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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  9/22/2014 9:11:58 AM
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Elusive annelid

I am a squiggly, slimy annelid.
I live my life above and underground.
I’m long and slim; I've no eyes or eyelids.
My life has many, many, ups and downs.
In my earthen home made of dirt and stone
This is my terrestrial element.
Here I’m safe and sound and I’m all alone
Morning mist entices my next ascent.
Here above I lie in grassy wetness.
Danger lurking, searching from the trees:
It’s my nemesis: the robin redbreast
Who’s waiting patiently to pounce on me.
I’m a survivalist I now affirm
That bird above won’t eat this little worm
Albert Ahearn



Elysium Lost

There have been many pleasantries
As a moppet over the years:
The countless summer night breezes
That whistled music in my ears;
Or lay supine and gaze above
At the moonlit star studded sky
And conceive my dreams undreamed of
As they emerged before my eyes.
But gone are those childish whimsies
Those were born of the wind and stars.
Gone are the musical breezes
That once filled those nights… au revoir!
Gone is that place where I once reigned
Yet in my heart it still remains.
Albert Ahearn



Eminent Domain

The numerous dirty-white mounds
Of snow that lined the narrow street
Stood like fortified embankments;
Each varying in height and width
Depending on the autos size.
Each space of eminent domain
Was illegally claimed either
By dozens of plastic lawn chairs,
Trash cans, anything to obstruct
Entry into this reserved spot.
I wonder if the yellow snow
I see dotting a few places
Is from a neighborhood canine
Or from a property owner?
Albert Ahearn




There’s no hope for humanity
A half-wit would think otherwise.
Collective Christianity
With its many brethren allies
Have failed its purpose for Christ’s sake!
With their arsenal of prayer beads,
Missals and psalms- they are opaque
Tools employed that never succeeds
In changing the nature of Man:
He is still greedy and hostile
Unchanged since first set foot on land
They’re members of this rank and file:
A congregate hypocrisy
Only the enlightened can see.
Albert Ahearn
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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn