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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  10/30/2014 11:00:07 PM
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Standing high atop a canyon
wall, a rising, thermal current
warmed my weathered face with gentle,
smoothest, invisible fingers.
Overhead a lone eagle glides
effortlessly, circling, dipping
downward, ostensibly playing.
His iterate screeching echoes
loudly through the narrow chasm.
Genuine freedom on the wing
but unaware how free he is;
and I who deems to be as free
knows that it’s only an ideal
one that can never be achieved.
Albert Ahearn




Idealists speak out all day
And wonder why the worlds this way;
They ask, why can’t we live in peace
Instead of being ill at ease;
Where all men live in harmony
And war is just a memory.
A realist responds in kind
I’m of a difference of mind.
I see all good and evil reign
Both equally in one domain.
Their efforts for a win must fail
The vying is to no avail.
Mans personality is split
Espousing both you must admit.
Albert Ahearn




We are a greedy species more or less
Desiring more than needed frequently.
If something free presents itself, excess
Increases often exponentially.
Instead of taking one or two and leave
The rest behind, avaricious nature
Impels us, take it all! And thus believes,
It’s mine! To Hell with those that follow, your
Misfortune is not my regard. Myself
Is all that matters so what's mine is mine.
Though lacking scruples in and of itself
Becomes a selfish brute, his own design.
Beware! Of egocentric avarice
Your entry into heaven might be missed.
Albert Ahearn



Grim Reaper

With waning moon below the Horizon
The darkness fell upon the slumbered town.
An even darker phantom fell upon
The people. (Death) had descended and found
Its quarry. Walking silently among
Their homes until he reached a wealthy man
Asleep in bed. He touched his eyes, erelong.
At once, they opened wide. “Oh, bogeyman
Begone! Oh horrible dream, please leave me!
You dreadful thing! Who are you? I’m lord here!
I’ll beckon servants, they will hear my plea.”
Be silent fop! Your time has come, give ear:
Your hedonistic life has caused much pain.
I send you where the conqueror worm reigns.
Albert Ahearn
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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn