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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  10/31/2014 12:30:25 AM
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Star Stuff

“The fate of individual human beings may not now be connected in a deep way with the rest of the universe, but the matter out of which each of us is made is intimately tied to the processes that occurred immense intervals of time and enormous distances in space away from us. Our Sun is a second- or third-generation star. All of the rocky and metallic materials we stand on, the iron in our blood, the calcium in our teeth, and the carbon in our genes were produced billions of years ago in the interiors of a red giant star. We are made of star-stuff.”

I am a scion of the Milky Way
Wholly unique to the highest degree
My soul is as old as light-years away
My provenance stems from cosmic debris
I need not religion to guide my life
My quintessence antedates mankind’s creeds
The brief time walking beneath starlit nights
Imbue my soul more than mankind’s prayer beads
Every thought, all that I am is akin
To these heavenly designers birthplace
The very essence, my soul within
Began eons in interstellar space
Knowing who I am and where I came from
Is my greatest joy than what I’ve become.
Albert Ahearn




A tiny mottled maple leaf
appeared outside my window pane.
Its superficial veiny face
Clung wet glass precariously.
Its nemesis, the wind, blew strong
But yet the tiny thing held on.
Its struggle onset reverie
I saw self-similarities:
bygone years of bold contentions
underdog I need to mention;
but like this leaf I gave my all
I cared not where the chips might fall.
As this enlightenment gave way
The wind had whisked the leaf away.
Albert Ahearn



Waning Love

There was a time when I knew she loved me.
Yes, that was a very long time ago.
Her every word and deed, the way that she
Looked at me, her way of saying, hello!
I just knew, needing no confirmation.
But when it came: I love you my dearest,
An overwhelming giddiness begun.
A Reeling as though drunk is the nearest
Comparison to explain it.Today
The words are few, most deeds begrudged. Her love
Once true has waned in a well-mannered way:
Like moonlight once bright, now, none to speak of.
It's very hard to state what was the cause
This we know, it will ne'er be like it was.
Albert Ahearn




Our hearts cleaved that horrific day.
The early morning sun shined bright.
No clues were noticed-giveaways
that could forewarn the urbanites.

It began like any Tuesday.
A workday for most New Yorkers.
People bustling to the subways
on their way to their employers.

Still early, not all arrived where
their designated work stations
are situated. Poor souls! unaware
of their imminent destruction.

Suddenly, at eight forty two
A living bomb with mal-vigor
Intentionally, in plain view
Crashed through the north twin tower.

All screaming, jumping casualties,
Burning, smoking, funeral pyre.
When suddenly at nine O three
a second struck the south tower.

Both monoliths are now aflame.
Confusion reined both high and low.
Towering infernos became
A cataclysmic horrid show.

Meanwhile, firemen tried in vain
To rescue those inside the traps,
Doomed victims of the deadly planes.
My God! The south tower collapsed!

All the humanity within
The conflagration expired
In an instant: Men and women
Buried under concrete and fire.

Standing alone and mortally
Wounded, amidst ash and rubble
Like a saint at the stake, bravely
Awaits the inescapable.

“Commit their bodies to the ground;
Earth to earth, ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust.” An instant grave mound:
The north tower collapses.

Never! Will our lives be the same.
Witnessing the loss of our brethren:
Over twenty nine hundred claimed
That day: September eleven.
Albert Ahearn
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