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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  3/2/2015 5:11:30 AM
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Psalm 90: 10

Guess what, today I have become
A septuagenarian.
“A what, a vegetarian? ”
No dude! One who turns seventy.
You’d think I’d be a happy guy
For surviving this length of time;
I’m not! Psalm ninety verse ten states:
The days of our years [are] threescore
Years and ten; and if by reason
Of strength [they be] fourscore years, yet
[Is] their strength labour and sorrow;
For it is soon cut off, and we
Fly away. A dismal future
I have in store for me. Amen.
Albert Ahearn



Rain or Shine, It's Divine

The golden fiery eye rises
In the east and sets in the west
And shines for a day in between;
Although at times there may be clouds
That shrouds its penetrating rays
From us, we know its radiance
Is like a god that can’t be seen
But still feel his omnipresence.
And when the heavenly tears fall
From the sky, they are tears of joy
Not to be confused with sadness
For this god is a loving god
That showers all of us with love
Yes, even the nonbelievers.

Rain falls from heaven.
Behind the clouds the sun shines
Patiently in wait.
Albert Ahearn



Rainy Day Blues

The rain is still coming down today
For gods sake! Will it ever
I’m sick to death of looming gray clouds
That are exuding their drizzling
For Pete’s sake! Get it over with
I’ve had about as much as I can
Let me get back to my old self again
And out of this soggy
This slow moving low and me below
Make for one miserable
If it doesn’t stop soon this mini monsoon
I’ll be lethargic all day and just
I pray to sweet Jesus the rain will soon end
But the weatherman says rain all weekend.
Albert Ahearn



Reasons For My Love

I love the way she wears the sun
In her hair; and the way the rain
Beads on her delicate shoulders;
I love when her eyelids flutter
In early morning springtime breeze;
I love the way she pouts and sulks
When things don’t seem to go her way;
I love it when she feigns anger
That’s soon betrayed by a smile;
I love the look of guiltiness
On her face after we make love;
I love her childlike naivetι;
Her occasional whininess
And vagaries that define her.
Albert Ahearn
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