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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  3/3/2015 6:40:13 AM
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Few people love; most know not love at all.
Their feelings of feigned affection wane
By any measure. Cupid never draws
His bow for those whose passions are in vain.
His quiver filled with strait loving arrows
Wings among Man to shoot and penetrate
The truest of hearts where amour does grow
To dwell and thrive within ardor soul mates.
Love has no boundaries and lives forever
Beyond the shuffling off our mortal shells
And thus remains in our souls with fervor
Until Cupid once again casts his spells.
So if by chance your heart has been smitten
Cherish this love that Venus has christened.
Albert Ahearn



Love Child

She was the consequence of lust
In a cheap room over a bar.
He remembered as though it were
yesterday. Her naive mother
Was only nineteen and single
at the time; him? He was married,
Separated and twenty-eight.
Below, in the bar, the jukebox
Was blaring an instrumental
Whose deep, bass guitar synchronized
with every copulating thrust.
The tune ended before the sex
And climaxed with a gestation
To Diana Ross’s “Love Child.”
Albert Ahearn



Love Pawn

The raging storm occurring outside my window
Can not compare to the constant choler
That tempers my heart this maniacal moment.
Why? Would you like living a pawn of love?
Forever being forced to feel painful pangs
Caused by a cruel manipulator. Like a captured
Pawn without a pertinent part in the game of love:
Only to stand alone among the active players.
On the sidelines, stagnating, unable to sever
Yourself from the fray. A preordained pawn!
Whose role resembles “ loves labours lost”
A cruel comedy rendering me a pathetic prisoner
That must persistently prove my legitimacy.
Rage on teapot tempest! At least your wrath will wane.
Albert Ahearn



Loving Dream

Most people fall asleep at night
And dream of fantasies delight;
Those spawned by wakeful malcontent
Of dreaded pasts and all they meant.
But when the light begins to dawn
Their dreams all vanish with a yawn.
My dreams are themes they are but two:
I dream of love and loving you;
And when I wake and wipe away
Besprinkled sand to start the day
I look around and here I see
The loving dream lies next to me.
Albert Ahearn
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