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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  7/24/2014 6:24:44 AM
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Casualty Of War

The stench of gasoline and gore
permeated the encampment.
I am a prisoner of war
And I’m held in a stinking tent
that I share with a gun toting
taliban soldier. His black eyes
staring intently and gloating
as though I were a trophy prize
whose head would soon hang on a stick
for all his turbaned insurgents
to pelt with stones and broken bricks.
I expect his malevolent
Nature to vent with certainty
which translates: it’s curtains for me!
Albert Ahearn



Change For A Dollar?

The only thing that exceeded the dinginess of this rat-hole bar was its stuffiness. I stopped in the place to make change for a parking meter just outside its door. God! It was awful in there, and I wondered, how in the hell the three inebriates sitting at the bar were able to breathe. I made a futile attempt to hold my breath, but the bartender knew his effort was a no-sell, took his grand old time getting to the cash register. I just couldn’t hold my breath any longer.
There was a very old *hit-kicker song lamenting about a lost love while the barflies were adding to the toxic atmosphere with their continual chain-smoking. Finally, the barkeep reached where I was standing and slammed the four quarters down on the bar with a loud bang, that it startled the sots into momentary soberness; but just as quickly, they lowered their heads and continued staring at the legal poison sitting in front of them.
I said thanks and turned to leave, but not before I was compelled to show my displeasure for his rudeness by asking him, “By the way, you wouldn’t know the average life expectancy of your patrons, the ones who frequent this rat hole, would you? ” Before he could reply, I was out the door.

Not all jackasses
Bray, nor do they have four legs;
Some are just blockheads.
Albert Ahearn



Changing Places

The protracted barks of a chained-
Up dog pleading for company:
Beseeching, entreating from us
Attention he sadly deserves.
His master lounges unaware
In his grand house of glass and wood
While the pooch lives in misery
Neglected and misunderstood.
If perchance their places were changed
For one single day you can bet
The pet not a bit inhumane
But the man insisting complains
That his collars too goddamn tight
And you’re letting me in tonight.
Albert Ahearn



Christmas Cards

Every year we send Christmas cards
And every year I ask myself:
Why do we send Xmas regards
To our friends who unlike ourselves
Hardly ever reciprocate?
The cost is not cheap I might add;
But my wife always steers me straight.
She says, “.you and I should be glad
To be blessed with so many friends.
A friend always transcends the cost
Of a card. Who cares if they send
Or not, or if their cards get lost
In the mail. The greatest pleasure
giving can never be measured.”
Albert Ahearn
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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn