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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  7/12/2014 12:40:13 AM
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A Race With Time

I gazed at the faded colored
Photograph in my wrinkled hand.
A smug frozen image of me
Dressed in scant half-slit shorts and shirt
Captured in a moment of time.
A billion more moments had past
Taking with them my yolk of youth
Once viable, vibrant, fleeting;
Faster than time itself but losing
In the end for time never paused
For a victorious moment
As I once did to smile and gloat.
Meanwhile interminable time
Raced onward with me in its wake.
Albert Ahearn



A Railroad Town

The diesel locomotive wailed
Like a sick bull as it approached
The intersection; five bellows.
The dreaded traffic light turned red
And all of us just sat waiting
For this snail-like, slow-moving
Freight train to pass, while the traffic
was backing up to infinity.
Life becomes a standstill in time:
If your appendix burst, pray to god;
If you're in labor, tough titty;
If late for work, you curse and swear!
So you wait and count the freight cars...
One hundred one…one hundred two…

Onward west they roll
Swaying, screeching, click-clanking
Along rusty tracks.
Albert Ahearn



A Second Spring

The dew indiscriminately

wept for all things living and dead

on this early autumn morning.

Its cold droplets caressed the leaves

while lingering sap-starved leaf stems

clung precariously above

and each dying leaf shed teardrops

for and onto their fallen kind.

One by one they released their hold

falling silently, gracefully

in their final unique fashion:

Some swayed. Others pirouetted;

and many more, somersaulting

into their final resting place.

Sunbeams from an October star

spilt rippling puddles of warm light

on their multicolored remains

amid the vibrant wildflowers.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
Albert Camus
Albert Ahearn



A Single Flower

I believe that all things that occur were destined to happen because all things possess its own karma like the flower in this poem.

A pink lily recently plucked
Lays on a sun baked beaten path
All alone in the morning sun
Its destiny fulfilled and won.
Its progeny from eons past
With one sole purpose foreordained
To bloom a day and then be plucked
And given to someone in love.
The karma saved within the seed
Will guarantee its destiny.
The lovers kiss and wish upon
This pinkish hue phenomena.
The flowers charm had won the day
And then it's gently cast away.
Albert Ahearn
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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn