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Poems By Poet Alessandra Liverani  12/20/2014 5:25:14 AM
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Natural Phenomena

Volcano, power, respect it
Earthquake, power, respect it
Lightning, power, respect it
Fire, power, respect it
Flood, power, respect it
Hurricane, power, respect it
Addiction, power, respect it

Volcano kills, watch out
Earthquake kills, watch out
Lightning kills, watch out
Fire kills, watch out
Flood kills, watch out
Hurricane kills, watch out
Addiction kills, watch out

(Sydney, Australia - 2003)
Alessandra Liverani



Breakfast At Tiffany's

Breakfast At Tiffany's - a movie revered as a true classic
Audrey Hepburn, the icon, with bearing aristocratic
George Peppard, the actor, so suave and debonair
So should I, would I, ever so much as dare

To point out the most seemingly insignificant of facts
That Audrey Hepburn, under her most fashionable of hats
Had stuck in her mouth an object most vile
Most destructive, most evil, fills me with bile

And don't forget George, he should also be included
Had one stuck in his mouth, the object to which I have alluded
They both smoked fags, now was this just by chance
Or somehow, in some way this movie to enhance

Or did the tobacco companies pay for this ad
Was this infact, something evil, very bad
You may not believe that this could possibly be true
But watch carefully many movies and you'll see that that's exactly what they do
Alessandra Liverani

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- Gallbladder Removal: : Humour

The doctor advised Leigh’s gallbladder must be removed
A few simple snips and his health would be improved
She told him to sign up for a Cholecystectomy, Laparoscopic
Four incisions are sliced for surgery microscopic

First they’d inflate his abdominal cavity with CO2
Then they’d get out their telescopes for a fantastic view
Of his gallbladder, bile duct, cystic duct and liver
Cut free his gallbladder and through an incision deliver

This organ, already emptied of its painful stones
So we’d be hearing less of Leigh’s whimpering moans
We wish him good luck, they say the risk is very low
We’ll see his smiling face soon with a healthier glow

(Sydney, Australia - 2008)
Alessandra Liverani



Don't Rush Me

Don't rush me, don't push me, don't give me grief
The time I've been smoking has only been brief
30 years is a mere eye blink in the history of time
Can't I smoke just a few thousand more, is that such a crime?

Don't rush me, don't push me, I'm scared out of my tree
Can't you wait a bit longer, just one more century
What's all the fuss, what's the great hurry
Do things always have to be done in a tempestuous flurry

Can't we drag it out a bit longer, just a little bit more
I just don't understand what all this hurrying is for
Don't rush me, don't push me, you've only waited for years
But I can't move, I'm frozen, I'm frozen with fear

(Sydney, Australia - 2005)
Alessandra Liverani
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