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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  8/30/2014 1:27:55 PM
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Everything but the spoken word
is aware of its existence:
vegetation, rivers, the stars;
they are centered on nothing else.
They, all, comprise the universe.
Even this imprudent poet
lives it in part, less dignified
within it save benighted
freedom of my talkative mind.
Albert Ahearn




as a tiny
egg glued to foliage.
Maturing bondage in a shell

Eating, growing,
full size caterpillar
outgrows its present confines.

itself with liquid from
its spinneret. Creating a

little pupa
dieting, motionless,
metamorphosing completely

exposing head
and thorax first. Followed
by legs and golden wings of a
Albert Ahearn




The yellow incandescent lights
Of early hours stare outward from
their artificial galaxy
like miniature jaundiced stars.
An Exxon Mobil neon sign
Emits bursts of intense red light
Blinking like a tiny pulsar;
Two blue-white halogen headlights
flicker along a thoroughfare
as rapid moving satellites.
Engrossed in this imagined view
looking out my bedroom window
until the sun opened his eye
then all but one had disappeared.
Albert Ahearn




With trusting innocence we've played
with nets and jars amid a field
of muted rustling blooms that yield
Their subtle breaths of perfumed air
where milkweed monarch's foraged there.
They were the prize and preference
of youth and trusting innocence.
Inexpertness with nets gave flight
elusiveness till next alight
on efflorescence's afield
Sedulity kept our eyes peeled
on tawny-orange and black, large wings
in hopes we would be capturing
these lovely regal butterflies
with gauzy wings and very spry.
Albert Ahearn
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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn