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Poems By Poet Alessandra Liverani  2/1/2015 5:41:52 AM
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- It's All In Your Mind: : Humour, Inspiration

It's all in your mind, well of course it must be
It's not in your elbows, little toe or left knee
It's not in the hair that sprouts from the mole on your nose
And it's not in the place that smells like a rose

It's all in your mind, stuck fair and square in the middle
To oust it from this position, now that's quite a riddle
Because it's stuck in there with super glue, a great big dollop
To pull it out requires a bit of a wallop

But it can be done, yes it can, though not with brute force
Gently and carefully is always the best course
The glue should be melted to a moderate degree
And that thing will release and you will be free

(Sydney, Australia - 2005)
Alessandra Liverani

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Appearances Are Deceptive

Look at those smokers how cool they appear
They inhale so stylishly but don't you think that it's queer
That what they're inhaling is ghastly and vile
They don't seem to notice that it should be a trial

Why do they do it? Could it possibly be
That they are addicted, they're not at all free
But because they look so much in control
They'll lure you in with them right into the fold

Please try to remember often things aren't as they seem
They may look confident, part of a team
They'll tell you they enjoy it it's one of their pleasures
But that foul smelling stuff is not one of our treasures

You'll only enjoy it when you're under its spell
And believe it or not it's like being in hell
You don't believe me? Then you've swallowed the myth
That smoking is glamorous. Get over it.

That's how people are captured year after year
Their health and their wallets they will lose, I do fear
Let's stop this senseless slaughter once and for all
I ask you, I beg you into this trap please don't fall
Alessandra Liverani

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I've Got It All Under Control

I've got it all under control, I'm fine
I don't need any thoughts from your mind
It's very easy for me
I will just stop in a day or three

Couldn't be simpler, nothing to it
All you have to do is just stop doing it
The shortest distance between here and there
Is a straight line, not a convoluted square

And I'm not one for overcomplicating
I've given this a zero in terms of difficulty rating
Though right at this very moment is not a good time
But don't you worry, I'll be fine
Alessandra Liverani

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My Cigarette, My Friend

I've got a bit of sinus
My throat's a little bit dry
My lungs are a little bit wheezy
But I'm not going to cry

All my teeth have been stained yellow
My fingers and nails too
Some say it's the cigarettes I smoke
They say that they accrue

I think that that is an outright lie
No, cigarettes do me no harm
They are my very best friends
To me they have lots of charm

Do you want me to explain it
All the benefits that fags give to me
Well, where do you want me to start?
I'll tell you the lot, from A to B

Firstly, there is the advantage
Of having to buy them everyday
It puts order in your life
And makes sure that you won't stray

Then, of course, each time you smoke one
Your withdrawal pangs disappear
Not for very long, mind you
But you'll have another, have no fear

Now cigarette butts, that's a tough one
I can't seem to find an advantage there
Maybe just the satisfaction of ridding myself of them
Getting those nasty things out of my hair

So when they bury me in the ground
And place my gravestone up above
I'd like for them to put on it
I died for my cigarette friends, with love
Alessandra Liverani
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Poems By Poet Alessandra Liverani