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Poems By Poet Amanda Saveley  8/29/2014 1:19:34 PM
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Amanda Saveley   Best Poems From
  AMANDA SAVELEY (December 29,1987)

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Confessions of a Bound Soul

Brother, my brother,
How selfish was I
While you seemed to struggle,
I sat idly by

Brother, my brother
Yes, try as I might
I now realize
It was also my fight

Brother, my brother
Now look at your arm
It's cold and immovable
Lost all its charm

Brother, my brother
Now look at your leg
There's so much left missing
Yet not once did you beg

Brother, my brother
Though I lost more in mass
It is you far more haunted
By our mistakes in the past

Brother, dear brother
Listen when I say
I will stick by your side
Until this goes away

Brother, dear brother
Listen when I say
I will stick by your side
Until our final day
Amanda Saveley



Support Groups

Why is everything so repetitive?
I hear the same damn thing
From the same damn groups of people
If everyone shares the same problems,
Should the world be in a support group?
If the whole world were in a support group,
There would be less war
There would be less genocide
People would see that all people are the same
We all have different ideas
And our faiths differ
As much as our tastes in music
But we are all the same
Our anatomy is the same
Just as my heart is the same
As a heart that beats somewhere in Sydney
Somewhere, there is the heart of a man
From Bangladesh,
A country I'd never even thought of
Until I met the man
Whose ideas, morals, and feelings
Match mine perfectly
So, you see
We are all the same
And if everyone could see that,
We would have no need for support groups,
Would we?
Amanda Saveley



Bad Dreams

Door swings, and it's off to life,
Swinging hinges and broken dreams
And fading shadows of ghost-like memories
That pass between my heart and mind

Guess I'm not the fighting kind...

But I should have.
I should have fought to make you stay
And be that which we can't seem to grasp
Because of my failure, I now sit alone

Where will I meet my fate?
My mom married a man I was born to hate.
And when will I meet my end?
In a better time, I could have found a friend.

Somewhere I cannot reach you
The lines of communication run too long
And are too short
Severed at the elbow of sound waves
Most unpleasant

You break my heart
Jammed in my throat
As recollections bubble up fast
Too fast for me to stop them
Spilling over into formations of water and salt
Cascading from eyes seemingly empty

You're long gone now.
Amanda Saveley




Yes, I am THAT kid...
The crazy kid...
The kid who says whatever they want
Without thought to anyone
Get in my way,
I'll spit on your shoe!
There's nothing I care about when it comes to you...
Or is there?
Because behind every person there is a soul
And some of us are leaders,
And some of us are lost
I'm a lost leader!
Leading others into lost with me,
Like getting lost is the new trend
Don't know who you are?
No ambition?
That's cool.

Because that seems to be the 'in' thing these days...
Getting lost...
It's cool
Cool to be stupid, cool to be confused,
Cool to look to something outside yourself
Something else to abuse
Something to set. you. straight.
To make your head EXPLODE!

Cause that's what it's all about.
Making the next big bang
Without no one seeing it
Then crying how no one notices you
You know what you do then?
Ask for a pill
Go ahead.
They're everywhere!
You can't stop in the street
Without a pill beneath your feet
Or a heart that doesn't beat
With a medicated meat

So desert your dreams
Let go of ambition
To become lost and crazy
Is today's only mission
Amanda Saveley

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Poems By Poet Amanda Saveley