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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  12/20/2014 11:22:43 PM
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A Haunting Ride

Riding alone along a path
that runs parallel, north and south
Alongside the Lehigh River
I became acutely aware
of the beautiful surroundings
As they sped pass me on both sides.
As I pedaled along, the ghosts
of yesteryears took possession
of my mind and began to speak
in unspoken telepathy.
'you picked wildflowers on this path;
remember the white campions
you picked for your girlfriend Alice?
And coming up on your right, there!
that very large sycamore tree
where you once climbed it, showing off
for Alice, fell and broke your arm.
Remember? Sure you do, Albee.
And there! Coming up on your left
that special place near that cove,
remember what took place in there?
You both lost your virginity.
Remember the disappointment
the two of you felt afterwards? '
Near the completion of the ride
the phantoms relinquished my thoughts
and all those recent memories
vanished until some later day.
Albert Ahearn



A Haunting World

I cherish living in my world-
An exclusive universe
Where no one is allowed entry;
No wife, friends or acquaintances.
It’s a place where music is breathed;
Where the ghosts of literary
Giants still haunt the ambiance;
A serene inner sanctum where
Ideas and inspiration
Grow like precious fruit on a tree
Never given the chance to rot;
Their harvest serving only me.
A place where these influences
Create something memorable.
Albert Ahearn



A Love Pawn

Her blue eyes once looked upon
me with an affectionate gleam;
But now that loving glow is gone
vanishing like yesternights dream.
Nothing, it’s said, lasts forever
only fools would think otherwise;
yet we accept this endeavor.
The truth lies exposed in their eyes-
outside windows into the soul
where words needn’t be said by each
to know that love was once ensouled
had now become just out of reach.
Nevertheless, life must press on
Even for a jilted love pawn.
Albert Ahearn



A mantra

Here we both lie in our bed
She is sleeping, dreaming
In an unconscious world
While I lay here awake
Conscious of the dark
Concentrating on the sound
Of raindrops pitter-pattering
On the roof. I listen intently
To each distinctive descending drop
Different and yet the same
Like a mental mantra
Repeating over and over
Drip! Drop! Splash! Splat!
Until I [yawn] fall……
Albert Ahearn
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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn