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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  12/20/2014 3:27:10 PM
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The Price Of War

Their mangled and broken bodies
return home in flag draped caskets.
Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori
while a band plays patriotic
hymns for their services rendered
and a choir to give them a voice.
If I may be so bold to say
that I see no sweetness in death
nor the acclaimed gloriousness
that lyrical poets have penned.
what I see is sugarcoated
rationale for warmongering
dolts. I see no glory in that.
Mortem est pretium bellum.
Albert Ahearn



5-Second Rule

A piece of Peggy’s favorite
Chocolate candy fell from her
Fingertips as she was about
To put it in her waiting mouth;
It landed on the kitchen floor.
She quickly bent her head downward
While at the same time bellowed out
“5-second rule! ”, then proceeded
To kneel and swiftly scooped it up
And popped it into her mouth.
The following morning Peggy
Lays quietly in a strange bed
While a nurse is taking her pulse
And the doctor enters and smiles.
Albert Ahearn



Eminent Domain

The numerous dirty-white mounds
Of snow that lined the narrow street
Stood like fortified embankments;
Each varying in height and width
Depending on the autos size.
Each space of eminent domain
Was illegally claimed either
By dozens of plastic lawn chairs,
Trash cans, anything to obstruct
Entry into this reserved spot.
I wonder if the yellow snow
I see dotting a few places
Is from a neighborhood canine
Or from a property owner?
Albert Ahearn



In initio

I've been here since the beginning
in some form or another.
I've showered the earth with molten lava
and quenched it with wind and sea.
I grazed with dinosaurs
and was eaten by their kind;
Yet I outlived their demise.
I emerged from the sea as Man
executed the first murder
the young earth had ever seen.
His universal love and hate
defined by incongruous beliefs.
I am Truth, which is the distinction:
endless beyond His own extinction.
Albert Ahearn
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