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Poems By Poet Adryan Bates  8/29/2014 5:11:45 AM
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Touch the fire and control the flame
Killing the weak is nothing but a game
No gods can oppose me
and only you humans are to blame

Faith is false hope of living
Death and pain is all im giving
so scream in torture
Couse unlike god im unforgiving
Adryan Bates



Your're Perfect Lives

I hate all you people in your perfect lives
With you perfect family with husbands and wives
With your perfect parents and your perfect past
You people and your perfect happiness always lasts

While you people sit at home next to your warm fire
My very imperfect life dangles by the smallest wire
While you’re perfect parents taught and took care of you
My defective mom did her own thing and left us two

In your perfect childhood, you played with friends
Well I had no time, when it’s upon me my little sister depends
No friends, no fun, no laughter, no nothing none
If I didn’t do it, nothing would get done

In your perfect families you trust and worship the lord
Well he didn’t stop me from being beat with an extension cord
He sat and watched my father and older brother die
Knowing he could stop it if he would only try

I hate your faultlessly perfect wonderful lives because mine isn’t
I want your paradise instead of this god forsaken prison
I wish I could just end my life and break my restraints
But then how would that solve all my complaints

Your perfect life is filled with all the happiness I never had
Now ill make sure that I make your happy life somehow sad
Adryan Bates




I am the child of darkness, hide
In the shadows shrouded, wide-
den eyes search for mine, slide-
ing down your back is my blade, death
Adryan Bates



Poisoned man

this poison in my veins
endless it remains
inside twisting and killing
my once warm breath chilling
fears of death haunting
my killer starts taunting

i need to be strong
no need for the fat lady's song

With new found strength and a knife
i take the woman killer's life
covered with the blood of my wife
i release all the pain and strife
Adryan Bates
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Poems By Poet Adryan Bates