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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  9/2/2014 6:32:36 AM
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A Testament

The decomposing wall I see
That encompasses the long dead
Lies interspersed among the trees
Whose living, fingered roots are fed
with nourishment of sublimed faith.

I pause a moment…

Panning the surroundings I see
Row after row of unknown dead
Whose tombstones depict family trees
Whose living relatives are fed
The same promises of blind faith.

Why must I lament?

The brown withered leaves that I see
Wind-blown atop the buried dead
Should I mourn provenance: the trees?
Why then the promise that is fed:
Life after death by keeping faith.

A fool is content.
Albert Ahearn



A treasure in a basket

Laying in a wicker basket
Are varied colored Easter eggs
Surrounded by milk chocolate
And jelly beans and root beer kegs.
Exploring closer you will see
Beneath the artificial grass:
Sidewalk chalk and marshmallow bees
A squirt gun and a movie pass.
You must keep searching deeper still
Until you find all that’s concealed:
Next you’ll find a treasury bill
And coupon for a Big Mac meal.
Now my little excavator
Have a very happy Easter.
Albert Ahearn



A Vampire

The soporific sound of rain
Falling on the shingled rooftops
Induces his subconscious brain
to summon id with every drop.
The instinctual impetus
craves immediate primal need:
vitality that flows through us
tonight the innocent will bleed
to quench within a burning fire
that’s required to tame his soul
forever damned: a vampire!
that roams and stalks celestial
darkest nights for unfortunates
to engorge their blood to excess.
Albert Ahearn



A Vision

In midst of Natures bounty I espied
Aside a stream, a gilded gleaming cage.
Its tenant was a lifeless bird inside.
Engrossed in thought in view of deaths image
I deemed the death from thirst beside water.
Within the cage were dual empty basins
The one for food, and of course, the other.
It’s like a wealthy man who’s locked within
His iron safe, amid his heaps of gold.
And perishing within this house of ease
Of hunger pangs and thirst as time unfolds.
Then suddenly a strangest vision seized
My weary eyes, the cage became the bones
Of Man, the bird, his prisoned heart of stone.
Albert Ahearn
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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn