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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  7/12/2014 8:45:11 AM
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There’s no hope for humanity
A half-wit would think otherwise.
Collective Christianity
With its many brethren allies
Have failed its purpose for Christ’s sake!
With their arsenal of prayer beads,
Missals and psalms- they are opaque
Tools employed that never succeeds
In changing the nature of Man:
He is still greedy and hostile
Unchanged since first set foot on land
They’re members of this rank and file:
A congregate hypocrisy
Only the enlightened can see.
Albert Ahearn



Ersatz peace

Prime Minister Netanyahu
Present Knesset, Likud Jew
Said Jews have duel capitals:
Jerusalem with armed control
And the city of Tel Aviv.
Who is this ruler called “Bibi”
Who rejects the peace summit talks?
With his constant thwarting and balks
And a recent turn of events
By slating sixteen settlements
On the Palestinians land.
Too long has he the upper hand:
A status quo that rules the day
Not sanctioned by the USA.
Will there be a Palestine state
In this conquered real estate?
The chances are now nil to slim
Due to Israeli Jews like him.
Albert Ahearn



Exploited Genius

Once upon a time ago
Lived a man named Vincent Van Gogh.
His style of painting vexed a few
With importunities anew:
His long broad strokes and use of light
Bright yellows, mauve were his delight
Blues and oranges caught the eye
Contrasting when placed side by side
For all the beauty he expressed
It left him poor and dispossessed.
Life seems to fault the advent man
It’s been that way since time began.
Deceased his work has now become
Treasures in Louvre museum.
Albert Ahearn




The Past

A pristine blue sky
Mirrored agrarian lives
Living with nature.

Their work was always difficult
But that never seemed to matter.
Their crops were all that counted most:
Enough to feed the family
In good times as well as the bad
Everyone loved their plot of land.
They knew it meant their survival
So the hard work was the tradeoff.
What developed was mutual
Respect: an interconnection
Whereby one affects the other;
But then one day a cloud appeared:
A black, menacing, looming cloud
Foretelling future misfortune.

The Present

The industrial
Revolution dawned under
This foreboding cloud.

Machines began to do the work
That man and beasts for eons had
Performed with blood, sweat and tears.
His work was easier to do
But soon discovered that he had
Become an industrial slave.
A mere symbiotic creature:
His nature was parasitic.
He no longer had in himself
The oneness and independence
That he had always called his own.
He’d become fat and ignorant
Living by his own destructive
Philosophy: hedonism.

The future

The sky is poisoned
As well as the land and the seas.
The earth was dying.

Through Mans continuous neglect
The earth became terminally
Ill. It was no longer able
To sustain the needs of Mankind.
War broke out all over the globe
Millions killed, many more had starved
To death; billions soon will follow
Billions more after that. The stench
Of rotting flesh has overwhelmed
Those able to live another
Hopeless day, gasped the putrid air
Futile murmurings continued
Until silenced by the guns
The ultimate judicature.

An eerie silence
Prevailed and all that was heard
Was screeching vultures.
Albert Ahearn
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