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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  3/6/2015 10:00:55 AM
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The Deciduous maple trees
With their temporary broad leaves
Fell in great numbers during the
Early, darkened, chilly morning.
Their photosynthetic lifetimes
Once green are now shadows of life
As they lay lifeless on the ground.
As I slowly pedal along
The beaten path, a crispy sound
Emerges from beneath the wheels;
And a sweet odoriferous
Scent from their decaying-remains
Beckons forth from my aged mind
Pleasurable abstract musing.
Albert Ahearn




I lie amidst a pride of dandelions.
Odoriferous breaths overwhelm me.
Above, a sea with white wispy phantoms
Silently, adrift, like lost ships at sea.
I close my eyes but still see everything.
For what's perceived is also imagined.
A subtle April breeze whispers.. it's spring!
I smile with eyes still closed then I begin
Soliloquy: I need no gallery
Nor brush and palette to paint that which I see.
All I have seen is stored in memory
And abstract thought can launch this reverie.
I lie still among these yellow flowers
Lost in springtime daydreams by the hour.
Albert Ahearn



Death beneath my feet

The dead brown maple leaves litter the path
Where I walk. Others of its kind dropping
From their lofty homes, victims of the wrath
Of autumns chilling gales, unrelenting
And tellingly- stark reminder of death-
Companion through life all of us must face.
I tread over brittle corpses beneath
My feet in their final resting place
And I am reminded of my sister
Poor soul! Who died one chilly October.
I remember the maple leaves that stirred
Around my feet that day she was interred.
Lifeless entities swirling, hurling down
Atop her casket deep beneath the ground.
Albert Ahearn



Death to all.... Have fun!

I heard a song the other day; it strummed
A chord within, this way: The lyrics sung
Expressed that we convey a summed
Philosophy: Our days are numbered, son.
We're born to die and there's no warning light.
This is our fate, our expiration date.
So live your life as though your deaths tonight
The fullest that money can buy this late.
Tomorrow the sorrow of death might come
Despite being old or young. Beat the drum
And dance. Have fun! Laugh and sing, don't be glum.
We'll celebrate, it's never too late, hon
The parties begun, be not a mourner
Grim-reapers peeking around the corner.
Albert Ahearn
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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn