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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  10/30/2014 7:10:26 AM
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Hard times

I didn't have much as a kid;
Oh, we were always fed and clad.
but for luxuries, God forbid!
Two-bits a week was all I had.
Fifteen cents spent on a movie
The remaining ten bought candy
Even that wasn't guaranteed.
Picking a landfill was handy
When money wasn't to be had
I'd pick the dump for tin and rags
And head for the junkyard with dad
Carrying the days find in bags.
Although a youth I recognized
the wounded pride in daddy's eyes.
Albert Ahearn



Health: A sojourner

One never contemplates mortality
Until our health begins to fade away.
In our youth we possessed vitality
Thought it would last forever and a day.
But comes a season our thoughts will languor
And dreams of immortality will wane
Like unto annual summer flowers
Whose spring advents we never see again.
Our health is such a very fragile thing
We often take for granted in our lives;
And like the blooming flowers in the spring
Their stay is brief until their time arrives
When all the lovely blooms begin ebbing
That’s not unlike the health we once possessed
A bitter pill to swallow nonetheless.
Albert Ahearn



Heavens Touch

Oh! Brilliant moon arising upward
To your setting place. You show your face
For everyone to see. You’re heavenward
Excursion takes my heart along through space
And holds it there among the starry sky.
Alone and distant from me stands my wife
On foreign shores. Her job demands she fly
To places your reflection cast so bright.
Tonight my love, this waxing orb intense
In all its splendor carries love aloft
To see and feel from this night’s heaven sent.
The stars that twinkle incandescent, soft
Emitting sparkles, touches both our hearts
Together now although we are apart.
Albert Ahearn



Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

This sonnet was inspired while celebrating my daughter’s birthday. Everyone was eating cake except me. I hardly ever eat sweets. “A moment on the lips, forever on the hips”. Anyway, while they were enjoying the moment, I began to muse. Later that evening I composed this:

My daughter is older by a year today.
She is thirty-seven. I wonder where
The time has gone It seems to melt away.
It’s like an imperceptible glacier
Receding slowly, leaving once unseen
Destruction bare, exposed to view, behind.
I see what time has etched on me between
A youth of yesteryear and current time.
The mirror reflects wrinkled lines and spots.
And not to mention, but I will! The gray.
And like the ice, receding hair, a lot
Is lost. My exploratory survey?
It can be said, expressed this way: Ahem!
I once had youth but now it’s gone, Amen.
Albert Ahearn
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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn