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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  5/25/2016 7:41:10 PM
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Winter clouds drift like arctic floes
On an atmospheric river;
wind herding, prodding them onward
to a repetitive future.
The clouds always enthralled my mind.
Their aesthetic varying shapes
captured my imagination.
As a child I would gaze at them;
letting their shapes form images
in my mind others couldn’t see.
I still watch them as an adult
change into phantom images
shown above by the first four lines.
Albert Ahearn



Cogito Ergo Sum

I often sit and ponder many things
A host of multifarious subjects.
A few perhaps are shallow but they bring
Me food for thought. The balance is complex.
At times I think about the universe
The sphere of life and death experience.
Those thoughts alone I find myself immersed
In deepest meditation, Transcendence.
And other times I’m simply lost in thought
Perchance a past event or maybe lines
Of Poetry. My mind has never sought
Retreat. Whatever enters leaves behind
Itself forever nourishing my mind
Improving knowledge gained from Humankind.
Albert Ahearn



Colors On My Palette

Tiny dishes on my palette
filled with a rainbow of colors
that I meticulously mixed;
arranged like a row of flowers
that I'll use to paint her portrait.
Cadmium yellow for her hair;
white and yellow ochre create
her flesh tone; perhaps if I dare
a dab of cadmium red.
Cadmium deep red for her lips;
perhaps a lighter shade instead.
Cerulean blue for her eyes;
and like a statue she will pose
while my paint laden bristles flow.
Albert Ahearn




A seashell was the greatest find
for an eight year old at the time.
A conch shell was the most prized sought
elusive more often than not.
But when it’s found the finder gains
a worth much more than Mary Jane’s
and bubblegum he could wish for
from any corner candy store.
Within its aperture is filled
with sounds of surf and sea that thrills
his mind when pressed against his ear
then shared among his childhood peers
this brightly colored spiral shell
where once a spineless mollusk dwelled.
Albert Ahearn
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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn