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Poems By Poet Alessandra Liverani  3/3/2015 2:19:25 PM
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Appearances Are Deceptive

Look at those smokers how cool they appear
They inhale so stylishly but don't you think that it's queer
That what they're inhaling is ghastly and vile
They don't seem to notice that it should be a trial

Why do they do it? Could it possibly be
That they are addicted, they're not at all free
But because they look so much in control
They'll lure you in with them right into the fold

Please try to remember often things aren't as they seem
They may look confident, part of a team
They'll tell you they enjoy it it's one of their pleasures
But that foul smelling stuff is not one of our treasures

You'll only enjoy it when you're under its spell
And believe it or not it's like being in hell
You don't believe me? Then you've swallowed the myth
That smoking is glamorous. Get over it.

That's how people are captured year after year
Their health and their wallets they will lose, I do fear
Let's stop this senseless slaughter once and for all
I ask you, I beg you into this trap please don't fall
Alessandra Liverani

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Fresh Air

I am fresh air, I have no airs and graces
I am fresh air, I'm in quite a lot of places
I am fresh air, do you want to breathe me in
I am fresh air, fill your lungs with me, it's no sin

Because lungs know what to do with air so fresh
They absorb life giving oxygen through their biological mesh
That's all lungs want, from morning to night
Anything else gives them a big fright

Fresh air, so simple, so free and so pure
Please don't scoff at me, your life I ensure
I am something which is beyond compare
I'm peerless, I'm unequalled, I am simply air

(Sydney, Australia - 2004)
Alessandra Liverani

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Panic Attack

Panic is a feeling that we all know very well
Anxiety and uneasiness are others I could tell
Although they serve a purpose, we avoid them at all cost
When they appear within us we'd like to tell them to get lost

But if we discover in the dead of night
Our house has flames shining oh so bright
It's panic that makes us run for our life
We know if we stayed we'd be in big strife

Panic is a quick, instantaneous reaction
We need to respond quickly to feel satisfaction
But sometimes it needs to be overridden
Not always should we answer to its bidding

The fear of low nicotine in the blood
Is one infamous example of such a dud
You feel the panic start to rise
'Light up a smoke' a voice within you cries

We can let panic grow faster and faster
Or we can let ourselves become its master
Remember that panic will not last forever
We can overcome it if we are very clever

If we ride it through calmly knowing it won't last
Realise it may return but know it'll be outclassed
Eventually it will accept defeat most graciously
And we can live our lives ever so much more vivaciously

Sydney, Australia - 2003
Alessandra Liverani



- Jiving in the Jungle : : Humour

Zulu was a zebra who loved zapping on his zither
Roger the rhinoceros rattled his rattler with raucous rigour
Leo a leonine lion loved to languorously play his lute
And Flavia the flaming flamingo fluttered flirtatiously on her flute

These beasts were boldly bashing and belligerently banging
Cavorting capriciously, in clamorous chorus they were clanging
Deafening decibels were with deliberation being delivered
Surrounding shiny, shimmering shrubs shuddered, shook and shivered

Bella the blindingly bewitching butterfly blithely blew on her bassoon
Thomas the odd toed tapir tooted a lively tune on his tromboon
Ella Elephant elegantly and efficiently whirled her trunk
And Placido the playful Platypus played a Pulalu with a pleasant plunk

Suddenly the strident symphony was silenced in a second
Bob the boa constrictor drew forth his baton as a weapon
Then through the still night air floated a pure sweet sound
Meerkat Molly mellifluously, melodiously and mellowly from her mound

Sang sorrowfully and sadly of a tale from a time long past
Of a meerkat who met a meerkat, but their love it didn’t last
The members of the orchestra listened and they wept
But then they cranked it up again and started off from whence they’d left

(Sydney, Australia - 2009)
Alessandra Liverani
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