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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  8/22/2014 8:33:50 PM
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Female Facial Facade

One need not know her life story
to actually know this woman.
Her character is quite clearly
Sculptured into her youthful hewn
Face: her flawless forehead and arched brows
bridge atop two mirrored blue pools:
Eyes that conceal lies that somehow
besmirch her most precious jewels.
Her celestial nose turned upward
suggesting a pretentious snob;
And her mouth: two full, pinkish-red,
fleshy folds with a subtle sneer
imperceptibly perceived
concealing her feigned innocence.
Albert Ahearn



Fire And Ice

If snowflakes set aflame the ground
They touch and wintry winds abet
The flames, would she and I this day
always remain deeply in love?
Yet snow is snow-it’s wet, it’s cold
Its frigid blanket lacks the warmth
That lover’s hearts depend and thrive;
It stifles, smothers all that grows
and extinguishes any fire.
Snow-flames are just a fantasy
An image conjured in my mind
But in my heart our love is true
In any world we two reside
inventible or otherwise.
Albert Ahearn



First Snowfall

The last of autumn’s leaves begins assault
Of winter gales. The sap within the trees
In hibernating xylems call a halt
To most activity to some degree.
The birds that once resided amongst them
Already left for warmer spots unknown.
A few remain behind but are condemned
To weather winters snow and ice alone.
The snow begins to fall. At first, a flake,
Then more and more until the trees are white
And weighted. Branches, weak, begin to break
And fall to earth and soon are crowned despite
The slackened storm. The wind subsides and all
Is quiet and calmness follows the squall.
Albert Ahearn



Fool’s mate

(1. f3...e5 2.g4...h4 mate!)

Unwise for White to push the pawn to three;
Exposing royalty to Black’s attack.
With pawn at Bishop three, one must agree
f3 was not the move to play on Black.
The Black opponent counters with e5
A sure maneuver yielding enterprise.
His queen has open space and hopes to strive
To leave her home and head for White’s demise.
The fool's deficient understanding, moves
His pawn obliviously (seals his fate)
To square g4. A move I disapprove
Of. Black has won the game, h4! The mate!
The lesson learned from this experience
Don’t play a fool with inexperience.
Albert Ahearn
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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn