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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  10/20/2014 10:45:09 PM
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Christmas Cards

Every year we send Christmas cards
And every year I ask myself:
Why do we send Xmas regards
To our friends who unlike ourselves
Hardly ever reciprocate?
The cost is not cheap I might add;
But my wife always steers me straight.
She says, .you and I should be glad
To be blessed with so many friends.
A friend always transcends the cost
Of a card. Who cares if they send
Or not, or if their cards get lost
In the mail. The greatest pleasure
giving can never be measured.
Albert Ahearn



City Dwellers

Towering concrete monoliths
Loom above seemingly mindless
Lemmings rushing, bumping, pushing
Their way in endless, moving lines
Of backward and forward motion;
Each with programmed destinations
Instilled by subtle brainwashing
By the few who reside above
In luxurious penthouse suites.
Below one of the unthinking
Queue falls dead on the cold pavement
Only to be trampled underfoot
Unattended amidst raucous
Noise of taxi horns and Sirens.
Albert Ahearn




Two hands
circumferential trek
through nonspacial continuum...
Albert Ahearn



Cogito ergo sum

I often sit and ponder many things
A host of multifarious subjects.
A few perhaps are shallow but they bring
Me food for thought. The balance is complex.
At times I think about the universe
The sphere of life and death experience.
Those thoughts alone I find myself immersed
In deepest meditation, Transcendence.
And other times Im simply lost in thought
Perchance a past event or maybe lines
Of Poetry. My mind has never sought
Retreat. Whatever enters leaves behind
Itself forever nourishing my mind
Improving knowledge gained from Humankind.
Albert Ahearn
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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn