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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  2/28/2015 7:55:25 AM
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False Tenets and Promises

How often have you heard this expression: “ Well, sorry to say, this is my nature.” Just what is the nature of Man? Why are we such a predictable lot? Why is War our bed partner? These questions and many more can be asked but never really given satisfactory answers without stepping on toes that would bring the wrath of these elitist down on our heads.
Unfortunately for all of us, we come into this world with existing governing systems predicated on certain tenets and creeds. These opinions, doctrines, or principles held as being true by persons or especially by organizations. Yet never allowing future generations the privilege of researching these systems that are responsible for our very own nature, without an inquisition around the corner.
Apparently, it is much easier to burn these (true) inquisitors at the stake, metaphorically speaking, than risk having a house built on a sandy foundation, crumble.

The seeming nature oft presumed be Man’s
Is nothing less than some abstracted mode,
Conceived in dreams, contrived within human
Invention; dreamt-up folly episodes.
A dream is oft-involuntary mind
Sensations, not of serious award.
Consisting mostly of surreally kinds:
Unreal phantoms most assured ignored.
For some we note in highest places rule
The masses minds. Imaginary creeds,
Assumed the truth, but nonetheless a cruel
Inhuman whimsy borne o’er time, indeed!
Depose these charlatans! Divest their robes.
Expose their vile intentions. Burn their clothes!
Albert Ahearn



Female Facial Facade

One need not know her life story
to actually know this woman.
Her character is quite clearly
Sculptured into her youthful hewn
Face: her flawless forehead and arched brows
bridge atop two mirrored blue pools:
Eyes that conceal lies that somehow
besmirch her most precious jewels.
Her celestial nose turned upward
suggesting a pretentious snob;
And her mouth: two full, pinkish-red,
fleshy folds with a subtle sneer
imperceptibly perceived
concealing her feigned innocence.
Albert Ahearn



Fool’s mate

(1. f3...e5 2.g4...h4 mate!)

Unwise for White to push the pawn to three;
Exposing royalty to Black’s attack.
With pawn at Bishop three, one must agree
f3 was not the move to play on Black.
The Black opponent counters with e5
A sure maneuver yielding enterprise.
His queen has open space and hopes to strive
To leave her home and head for White’s demise.
The fool's deficient understanding, moves
His pawn obliviously (seals his fate)
To square g4. A move I disapprove
Of. Black has won the game, h4! The mate!
The lesson learned from this experience
Don’t play a fool with inexperience.
Albert Ahearn



For this I write

I write not for consensus sake
Why should I? People don’t partake
In my insights, designs and schemes
Nor inhabit my nightly dreams.
I write because it’s a passion
My own particular fashion.
Whether those enjoy what I write
Or find fault with it, that’s alright!
The satisfaction I receive
Is from the notions I conceive
Expressed in rhythmic poesy.
This from me is a guarantee:
When inspiration finds me home
I am sure to write a poem.
Albert Ahearn
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