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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  5/25/2016 9:40:47 PM
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The tiny marks they mean so much
their presence makes for clarity.
They give a script a final touch
and make for better poetry.
But there are those who think it cool
Eliminate these marks and signs
we all have learned since grammar school.
They want us read between their lines
of jumbled, muddled heresy.
But we suspect their variance
when writing so-called poesy
is nothing more than ignorance
of what they should have learned ago
and blithely call it status quo.
Albert Ahearn



Waning Love

There was a time when I knew she loved me.
Yes, that was a very long time ago.
Her every word and deed, the way that she
Looked at me, her way of saying, hello!
I just knew, needing no confirmation.
But when it came: I love you my dearest,
An overwhelming giddiness begun.
A Reeling as though drunk is the nearest
Comparison to explain it.Today
The words are few, most deeds begrudged. Her love
Once true has waned in a well-mannered way:
Like moonlight once bright, now, none to speak of.
It's very hard to state what was the cause
This we know, it will ne'er be like it was.
Albert Ahearn



What Makes A Marriage?

It has been almost forty years
Since we had taken our marriage
Vows. Yes, we are still together.
I guess that means something today

Considering most never last
More than, I suspect, a few years;
Sometimes I can understand why
Marriage is not a piece of cake.

In the beginning all is fine
Everything is brand spanking new
But that finish dulls quite quickly.
That moment after the “I do’s”

The gravity of the marriage
Begins to materialize.
Vowing for better or for worse
Were just words uttered thoughtlessly.

Like reciting a bedtime prayer
Never actually listening
To each word we recite by rote
The truth is, marriage is both words

“Better” is a relative term:
What could be considered better
For me would not necessarily
Be the same view held by my wife.

Therefore we are both compromised
And there’s the rub of the matter.
Marriage is a balancing act
That’s between better and the worse.

Learn the knack of juggling the two
The marriage will certainly last.
In those years we’ve become a team
And we’re both still madly in love.
Albert Ahearn



A Second Spring

The dew indiscriminately

wept for all things living and dead

on this early autumn morning.

Its cold droplets caressed the leaves

while lingering sap-starved leaf stems

clung precariously above

and each dying leaf shed teardrops

for and onto their fallen kind.

One by one they released their hold

falling silently, gracefully

in their final unique fashion:

Some swayed. Others pirouetted;

and many more, somersaulting

into their final resting place.

Sunbeams from an October star

spilt rippling puddles of warm light

on their multicolored remains

amid the vibrant wildflowers.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
Albert Camus
Albert Ahearn
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