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Poems By Poet Alessandra Liverani  5/31/2016 4:49:48 PM
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- The Weather Report: : Humour

In Sydney today it's 20 degrees centigrade
Humidity is 94% and the light at 6: 21pm will fade
Wind blows from the north east, at 17 kilometres per hour
The moon is waxing gibbous and Monday there's a late shower

On Saturday it'll be mostly sunny, temperature 17 degrees max
Thursday, UV's only moderate, these are the facts
Air pressure is 1012 hpascals, no longer measured in millibars
They use hectos instead of kilos, yes I also thought it quite bizarre

On Sunday there'll be morning clouds, which won't linger in afternoon
They'll drift over to Honiara, maybe take part in a monsoon
Waves will arrive every 7 seconds, be careful, they're head-height
And on Friday,05: 53am is the exact time of first light

Well that's all of the weather captured in verse
You'll have to weather it whether for better or worse

(Sydney, Australia - 2008)
Alessandra Liverani



The Faraway Tree

Deep in an enchanted forest, grew a magic tree
Inside its trunk was a slippery dip so you could slide down easily
Atop its branches every day
A strange land blew in from faraway
And hovered for a shortish stay

There was Topsy Turvy land, that turned life upside down
Not So Happy Land, where everyone wore a frown
The Land Of Do As You Please was welcomed as a treat
But not the Land Of Clumsy Folk where everyone had two left feet

Or that very strangest land of all
From daybreak through to nightfall
Folk drew through a stick
Deadly fumes into their lungs,
And became quite sick

In this land the folk shunned clean fresh air all around
And if you climb the branches up from the ground
Of the Faraway Tree and arrive in this land
I suggest you slide down the slippery dip as fast as you can
Alessandra Liverani



- Cama Cama Cama Cama Cama Not A Lion:: Humour

My father is a camel and my mother is a llama
And that is how I was born a hybrid called a cama
Created through the procedure of artificial insemination
Not via a camel/llama eyelash fluttering flirtation

My father most probably would have squashed my mother flat
If they'd tried the common method of breeding a little brat
He's a dromedary camel with a hump of fatty tissue
Half a tonne of him would have caused my llama mama issues

Humans love my llama wool and my llama disposition
And to have me camel size would be a wondrous acquisition
74 chromosomes are present in both my papa and my mama
So I am a fertile hybrid who can make little baby camas

I'm not sure of my future, if I'll be just a weird exhibit
If the journey of my hybrid is only a fleeting visit
But I'll do my very best to grow big and strong and woolly
So that the good traits from my parents can be enjoyed fully
Alessandra Liverani



- Just Rollin' Along: : Humour

Driving along in her bread truck early one morn
With everything going exactly as norm
Margaret spied a lone wheel on the left trundling ahead
Turned to her brother, the newspaper he read

Hey look at this, someone must've lost a wheel
Jack looked up quickly, it almost didn't seem real
Suddenly her truck swerved sharply to the right
She grabbed hold of the steering with all of her might

Uh-oh, it's our wheel, she suddenly realized
Then saw a cyclist cycling towards her, very surprised
At the sight of a lone wheel and a truck bearing down
He quickly decided to turn his bike around

Margaret had problems of her own on which to ponder
The truck had veered off the road into the thick bush yonder
Jack's newspaper had slipped from right out of his hands
The news of the day abruptly seemed old and bland

Luckily the truck stopped a paper's breadth from a huge tree
Although Margaret's fingers from the wheel she couldn't prise free
But she had to recover quickly for a replacement truck soon arrived
And she and her brother continued on with their drive

Fifteen years later Margaret was once again driving
The day after her husband had fixed up her brakes' lining
When the familiar image of a lone wheel up ahead she sighted
So she quickly prepared to keep her car righted

While keeping an eye on her adventuresome wheel
Which crossed three lanes of traffic and homed into an automobile
Dealership at the top of a very steep drive
It spun around and settled, safe and alive

Margaret herself, followed the same track
Of her errant wheel, in order to bring it back
After she returned, a man kindly stopped his car to say
That her wheel nuts had fallen off about 50 metres away

So she walked back to retrieve them, then reattached the wheel
She didn't see the need to make it a big deal
But when she got home, there was plenty to say
To her husband, who had enlivened her day

Oh no he protested, I turned those nuts tight
A thief must have come in the middle of the night
To steal the wheel but been disturbed half way through
You know I never would have left those nuts askew

(Sydney, Australia - 2007)
Alessandra Liverani
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Poems By Poet Alessandra Liverani