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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  7/31/2014 8:27:48 AM
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Maiden Flight

The wind on top of the mountain
Is just right for flying my kite.
No, it’s not a store bought item
I made it from old newspapers,
Elmer’s glue and old balsa wood
Spine and spar sticks from last years kite.
Now here I am again ready
To launch it on its maiden flight.
I hope the tail isn’t too long;
The bridle string is sufficient.
Well, here goes! Come on baby fly!
That’s it! You want more string? Up! Up!
Easy does it! Straighten out babe!
That’s it! That’s it! You’re on your own.
Albert Ahearn




Eight feathery class Aves (starlings)
Encompass a mud puddle
Between a cornfield and highway
Each taking turns splashing around
While the others stand vigilant
For any imminent danger
From above or from the traffic
Jam my wife and I were caught
Amidst, while impatient drivers
Vented their frustrations by blowing
Their different, raucous sounding horns
at no one in particular.
I looked at the feathery flock
and said, we should be as content.
What was that dear? She inquired.
Nothing dear, just thinking out loud.
Albert Ahearn



Man Of Snow

I created a large snowman
On our snowy laden front lawn
Facing the street on which we live.
It was not an ordinary
Snowman; you know, the ones you see
With large packed snowballs stacked on top
Of each other with chunks of coal
Representing facial features;
Not mine! He was a translucent,
Naked man of wintery snow;
A frigid albino nudist
Whose large, blue-shooter marble eyes
Stare back at you from its cold soul
Beckoning every passerby.
Albert Ahearn



Manna for Morons

Television is such a bore.
If anything that kills brain cells
The TV is the number one
Cause of permanent brain damage.
Between the ridiculously
Lengthy commercials, reruns and
The misnomer: “situation
Comedy” with its canned laughter,
A viewers IQ can dropp five
Points, perhaps more after sixty
Minutes of exposure, truly!
We have all become a nation
Of clones: It tells us what to buy,
What’s best to view and when to laugh.

Do you feel rundown?
“I love Lucy” sponsored by
“Natural Energy.”
Albert Ahearn
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