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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  7/28/2014 3:16:15 AM
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Early summer scene

The sunrays showered the treetops
pooling little puddles of light
on the predominance of shade
that claimed the beaten path below;
seemingly ebbing and flowing
caused by the rustle of the trees.
Tiny cabbage white butterflies
in their spiral flights dip and rise
ostentatiously frolicking
amidst the warm illuminates
occasionally alighting
the myriad garlic mustards
that dominate the ground layer
laying their next generation.
Albert Ahearn



Edge Of Night

I stand alone, ashore before
The suns inevitable quench.
My eyes absorb the golden brown
Horizon melting into night.
The teasing tide touches my feet
Like a juvenile game of tag.
My hurried mind futilely fights
The suns descending final dip
That will take with it the beauty
And my reasons for being here.
The darkened clouds in the twilight
Loom like rudderless ships at sea;
And not unlike the seeming ships
I disappear into the night.
Albert Ahearn



Elusive annelid

I am a squiggly, slimy annelid.
I live my life above and underground.
I’m long and slim; I've no eyes or eyelids.
My life has many, many, ups and downs.
In my earthen home made of dirt and stone
This is my terrestrial element.
Here I’m safe and sound and I’m all alone
Morning mist entices my next ascent.
Here above I lie in grassy wetness.
Danger lurking, searching from the trees:
It’s my nemesis: the robin redbreast
Who’s waiting patiently to pounce on me.
I’m a survivalist I now affirm
That bird above won’t eat this little worm
Albert Ahearn



Elysium Lost

There have been many pleasantries
As a moppet over the years:
The countless summer night breezes
That whistled music in my ears;
Or lay supine and gaze above
At the moonlit star studded sky
And conceive my dreams undreamed of
As they emerged before my eyes.
But gone are those childish whimsies
Those were born of the wind and stars.
Gone are the musical breezes
That once filled those nights… au revoir!
Gone is that place where I once reigned
Yet in my heart it still remains.
Albert Ahearn
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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn