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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  8/23/2014 12:20:17 PM
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A Single Flower

I believe that all things that occur were destined to happen because all things possess its own karma like the flower in this poem.

A pink lily recently plucked
Lays on a sun baked beaten path
All alone in the morning sun
Its destiny fulfilled and won.
Its progeny from eons past
With one sole purpose foreordained
To bloom a day and then be plucked
And given to someone in love.
The karma saved within the seed
Will guarantee its destiny.
The lovers kiss and wish upon
This pinkish hue phenomena.
The flowers charm had won the day
And then it's gently cast away.
Albert Ahearn



Eminent Domain

The numerous dirty-white mounds
Of snow that lined the narrow street
Stood like fortified embankments;
Each varying in height and width
Depending on the autos size.
Each space of eminent domain
Was illegally claimed either
By dozens of plastic lawn chairs,
Trash cans, anything to obstruct
Entry into this reserved spot.
I wonder if the yellow snow
I see dotting a few places
Is from a neighborhood canine
Or from a property owner?
Albert Ahearn



The Day Lily

The magnificent perianths
Of the Day Lilies with their six
Spreading bright orange arms (funnel-formed)
Fixed in their clustered colonies
Absent of any luring scent
Still attracts the bees
And the poets aesthetic eyes.
Oblique, penetrating sunrays
Shine through the high canopied trees
Directly onto their blossoms
Seemingly glowing like embers
In a campers dying campfire;
And not unlike the fire, remain
Briefly beautiful and then die.
Albert Ahearn



5-Second Rule

A piece of Peggy’s favorite
Chocolate candy fell from her
Fingertips as she was about
To put it in her waiting mouth;
It landed on the kitchen floor.
She quickly bent her head downward
While at the same time bellowed out
“5-second rule! ”, then proceeded
To kneel and swiftly scooped it up
And popped it into her mouth.
The following morning Peggy
Lays quietly in a strange bed
While a nurse is taking her pulse
And the doctor enters and smiles.
Albert Ahearn
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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn