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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  1/30/2015 6:44:13 PM
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April Rain

The long awaited needed rain
finally came in gentle drops.
Thirsty daffodils greedily
quaffed the tepid precipitate
while their odoriferous scents
reluctantly merged with ozone
creating a pungent bouquet
that stimulated the nostrils.
Far afield from the daffodils
robins comb the newly wet grass
for ever emerging earthworms
that are coaxed above by the rain.
Soon the tugs of war begin
between the two adversaries.
Albert Ahearn




contrived playthings
that transports fat asses
places we would never, ever
walk to.
Albert Ahearn



Brave the storm

Contemptuous clouds were looming largely.
Their overhead disdain exuded warm
phlegmatic drivel on me angrily.
Conspiring gales abet the raging storm
and thunderous claps reverberated
abusive oaths, some four-lettered words -Bang!
And boom! - resumed throughout the tempested
display. Below, I protested-harangued:
' I stand amidst your heavenly vengeance
composed and wet. Your threats of torrent might
impress the faint of heart. And if by chance
you see me tremble -not because of fright.
I shiver because I am cold my friend.
So Rain! Blow! Clap! I'll brave it till the end.'
Albert Ahearn



Break Of Dawn

A trio of warblers jargon
a madrigal in harmony.
Their polyphony awakens
a slumbering dawn from darkness
while white dewy daffodils, like
saintly daughters of charity,
bow before the paragon sun.
A gentle zephyr diffuses
its collection of fragrances
from the myriad wildflowers
it encountered on its journey
eastward; sojourning, perfuming,
impregnating the morning air
with its sweet, volatile essence.
Albert Ahearn
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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn