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Poems By Poet Alex Lewis  5/31/2016 7:01:55 AM
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  ALEX LEWIS (08/25/94)

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Life And Death

Life and Death
by Alex Lewis

Life was born when Death died
Death to live had tried and tried
but Life arrived smiling with glee
Death's death had set Life free
Death's funeral was a happy one
too bad that Death's death will be undone
i know one day Death will live
to Life will i not a funeral give
let tears fall when Life decides to die
in death maybe Life won't be so shy
all we can do is hope and pray
that Life will postpone that sorrowful day
and if that day will tomorrow come
Life's life and Death's death will (surely) come undone
Alex Lewis



Emotional Affair

Emotional Affair
by Alex Lewis

I fell in love with Happy tonight,
But I've done what's furthest from the right:
I've had an affair with Sad.
I know that Happy will go mad.
After all I've done
by 3, by 2, by 1
Happy will be as sad as thrice,
Which means we'll have sadness twice.
All that's happy will be gone,
And it's all my fault for doing wrong.
Alex Lewis



Pun Intended

Pun Intended
by Alex Lewis

I am the one who sleeps with the night
Gallops by and swings left and right
Me a poem about water and wine
ing children are not fine
If you leave your ride
The horse before it is tied
On the shore of the beach
's a female dog that will leach.
Every pun was intended.
Has this poem really ended?
Alex Lewis



An Ode To The Heart Of Man

An Ode to the Heart of Man
by Alex Lewis

An ode to the heart of man:
Man has lost the goodness in his soul.
It means nothing: yes we can.
The earth does cringe as overflows the badness in the bowl.
We had helped others before,
But now we greed and care for none other than our own.
Oh, man! You are whom I had adore.
Evil corrupts the good heart of man. I have been shown.
Help your brother and your brother will help thee,
But you ignore me. Help yourself and you'll help nobody.
An ode to the heart of man that's been destroyed by we,
The ones who have abandoned peace and hope. Help me to help thee.
I plead for you, but you have cut out my heart!
For what? What do you show for your murder?
Nothing! Man is SO evil. You can see it sans chart!
Yet, we create false hope and false light.
The day of GOOD WILL HATH SUNK into night.
I pity you. You haven't even made a fight.
You have all accepted the killing of man.
An ode to his heart that ended once it began.
Alex Lewis

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Poems By Poet Alex Lewis