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Poems By Poet Alessandra Liverani  10/1/2014 3:16:56 PM
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Pavlov's Dog: Advanced Lesson

Pavlov was a psychologist, I think
Who supplied his dogs with food and drink
But always preceded the giving of the victuals
By ringing a bell, that was his ritual

The dogs became conditioned and would be begin salivating
Upon hearing the bell, which to the food they were relating
Their mind was programmed by this little tinkle
Though they didn't realise it, they had no inkle

The noise of a bell, though it didn't taste or smell like food
Got these dogs in a very hungry mood
Just like smokers are conditioned to relax and unwind
By inhaling noxious fumes which only confuse their mind

(Sydney, Australia - 2006)
Alessandra Liverani



We Are The Tobacco Companies

We are the tobacco companies
We are killing machines
The reason we exist
Is 'cos we're big and bad and mean

We ruin people's lives
But the government lets us prosper
Because we put a lot of money
Into a lot of people's coffers

We can even advertise
In countries like the USA
Over there we spend
16 million dollars every day

Promoting our deadly product
In every possible way we can
We love getting people addicted
It's all part of our plan

But we've never really thought our plan
Through right to the end
Because if we kill so many
We'll even kill our friends

(Sydney, Australia - 2003)
Alessandra Liverani



- Jiving in the Jungle : : Humour

Zulu was a zebra who loved zapping on his zither
Roger the rhinoceros rattled his rattler with raucous rigour
Leo a leonine lion loved to languorously play his lute
And Flavia the flaming flamingo fluttered flirtatiously on her flute

These beasts were boldly bashing and belligerently banging
Cavorting capriciously, in clamorous chorus they were clanging
Deafening decibels were with deliberation being delivered
Surrounding shiny, shimmering shrubs shuddered, shook and shivered

Bella the blindingly bewitching butterfly blithely blew on her bassoon
Thomas the odd toed tapir tooted a lively tune on his tromboon
Ella Elephant elegantly and efficiently whirled her trunk
And Placido the playful Platypus played a Pulalu with a pleasant plunk

Suddenly the strident symphony was silenced in a second
Bob the boa constrictor drew forth his baton as a weapon
Then through the still night air floated a pure sweet sound
Meerkat Molly mellifluously, melodiously and mellowly from her mound

Sang sorrowfully and sadly of a tale from a time long past
Of a meerkat who met a meerkat, but their love it didn’t last
The members of the orchestra listened and they wept
But then they cranked it up again and started off from whence they’d left

(Sydney, Australia - 2009)
Alessandra Liverani



- Lemon Pepper Sauce: : Humour

Lemon pepper sauce has a lemony peppery zing
It's a lemony peppery, peppery lemony saucy kind of thing
Made with lemon zest and peppercorns and garlic that's been pressed
Splash it on your salad so it's tantalisingly, tastefully dressed

Lemon pepper sauce has a lemony peppery flavour
It has a lemony peppery, peppery lemony essence you can savour
Throw in chives or dill or mint, there isn't any law
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall adds a dash of pig's blood, raw

Lemon pepper sauce has a lemony peppery smell
It forms a lemony peppery, peppery lemony saucy kind of gel
If you've run out of shampoo and your hair is looking greasy
Not a problem, rub in the lemon pepper scrub, too easy

Lemon pepper sauce has a lemony peppery taste
It spawns a lemony peppery, peppery lemony saucy kind of baste
May I suggest you whip up a batch, so it'll always be at hand
Or buy a bottle of my deluxe gourmet Lemony Peppery brand

(Sydney, Australia 2009)
Alessandra Liverani
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