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Poems By Poet Alessandra Liverani  10/24/2014 9:45:08 PM
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- Our Budgies: : Humour

Our pretty budgies love to chatter
Oh how they love a little natter
It's no good asking for some peace
They keep on talking, never cease

Maybe they're saying their name in Latin
Melopsittacus undulates, they' are chanting
Or possibly how hot's the weather
And wonderfully cooling, to fluff their feathers

They may be talking of the crow outside
And laughing at his big backside
Or simply rejoicing at being alive
To wake up cheery at half past five

(Sydney, Australia - 2005)
Alessandra Liverani



- The Red Hat: : Humour

You say her hat was red but I need more information
Was it burnt sienna, carnelian or incandescent carnation
Dark pink, hot pink or a crimson turning cherry
Or was it reminiscent of a ripening raspberry?

Her scarf you've portrayed as blue but I must still enquire
If its shade was soothing azure or a deep and dark sapphire
Was it tending towards turquoise which is clearly a shade of green
Or a flamboyant teal which is something in-between

You've described her coat as yellow, I'm picturing a mustard
But have I got it wrong and it's actually baked custard
Or does it speak of sunflowers turning where the sun goes
Then again it could be a quietly retiring primrose

Her bag you’ve classed as brown, but can I please ask
Is it chestnut or chocolate or a cheeky shade of chaff
Is it brown which turns to purple when the light is growing dim
Or is it metallic bronze, a lustrous alloy of copper and tin

Too many shades, too many hues
You/ve left me feeling quite confused
Can I just say her hat was red
Because now I'd like to go to bed

(Sydney, Australia - 2010)
Alessandra Liverani



Are Brainwashers Brainwashed?

Are brainwashers themselves brainwashed?
Have their brains also been squashed?
Have they been indoctrinated
To spew out brainwashing most hated?

Have they soaked up false reasons
To commit on their fellow man ungodly treason
Horrific lies they see as creative truth
Targeting our naοve and vulnerable youth

Yes, they are brainwashed indeed
While brainwashed their hearts will never bleed
Brainwashing has stultified their very soul
Now to brainwash others is their deadly goal

(Sydney, Australia - 2007)
Alessandra Liverani



If You Believe

If you believe that black is white
Do you know that you'd never be right
If you believe that short is long
Do you know that you'd always be wrong

If you believe that left is right
You might give yourself a great big fright
If you believe that front is back
You might give yourself a heart attack

If you believe that in is in fact out
You'd spend all your life living in doubt
If you believe that up is really down
You'd probably wear a puzzled frown

If you believe with all of your heart
That there is only one way you could possibly start
The day, with a lungful of tobacco smoke
Do you know you'd be part of a very sad joke?
Alessandra Liverani
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Poems By Poet Alessandra Liverani