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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  7/27/2016 4:04:42 PM
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Bee Considerate

I wrote this childish poem for a group of fourth graders during the month of April 2008 in celebration of National poetry month.

A butterfly alighted gently on a flower.
Along came a honeybee that had the same desire.
Sir! Said she, ” did you not see I reached this blossom first? '
'I did', said he, 'but why can't we surfeit our nectar thirst? '
'Because”, said she, 'you must agree it’s but a tiny bloom.'
'It’s when I drink, I flap my wings....there isn't any room! '
'Perhaps you're right' he then took flight and hovered noisily.
She then looked up, and said, 'good luck! ” appreciatively.
Albert Ahearn



Behind The Masque

Looking into a mirror at
That person staring back at you
Is not what other people see.
What you perceive is a minds-eye
Aspect of a parallel clone-
An apparition in a realm
Manifested by your ego.
You look into its soulless eyes
That blinks a lifeless mimicry;
And what you think you see is not
On your side of the looking glass.
You conjure up the counterfeit-
A clownish mask- then masquerade
Not fooling nary one of us.
Albert Ahearn



Book Discussion Group

A book discussion group is reveling,
Delightful entertainment; always fun.
A bunch of book enthusiasts seeking
A monthly intellectual session
Expressing individual comments
About a previous decided tome.
A moderator will then supplement
The session having questions taken from
The volume. Answers vary largely due
To many peoples interpretations.
Because of this, a critical review
Commences that becomes a formation
Of closely knitted literati buffs
Whose views are always stated off the cuff.
Albert Ahearn



Brave The Storm

Contemptuous clouds were looming largely.
Their overhead disdain exuded warm
phlegmatic drivel on me angrily.
Conspiring gales abet the raging storm
and thunderous claps reverberated
abusive oaths, some four-lettered words -Bang!
And boom! - resumed throughout the tempested
display. Below, I protested-harangued:
' I stand amidst your heavenly vengeance
composed and wet. Your threats of torrent might
impress the faint of heart. And if by chance
you see me tremble -not because of fright.
I shiver because I am cold my friend.
So Rain! Blow! Clap! I'll brave it till the end.'
Albert Ahearn
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