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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  7/31/2014 6:39:54 PM
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Saturday's Storm

The angry sky vented its ire
on the unostentatious town:
The lightning discharged, set afire
The atmosphere and rain came down
In torrents while claps of thunder
Frightened the faint of heart below
Due to this tempest spellbinder.
The streets became small streams that flowed
Swiftly by the sidewalk sewers
that were unable to swallow
The prodigious volume incurred
While the children watched through windows
Hoping this rainy Saturday
Cease so they can go out and play.
Albert Ahearn




Erato whispered in Man's ears
poetic words that he could hear;
they are ancient as Greece itself
which became Man's only real wealth.
Aeschylus heard her wordy waves
that sparked his tragedian plays.
Her soft words waft Man's atmosphere
producing a William Shakespeare.
Today her words still ride the wind
murmur in the ears that listen
by few of the plurality
who pen or type their poetry.
Her words have yet to reach my ears
I'll write in silence I can hear.
Albert Ahearn



A Summer Scene

A lazy leaf-laden river
Snakes around a sandy shoreline
While copulating dragonflies
Fly over near-stagnant water
In aimless zigzag ecstasy.
Dozens of stout brown birds skimming
The surface, ascending slightly,
Than dipping incredibly low
Miraculously avoiding
Contact with the wet surfactant.
Along the shore a raft of ducks
Noisily swim by in a queue
Seemingly like some summertime
Carnival shooting gallery.
Albert Ahearn



Human Folly

The gods looked down upon the plebes
and roared a loud thunderous laugh.
Those arrogant humans never
Learn. They spend precious time flirting
Audaciously with foolishness;
They set their eyes toward heaven
And expect to achieve greatness.
By whose precious standards do they
Trust determining their greatness?
Their own supreme egotism
Suffices as their bellwether
And so therein lies their weakness
A trait exclusively human.
Albert Ahearn
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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn