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Poems By Poet Alice Anne Gordon  1/25/2015 8:15:57 AM
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summer song

Summer song
summer long
summer sounds
of summer throng

summer light
summer night
summer feels
alive and bright

Floating breezes
fresh and free
gentle sunkissed
bumble bee
curling creatures
sleeping so
marching ants
they come and go
tall grass bends
in sun lit beams
medows shimmer
golden gleams
birds call out
their summer song
dawn to dusk
singing long
bubbling brooks
with silver waters
bluebells dance
like woodlands daughters
velvet moss
enfolds the boulder
tree stumps covered
shadied; colder
smile in their place
mischievious little dainty face

Summer song
summer long
summer sounds
of summer throng

summer light
summer night
summer feels
alive and bright
Alice Anne Gordon



A Reply... Men & Thir Habits (Scots)

Och Men!

Ye canny live way thum
Ye canny live without thum

Fur Aw thir hitherin and ditherin
About wit thir goan tae wear…
No wait a meenit, that’s us wumen.
I’ll steart again…

Och men!

Ye canny live way thum
Ye canny live without thum

Way thir idea eh a pint
Being o’er the score
First its wan
Then its two
Then its seven bludy more

They think that thir sober
Till the night wind’s over
Then it back tae thir bed
Where the wumen never said,
“I telt ye no tae huv that last pint”

So with a pacifying peck
Oan the dear wifie’s cheek
Its oaf tae the slumber land
With oot oany breeks
Then the snorin’ gets started
Followed close by the fartin
An hes deid tae the world and aw that

But at three, up he gets
To relieve from hes bladder
Aw the pints that ah mentioned afore.
So he feels fur the handle
In the dark pitch of night
And he open, what he thinks, is the door

Then We find thum,
Stark naked,
Daein’ impressions of that statue,
Where the wee man is peein in the pool.
If he’d made it tae the bathroom,
And just peed on the linoleum,
Ye could get away with callin thum a fool.

But he’s stonin’ in the wardrobe
Wae hes bahoochy aw hairy an shiverin
As he shoogles aff the pee from his wee man.
And tae mak’et matters worse,
Hes done hes due on only hurs
And now shes thinking that she should provide a ban
On oany type a muckle drinkin,
Where the pundit gets pure stinkin,
And proceeds tae widdle naewhere near the pan!
Alice Anne Gordon



Shine like the Sun (summer song II)

Shine, shine like the sun
Now that summer's begun
Live, life like a dream
Shine, shine, shine like the sun

The rosebud wakens and peeks from her hood
The blackbird startles and searches for food
The crimson tipped daisies stretch out from their sleep
The morning has woken from slumbers deep

The butterfly flutters its delicate wings
The bees buzz along, the song thrush sings
The dancing of ants march along to the beat
The day carries onwards in blossoming heat

The blue skies lie open, cloudless and free
The golden crops shimmer for all to see
The flourishing hillside where wild flowers grow
The heat blisters on through the day long and slow

The night turns to pink the sun bows its head
The flowers curl inwards asleep in their bed
There's a brief summer song from birds up on high
As night time creeps in, day lets out a sigh.
Alice Anne Gordon



The Cupboard Under The Stairs

Dark devours the hurt,
cradled under coats in the cusp of safety,
far from prying ears
a tear,
a whimper of self comfort,
in the company of a clicking meter.
The light slivers along the crack,
breaking into the darkness
of worn shoes and winter mittens.
Circumstances and surroundings uncomfortable.
How long to stay in the shadows?
Alice Anne Gordon

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Poems By Poet Alice Anne Gordon