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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  11/22/2014 5:36:29 PM
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I don’t…but

It is simply shocking how a teeny
Conjunctive word, a tiny little but
Becomes precursor for the agony
Of some. I will explain exactly what
I mean. Case in point: Have you ever had
A conversation like the following?
The person talking says, “please don’t get mad,
I do not intend to hurt your feelings,
But“...then proceeds to do precisely what
He said he wouldn't do. Explanation?
It's ignorance! Instead of keeping shut
His haughty mouth, ending conversation
Continues hurting monologue uncut
Until your forced to say, you kiss my butt!
Albert Ahearn



I Knew That

There isn’t much that I don’t know
Of life that I have lived but once,
This doesn’t mean my life was full
A fool would dare to say as much;
A fool I’m not nor ever been.
The little that I do not know
Is difficult to seek and find
For what’s unknown, what do I seek?
If I search for what’s imagined
all I know is simply wasted.
The little that’s unknown to me
In spite of it I learned to see
That what you know is tried and true
It’s what you don’t know can hurt you.
Albert Ahearn



I Made Her Cry

I made her cry today
with tomorrows promises
promised her just the other day.
‘So why does she weep, the missus? ’

Her tearful eyes are for
the many disappointments
borne a sadden heart to harbor
caused by me to a great extent.

Too many, too often, designed
dreams that I had painted for her
leaving to wither on the vine;
she ceased to dream altogether.

“Honey, is there any reason
for your tears, something I had said? ”
“It’s nothing; drink your coffee, hon.
Do you want whole wheat or rye bread? ”
Albert Ahearn



If only...

It would have been his twenty-third
birthday next month on the sixteenth.
Today we received a letter
From the government informing
Us our son was killed while fighting
The enemy in Kandahar
Afghanistan two days ago.
I cannot help feeling guilty
for our dear sons untimely death.
I could have fought his enlistment
Instead I let him convince me
That it was the right thing to do.
If only I had been more firm
If….If…he’d be alive today.
Albert Ahearn
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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn