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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  1/31/2015 4:34:33 PM
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Oh Kathleen! You seem as distant from me
As some ancient nebulous universe
Yet near as last nights dreamy reverie.
Are you just luminous stardust dispersed
Into eyes of a starry-eyed lover
By some celestial fairy sandman?
Only to awaken and discover
That your loveliness is nothing more than
A dream imagined. Must I wipe away
This besprinkled magic dust that beguiles
me? To watch your lovely image this day
Fade from view, then reappear with a smile
At days end in a dream again of you.
Oh! Hasten sleep that I may dream anew.
Albert Ahearn



Kick The Can

A gray hanging sky loomed above
The ugly concrete monoliths
That chokes the cramped urban skyline.
For Christ's sake! Why doesn’t it rain?
Said the young, angry teen kicking
An empty Budweiser beer can
As he walked along the sidewalk;
That! (He kicked again) should happen
To those goddamn, so-called buddies
Of mine- A swift kick in the ass.
He kicked the can again, this time
It flew into the busy street.
Chasing after it a horn blared
But the car could not stop in time.
A light drizzle began to fall.
Albert Ahearn



Late Spring

Spring struggles to break winters hold
on its timely season onset.
The latent buds are reluctant
to sprout their protuberances;
robins haw vocal notes of song
while perched on stark swaying branches;
Crocuses spurn stifled tulips
abed for their impotency;
Sluggish hibernates’ hesitate
to waken from their dormancy
and fair-weather, housebound humans
unwilling to venture outside.
but soon a warm, vernal zephyr
will breathe life into everything
reviving consciousness of spring.
Albert Ahearn




The theme of this poem is leaves;
Beautiful lateral structures
that dress the deciduous trees;
ephemerals one can’t ignore.
We first set eyes on them as green,
Protuberates on limbs in spring;
Next we see them as indigenes-
Transpirational living things
with various shapes and sizes.
I myself favor the maples
Their many metamorphoses:
various colors one beholds
in late summer and early fall
their greatest splendor above all.
Albert Ahearn
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