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Poems By Poet Alessandra Liverani  11/26/2014 11:24:34 PM
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- Me Telly's On The Blink: : Humour

Hello Bob, it's Archie, me telly's on the blink
Without me telly on it's even hard for me to think
I watch it of an evening snuggled up beneath me doona
Can you come round. Not later, I'd rather it were sooner

'Cos every night I watch it and it helps me cop some Zed's
It calms me down and stops all thoughts from spinnin' in me 'ead
Can you tell me Archie, exactly what's wrong with your television
Describe the symptoms to me with clarity and precision

It's got these annoyin' lines that are runnin' up and down
Are you sure they're vertical replied Bob with a puzzled frown
Your TV as I remember is quite an ancient beast
It's been at least two decades since that model was released

One of that era would surely have lines of a horizontal direction
Are you sure they're vertical, after considered reflection
'Course I know me vertical from me horizontal slant
Get over here now, I can't stand all day and rant

But Archie, your television is resting on its side
So horizontal seems vertical, if logic be applied
'Course I watch it like that, I'm lying in me bed
And it saves me the trouble of havin' ta lift me 'ead

(Sydney, Australia - 2010)
Alessandra Liverani



Are Brainwashers Brainwashed?

Are brainwashers themselves brainwashed?
Have their brains also been squashed?
Have they been indoctrinated
To spew out brainwashing most hated?

Have they soaked up false reasons
To commit on their fellow man ungodly treason
Horrific lies they see as creative truth
Targeting our naοve and vulnerable youth

Yes, they are brainwashed indeed
While brainwashed their hearts will never bleed
Brainwashing has stultified their very soul
Now to brainwash others is their deadly goal

(Sydney, Australia - 2007)
Alessandra Liverani



Fiddle Faddle

Something which seems clamorous and compelling
Crucial and critical it seems to be yelling
Important, indispensable, an absolute must
Really, can you explain to me what is all the fuss?

That feeling which claims you must light up a smoke
On what authority does it say you are yoked?
Who said you must always bow to its wishes?
Who said you have to listen to something so vicious?

(Sydney, Australia - 2004)
Alessandra Liverani

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Fresh Air

I am fresh air, I have no airs and graces
I am fresh air, I'm in quite a lot of places
I am fresh air, do you want to breathe me in
I am fresh air, fill your lungs with me, it's no sin

Because lungs know what to do with air so fresh
They absorb life giving oxygen through their biological mesh
That's all lungs want, from morning to night
Anything else gives them a big fright

Fresh air, so simple, so free and so pure
Please don't scoff at me, your life I ensure
I am something which is beyond compare
I'm peerless, I'm unequalled, I am simply air

(Sydney, Australia - 2004)
Alessandra Liverani

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Poems By Poet Alessandra Liverani