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Poems By Poet Amanda Saveley  7/13/2014 1:37:43 PM
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Amanda Saveley   Best Poems From
  AMANDA SAVELEY (December 29,1987)

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Confessions of a Bound Soul

Brother, my brother,
How selfish was I
While you seemed to struggle,
I sat idly by

Brother, my brother
Yes, try as I might
I now realize
It was also my fight

Brother, my brother
Now look at your arm
It's cold and immovable
Lost all its charm

Brother, my brother
Now look at your leg
There's so much left missing
Yet not once did you beg

Brother, my brother
Though I lost more in mass
It is you far more haunted
By our mistakes in the past

Brother, dear brother
Listen when I say
I will stick by your side
Until this goes away

Brother, dear brother
Listen when I say
I will stick by your side
Until our final day
Amanda Saveley



yeah, I know...

yeah, I know poets
before I started class, I knew
Poe, Dickenson, Shakespeare
but that didn't make me smart
what made me smart was what I learned IN class
all the poets I know now
Gregory Corso, Dominique Garay, Taylor Mali, Bradley Hathaway,
Bill Kloefkorn, Ted Kooser, Elizabeth Barret-Browning, Sylvia Plath,
Matt Mason, Sarah McKinstry-Brown, Margaret Atwood,
Dorothy Parker, Alexander Pope
more, I can't even remember
so yeah, I know poets
but it still doesn't make me smart
Amanda Saveley



A Moment of Weakness

My solitude leads me to irritation.
Plain and simple,
Everything you do anymore leaves me angry.

I wish this were not so.

I wish everything were the way it was before,
When I had no cares and you had no worries
Back when everything was new and sweet
And ignorant.

The pain is almost more than one can bear these days.
And yet...

I cannot leave you.
Not like this.
I refuse to give this up.
I refuse...
To let this die along with all my other failures,
To just let it fall with my shortcomings...

Not today.
Not tomorrow,
Or the day after,
Or the day following that...


...lest you beat me to it.
Amanda Saveley



Assume Nothing

We're not friends
Just because some stupid site says so.
So don't come up thinking we're tight...
That we're close...

You aren't that lucky.

My friends work long and hard to gain that status
And some never really do
If you're my friend
You'll know it.
If you're not sure
Ask me...

I'll tell you straight-up.

My friends and I have inside jokes.
We laugh at simple things that no one could think of
I get them, and they get me,
And I never hesitate to ask for help with them
Just like they know I'm the one to come to for weird advice
Others are afraid to give.

I love my friends
No matter what age,
Political view,
Or sexual preference.
If you like what I like, cool
(Though sometimes I might suggest you get your head examined)
If you don't, that's cool too
Even better,
Cause I love to argue and I love to learn
So whether I'm right or wrong,
Either way, I win!

I have some gorgeous friends with some beautiful souls
And some mediocre friends with some beautiful souls
And even some 'omgwhatinthehellhappenedtoyourface? ' friends
With some BEAUTIFUL souls...
But I have no friends with hideous souls
All my friends are good
Now as for intelligence...

I'll get back to you on that one.

Cause my friends make mistakes,
And I'm not afraid to tell them that
Cause when I make mistakes
They'd better well tell me
Or I'll tell them off for that too!

Cause with me and my friends,
My real friends
My honest-to-whatever-greater-force-is-out-there friends
There are few secrets
And even fewer lies
Because we respect each other better than that
(though it may not look like that sometimes....)

So yeah,
If you can't check all of the above
If you come up short
If you're a little confused
Just ask me
I'll be honest
But chances are...

We're not friends
Amanda Saveley

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Poems By Poet Amanda Saveley