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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  7/9/2014 8:47:39 PM
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Flanked by Dame’s rockets and Yarrow
familiar flowers that greet me
every spring with their breezy nods.
Their irresistible, subtle
scents never cease to captivate
my olfactory perception.
I swoon amidst their fragrant breaths
and for one imaginative
moment become their distant kin
with an alien hue and scent
commingling with them nonetheless
until their odoriferous
scents again sober my senses
leaving a feeling of gladness.
Albert Ahearn




A knotted Tarzan rope dangles
From the same sycamore tree limb
When I was a young, snot-nosed,
devil-may-care adolescent.
Nothing has really changed that much
Since my time: the same swimming hole,
Probably the same railroad spikes
That I hammered into the trunk
That we used as rungs to scale it.
But it’s a very lonely place
today. All my childhood buddies
Are either dead or too infirmed
To care; so here I stand alone
Willing, but no one to play with.
Albert Ahearn



Only for a moment

Biking along Lehigh drive
On an early sunny morning
Not a cloud in the azure sky
My! My! What a wonderful day!
I continued onward until
I reached the Lehigh boat-launch pad.
No longer able to resist
The allure of the calm river
I laid my bicycle against
A hillock, shed my shoes and socks
And walked to the shallow rivers edge
Stood there for a moment or two
Walked in ankle deep from shore
And became a young lad once more.
Albert Ahearn




Opinions are like rectums, everyone
Has one. Sadly, *ssholes have them also.
It’s what comes out: profundity or dumb
Beliefs that make all the difference. Know
The untruths involved before you accept
A single one. A traditional thought
Is founded in superstition and kept
Alive as “old wives tale” falsely taught
As truth. Irrational is what it is!
So eschew these cockeyed philosophies.
Beware of the false Sayers chorus
Who opine their contrived absurdities.
They may control the sought-after places
But not Truth when we get down to cases.
Albert Ahearn
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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn