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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn  10/19/2014 11:25:07 PM
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Mother gave me my first taste of sweet milk
While I snuggled helpless and voracious
Amongst two large breasts that were soft as silk:
A comfort zone where I heard loquacious
Chatter on a daily basis, foreign
But always a soothing tone for my ears
My meal was always interrupted when
Mom would pull me off still hungry and steer
Me around facing over her shoulder
And begin patting my back tenderly
Until strange noises began to occur
That emanated from both ends of me.
Is it any wonder why I love her?
This source of life I know as my mother.
Albert Ahearn



Mother Nature

Nature Strives to be beautiful
Morphing myriad, earthly hues
from macrocosmic frippery.
Her perfumed zephyrean breaths
Intoxicate the atmosphere
Stirring those that breathe to wildness
That only her tempestuous
Violence ultimately tames;
Yet her yin can be most tranquil
As not to ruffle a fledglings
Feathers or ripple mountain tarns.
She favors none of her children
within her sphere of influence
sustaining only the strongest.
Albert Ahearn




Their days in the sun are fulfilled.
Their once bright pink and white petals
now lie withered and brown beneath
the dead wavering naked stalks
that once connected each cluster.
Hesperis matronalis
Gone are their aromatic scents
that had tantalized all that passed
their many clustered colonies.
Gone are my nightly fragrant walks
among their unseen loveliness.
Gone with them are my joys of spring
and what remains are memories
of their fulfilling presence here.
Albert Ahearn




Trudging behind a hungry machine
who's diet consist of all things green.
Just when the lawn is picture plane
three days later it's grown again
Albert Ahearn
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Poems By Poet Albert Ahearn