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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  1/27/2015 2:56:01 PM
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A nightmare

The looming gray clouds overhead
Relieved themselves on top my head.
I saw not a soul, nothing stirring
Nor where I stood no living thing.
What in hell happened? I wondered
Not a single sound or word
The city was seemingly dead.
Then I heard a sound just ahead
A loud-mouth on a radio
From where it came I did not know.
The blaring voice bestirred the calm
“An unknown source had dropped a-bomb
Radiation levels are high,
Beware! ” the voice shouted nearby.
Abed, awakened laid I scared
Rattled by this horrid nightmare.
Albert Ahearn



A noise by any other name is just as loud

Today's so-called music is nothing more
Than repetitious, raucous rot performed
By untalented, unaccomplished bores.
Their cacophony is worthy of scorn.
Instead they are held in admiration
By tin ears insensitive to sound.
Instruments amplify modulation
Or it might be the other way around.
Nevertheless, its purpose is to drown
Out feigned singers who couldn’t hold a tune
In a shower lest risking being found
Out. The day will finally come, and soon
I hope when these hucksters who can annoy
Are replaced with music all can enjoy.
Albert Ahearn



A Novel

As I turn the pages forward
I am taken on a journey-
A non-spatial continuum-
Time; a willing time-traveler
Where no luggage is required;
No passengers to contend with;
No special itinerary.
Just a conceding eagerness
To be taken along, alone.
The destination known to one-
Invisible but trustworthy;
The varied characters are him;
Put another way-imagined.
Where I’m taken is foreordained.
Albert Ahearn



A petty Argument

Honey, just once, would you keep your mouth shut?
Why? Your mouth is the source of all our problems
That’s why. Oh, now you’re calling me a nut!
When you’re not calling me names you condemn
Everything I do or say. What’s with you?
Oh! Here come the tears! Turn them off my dear.
They always seem to appear when the two
Of us reach an impasse, crocodile tears!
Look hon, this is a silly argument
Over what I said at the beginning
I had no idea it would augment
Into this sideshow that’s never-ending
I guess I said some awful things untrue
I had no right to say those things to you.
Albert Ahearn
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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn