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Poems By Poet Alex Lewis  9/1/2014 8:40:27 AM
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  Best Poems From
  ALEX LEWIS (08/25/94)

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Life and Death

Life and Death
by Alex Lewis

Life was born when Death died
Death to live had tried and tried
but Life arrived smiling with glee
Death's death had set Life free
Death's funeral was a happy one
too bad that Death's death will be undone
i know one day Death will live
to Life will i not a funeral give
let tears fall when Life decides to die
in death maybe Life won't be so shy
all we can do is hope and pray
that Life will postpone that sorrowful day
and if that day will tomorrow come
Life's life and Death's death will (surely) come undone
Alex Lewis



Emotional Affair

Emotional Affair
by Alex Lewis

I fell in love with Happy tonight,
But I've done what's furthest from the right:
I've had an affair with Sad.
I know that Happy will go mad.
After all I've done
by 3, by 2, by 1
Happy will be as sad as thrice,
Which means we'll have sadness twice.
All that's happy will be gone,
And it's all my fault for doing wrong.
Alex Lewis



Modern Girl

Modern Girl
by Alex Lewis

Modern girl with a fancy phone
Talking to her parents in a tone,
Asking her friends for cigs and beers.
She had only fifteen years!
She starves all night and day
Cool friends did it this way.
Weighting for her big break,
She doesn't see that she is fake.
A boyfriend here, a boyfriend there,
Eyelashes and nails everywhere.
Breaking laws and breaking rules,
Thinks she's smart, but she's a fool.
Are you mad? I am too!
It's worse because she'll never rue?
Don't blame her, don't blame me.
She's just a modern girl.
Alex Lewis



Jimmy and jane

Jimmy and jane
by Alex Lewis

Jimmy and jane were madly in love
'i know it's sad, ' cried the dove
desire was shot by imagination
Jimmy was guilty of creation
desire revived desire
but all of us are a liar
desire and imagination became such a friend
that Jimmy married jane (in the end)
the dove cried more and more
as creation had shut the door
the imagin was all alone
Jimmy talked and talked to jane on the phone
when suddenly jane appeared at night
the dove was mad that jim was right
and because jim was wrong
jim wrote this song
for his beloved jane
Me and jim are insane
although I'm perfectly normal
crea is being too formal
and the dove sang my song
but all the words were wrong
thank god for jim loving jane so much
if only he could have her touch
and all were good and well
as together they did dwell
Jimmy and jane
thought refrain
jane and jim
light so dim
imagination and desire
he only once did tried her
dove and creation
they shaped the nation
after four marriages and 1 divorce
all bowed down to Jimmy's force.
Rage made Jimmy kill himself
it wasn't the dove, it was the Elf
death goes ding-ding-ding
this poem's a horrible thing!
Alex Lewis

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Poems By Poet Alex Lewis