A state occupied by people
full of love
kindness and strength

People of great smiles
and great heart
Great Lagos
Great Nigeria
Great Africa
Abisoye Sejoro




Have courage
'cos one need courage
to face all courageous
things of courage
be courageous,
'cos one need to face life
'cos life has courage
And if you don't have courage
life will have courage
to face your wick courage
Being courageous means having strength
over all odds of life
so have courage to face all odds of life
'cos earth have courage to face all.
Abisoye Sejoro



A Home

A home is a house of faith
lifted by the hands of trust
packaged with the work of love
living by the trust of the future
Abisoye Sejoro

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Poems By Poet Abisoye Sejoro