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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  10/24/2014 3:26:45 PM
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Journey Of My Soul

My soul has left my tired earthly shell
Guided by a holy hierophant.
We hover, moving, seemingly propelled
into a brilliant limbo Labyrinth:
A vaguely familiar and friendly place
An imperceptible spiritual sphere
entirely devoid of time and space.
My guide has often escorted me here
to this final after death tribunal.
She will as always present my defense
before the other hierophant panel
To determine previous moral sense
And worthy of another incarnate
journey’s quest to seek another soul mate.
Albert Ahearn



Judgment Day

We are but grains of sand in life’s hourglass
Plures inter plures waiting our turns
That slowly penetrates the narrowness
Of time ending all our worldly concerns.
The moment comes like a thief in the night:
Silently, stealthily, assuredly.
And in this sleep of death things are put right:
Our past dreams become bits of history:
Involuntary intervals of life
That had reflected our immortal souls
And there are never any two alike
Spirits on trial that will defend their roles.
In the end, though, we go our separate ways.
Some ascend while others will face the blaze.
Albert Ahearn



Just a Dream

The entire world was silenced
And from the darkness emerged, Truth;
Lost since the paradise garden
Abandoned for cupidity;
And out of Truth the advent poet
Appeared with imaginative
Zeal and clarity of purpose:
To rhythmically shape our hearts
And minds with eternal verses
Instilled with His intuitive
Enlightenment from the cosmos
Taking the form of a poem.
Although pleasant it may have seemed
In reality, just a dream.
Albert Ahearn



Just before the rain

I'm happiest when the weather
is gloomy and threatening rain.
Its tendency, this low pressure,
forces most people to remain
inside comfortable houses.
Outside becomes much quieter
assuming a shushed quietus
that wouldn't normally occur
if the day were a sunny one;
so I pray that this low holds fast
concealing the intrusive sun
behind the looming overcast
while I revel in its stillness
and its lugubrious bleakness.
Albert Ahearn
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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn