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Poems By Poet Alessandra Liverani  8/30/2014 11:26:34 AM
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- In The Middle Of Nowhere: : Humour

I live in the middle of nowhere, where nowhere's all around
And in the middle of nowhere, there are many nowhere sounds
Colourful birds in the middle of nowhere screech and squawk and trill
A choir of frogs sing in chorus in the centre of nowheresville

Sometimes I go to somewhere, where somewhere's all around
And in the middle of somewhere there are many somewhere sounds
Cars in the middle of somewhere screech their tyres and blare their horns
Jackhammers hammer, sirens wail singing the cacophonous somewhere song

Then I love to get back to nowhere, where nowhere's all around
Because in the middle of nowhere, there's something all around
Peace and harmony and stillness are everywhere I see
Right in the middle of nowhere is where I like to be

(Sydney, Australia - 2010)
Alessandra Liverani



- It's All Relative: : Humour

My mother’s brother’s sister’s name is Grace
She’s my aunt and likes to go from place to place
My mother’s sister’s brother’s name is Brad
He’s my uncle and he is my cousin’s Dad

My grandmother on my mother’s side
Is my maternal gran, she is my grandfather’s bride
She also is my father’s mother-in-law
And not surprisingly they often go to war

My cousin is the nephew of my mother
His father happens to be my mother’s brother
My aunty’s niece is in fact myself
If you're confused please don't look at me for help

(Sydney, Australia - 2005)
Alessandra Liverani



- Jeny's Birthday Poem: : Humour

Today Jeny is having a bouncy birthday blast
At the table will be included a distinctly canine cast
Denver, a delightful, dapper dynamo of origin half chihuahua
And Alfie, his maltese mate who helps him create brouhaha

Jeny's creative panache will ensure they look their best
With matching cape and peaked cap is how they'll both be dressed
They'll partake in the candle blowing ritual and munch on a birthday slice
Although Denver will think Alfie's piece is the one that tastes more nice

Alfie will commence the feisty fiesta with a piercing, strident yap
Giving a clear, sharp signal for when everyone should clap
Although in truth he could be barking because he thought he heard a cat
With Alfie it's not always clear as to what he's barking at

Denver will present Jeny with a chewed up, spat up ball
And Jeny will graciously roll it smoothly down the hall
She loves her darling duo, and they love in reciprocation
They're both honoured to be part of Jeny's special birthday celebration

(Sydney, Australia - 2010)
Alessandra Liverani



Don't Rush Me

Don't rush me, don't push me, don't give me grief
The time I've been smoking has only been brief
30 years is a mere eye blink in the history of time
Can't I smoke just a few thousand more, is that such a crime?

Don't rush me, don't push me, I'm scared out of my tree
Can't you wait a bit longer, just one more century
What's all the fuss, what's the great hurry
Do things always have to be done in a tempestuous flurry

Can't we drag it out a bit longer, just a little bit more
I just don't understand what all this hurrying is for
Don't rush me, don't push me, you've only waited for years
But I can't move, I'm frozen, I'm frozen with fear

(Sydney, Australia - 2005)
Alessandra Liverani
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Poems By Poet Alessandra Liverani