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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  7/12/2014 4:51:03 PM
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A petty Argument

Honey, just once, would you keep your mouth shut?
Why? Your mouth is the source of all our problems
That’s why. Oh, now you’re calling me a nut!
When you’re not calling me names you condemn
Everything I do or say. What’s with you?
Oh! Here come the tears! Turn them off my dear.
They always seem to appear when the two
Of us reach an impasse, crocodile tears!
Look hon, this is a silly argument
Over what I said at the beginning
I had no idea it would augment
Into this sideshow that’s never-ending
I guess I said some awful things untrue
I had no right to say those things to you.
Albert Ahearn



A Poet

Not everyone a poet be
It takes more than a show of words
Or feigned esteemed ability.
These attributes are so absurd!
Like inkless pens expect to write
A single word of poesy.
A poet lives to dream each night
Ideas wrought subconsciously;
And when the golden sun has gleamed
Its steady subdued morning glow
The poet wakes from fondest dreams
Imbued by schemes the night bestowed
Into a measured rhyming gem:
Conjured dreams become a poem.
Albert Ahearn



A Poet Also Rises

I am up early this morning
anticipating the sunrise.
Too dark for any birds to sing
and I still have sand in my eyes
left by my age old friend sandman.
This time of year it rises late
plenty of time for a game plan;
No reason to procrastinate.
Ah! There’s the man, right on schedule.
Guess I’ll shower and scrape a few
And while I’m doing this I’ll mull
over a plan on what to do.
The morning is beautiful outside
That’s it, a long bicycle ride!
Albert Ahearn



A poets dream

Hippocrene (hĭ p'ə -kren‘) is a fountain on Mount Helicon, Greece, sacred to the Muses and regarded as a source of poetic inspiration.

Mnemosyne (nemoz'ini) is a titan who is the personification of remembrance. She is the mother of the nine muses: “All nine muses have a science or an art to protect. Cleo protects the stories of heroes, Urania astronomy, Calliope elegies, Melpomene the tragedies, Euterpe flute playing, Erato love poems, Tepsicore choir lyrics, Thalia the comedies and Polyhymnia dance and music.”
“The Muses love to sing and dance. They are superior in musical competitions and any one who dares to challenge them will always fall short, just as those who question their importance.”

In a dream I drink from fount Hippocrene.
The daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne
Encompass me while I quench. Nine muses
Guarding their arts from human abuses.
'I'm not here to challenge or to question;
Nor I seek material possessions.
My presence among you in this dreamy
State is caused by my love of poetry.
And you, Erato, muse of all love poems
I'm a sleepy poet asleep at home.
It's known by some you sing beautifully.
Would all you muses’ sing a song for me?
My thirst is quenched from draft of drinking cup.
Please! Please sing for me before I wake up.
Albert Ahearn
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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn