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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  7/7/2015 10:23:53 AM
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A Moment Of Time

A moment, a second of time
Measured by a blink of an eye;
A sip of ones favorite wine;
A glance at a spring morning sky;
A whiff of fragrant wildflowers;
A quick nod of recognition;
Throwing a kiss to a lover;
A split second premonition;
Imagine... if a moment grants
These many memorable things
Envision life's multiplicand
Its myriad joys that it brings.
It begs us to live the moment
Each and every second well spent.
Albert Ahearn



A Mondo Gory Poem

Faces of Gore (1999) is a mondo shockumentary video that depicts graphic footage of bloody, mangled bodies which guides viewers through explicit scenes depicting a variety of ways to die and violent acts. I wanted to try my hand at Mondo genre poetry. I promise you I’m not a nut case. I’m just a highly imaginative poet.

An ominous cloud lingers in my head
Portending pernicious consequences.
My sixth sense informs me what lays ahead
Foretelling dire events in sequences:
At first, a flash that's followed by thunder.
But it’s not what the mind is telling me.
A cloudless sky, than smoke, and no wonder
A bomb tore asunder all that I see.
The blood, ash and bone, dismembered bodies
All littered the site once a theater.
The mayhem and carnage that I foresee
Was the work of a lone perpetrator.
A marquee lying that stood heretofore
Reads: Coming attraction, “Faces of gore”
Albert Ahearn



A Mountain Speaks

I stood atop a mountain high
Surveyed the vastness of the sky
With arms extended outwardly
A moments thought inspirit me.
I pray you mount, I beg bespeak
Please share with me your grand mystique;
Bestow on me the things you know.
An echo thrice said, “No! .. No! .. No! ”
Why? I asked, disconcertingly
Meaning is all I seek, only
Please, please impart what I should know.
Again the echo, ” No! .. No! .. No! ”
Instantly it began to rain
‘Twas then my quest was all in vain.
Albert Ahearn



A Muse

‘There shall be a poetess born,
Ensouled with poetic leanings….’
She cried, pulled from her watery world
breathing in the alien air….
The years and seasons came and went,
and found the muse alone at play
amid her native dimensions,
romping free and singing verses:
? ? ? ? ? wall,
? ? ? ? ? fall...
Her tender years end with a pause.
…Adulthood dawned brightly on her,
a comely grace and pleasing face.
Like a fledgling that leaves its nest
She, resolved, flew a flight west
with assistance of providence….
The years passed bye when she'd returned
With a masters degree she earned
And prophecy preserved in print-
her personal anthology.
Today she’s known for civic pride
reading poems to hometown ears
of life’s lessons contained inside
amassed from long, meaningful years.
Albert Ahearn
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