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Poems By Poet Alessandra Liverani  7/11/2014 10:26:09 PM
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I Can't Be Bothered

Why don't smokers think like this?

I can't be bothered smoking cigarettes
It really is a pain
Sometimes you've got to huddle out there
In the cold and freezing rain

I'm sick of what I have to do
Always carrying them around
And then feeling tense and anxious
When the rotten sticks can't be found

Oh they are such a nuisance
Stinking up my clothes and hair
And they cost a lot of money too
It just isn't fair

They really aren't worth a toss
There's nothing in it for me
Why don't I just throw them out?
And start to feel so free

Why don't smokers think like that?
Alessandra Liverani



Problem Solving

To solve a problem you must be
Analytical and objective
You must include every single fact
And refrain from being subjective

Let's look at smoking impartially
And collate the various facts
Nicotine is a mild stimulant
I'm not talking through my hat

The drug itself does not relax
Infact it does the reverse
How can we explain this mystery
It all seems rather perverse

A mild stimulant is ruling your life
Yes, that's right, it's not even strong
It's got you at its beck and call
Stringing you all right along

A mild stimulant? The joke's on you
And all of your friends in this farce
This drug is laughing itself silly
That you fell right into its path

It has no power other than what you give it
It'll take whatever you've got
And use it against you mercilessly
It does that quite a lot

(Sydney, Australia - 2003)
Alessandra Liverani



- Perception: : Humour, Inspiration

If you have a perception that is a deception
Then you are under a misconception
If what you see has been distorted
Then you have been completely rorted

If you have a mistaken idea or a notion
Then you have just swallowed a poisonous potion
If what seems to be to you, is really not
Then what you believe is utter rot

Sometimes the wronger the stronger is the thought
The thought that really shouldn't be ought
Let this thought go, don't clasp it tight
And the thought that is wrong, will then become right

(Sydney, Australia - 2005)
Alessandra Liverani



Appearances Are Deceptive

Look at those smokers how cool they appear
They inhale so stylishly but don't you think that it's queer
That what they're inhaling is ghastly and vile
They don't seem to notice that it should be a trial

Why do they do it? Could it possibly be
That they are addicted, they're not at all free
But because they look so much in control
They'll lure you in with them right into the fold

Please try to remember often things aren't as they seem
They may look confident, part of a team
They'll tell you they enjoy it it's one of their pleasures
But that foul smelling stuff is not one of our treasures

You'll only enjoy it when you're under its spell
And believe it or not it's like being in hell
You don't believe me? Then you've swallowed the myth
That smoking is glamorous. Get over it.

That's how people are captured year after year
Their health and their wallets they will lose, I do fear
Let's stop this senseless slaughter once and for all
I ask you, I beg you into this trap please don't fall
Alessandra Liverani

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Poems By Poet Alessandra Liverani