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Poems By Poet Alice Anne Gordon  7/25/2016 9:31:48 PM
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Summer Song

Summer song
summer long
summer sounds
of summer throng

summer light
summer night
summer feels
alive and bright

Floating breezes
fresh and free
gentle sunkissed
bumble bee
curling creatures
sleeping so
marching ants
they come and go
tall grass bends
in sun lit beams
medows shimmer
golden gleams
birds call out
their summer song
dawn to dusk
singing long
bubbling brooks
with silver waters
bluebells dance
like woodlands daughters
velvet moss
enfolds the boulder
tree stumps covered
shadied; colder
smile in their place
mischievious little dainty face

Summer song
summer long
summer sounds
of summer throng

summer light
summer night
summer feels
alive and bright
Alice Anne Gordon



In Pursuit Of Perfection

You can pray for perfection,
But you’ll never find it.
And it’s not because God’s not there.
You can search for it,
Seek it,
Hunt it down,
But with every step you take,
To close in on what you perceive to be perfection,
You shatter the one true beauty of life.
That is,
You fail to see that trying to find perfection, in self or others,
Will only lead to blindness of all that is truly good and wonderful.
It is not the finding of perfection that brings happiness;
It is the realisation,
That you can never find it.
Alice Anne Gordon



Blanket Of Ignorance

Blanket of ignorance start to unfold.
Blindness has led me bold
yet naοve, to this strange place
where life is a woven web of lace.
Life, enchant me.

Blanket of ignorance is growing old,
deep rooted in religious holds,
that no longer matter in this space.
Life enchant, be

Blanket of ignorance is making me cold.
Get rid of it swiftly; coaxed, cajoled.
Leave, inexperience, from this face;
Learn to live with growing pace.
The soul inside has not been sold.
Life enchant, see.
Alice Anne Gordon



Fear Of Gods, Fear Of Death

Epicurus states our responsibility.
In all my meekness and volatility,
irresolute am I to appear.
But for him it was crystal clear
His thoughts on life and death.

Religion grasps at our own docility,
plays to the masses our susceptibilities.
He was, indeed, a pioneer.
It may just be strife and breath.

Is it beyond ignorant capabilities?
To pursue a fathomed possibility
that gods are just the last frontier
In modern man: imagineer.
No need for religion that brings hostility.
The atoms resume to be life and death.
Alice Anne Gordon

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Poems By Poet Alice Anne Gordon