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Poems By Poet Adryan Bates  7/23/2014 9:20:07 AM
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Summer Vs. School

i'm sitting at home with nothing to do
i think for a day plan but i have no clue
i hate the summer days of loneliness
bored by my life's aimlessness

im missing school, and missing friends
must have been a fool for wishing it to end
fall come faster to end my pain
so a my life can be regained
Adryan Bates



Mortal Man

I am a mortal man
but here i stand
at the gates of hell
where evil dwells

I am a mortal man
but here i stand
at heavens door
where angels soar

I am a mortal man
that cannot stand
and is no longer alive
and that is what i want
to revive

i am a mortal man
but mortal i am no more
Adryan Bates




I am the child of darkness, hide
In the shadows shrouded, wide-
den eyes search for mine, slide-
ing down your back is my blade, death
Adryan Bates



Poisoned man

this poison in my veins
endless it remains
inside twisting and killing
my once warm breath chilling
fears of death haunting
my killer starts taunting

i need to be strong
no need for the fat lady's song

With new found strength and a knife
i take the woman killer's life
covered with the blood of my wife
i release all the pain and strife
Adryan Bates
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Poems By Poet Adryan Bates