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Poems By Poet Amy Darnbrook  9/23/2014 11:23:28 PM
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Christmas Comes

Christmas comes with children singing,
Christmas comes with sleigh bells ringing,
Christmas comes with frosty nights,
Christmas comes with snowball fights.

Christmas comes with Santa Claus,
Christmas comes with snowy floors,
Christmas comes with robins and reindeer,
Chsitmas comes with a hearty cheer.

Christmas comes with gold, frankincense and myrrh,
Christmas comes with Jesus' birth,
Christmas comes with angels from afar,
Christmas comes with a wondrous star.

Christmas comes now, at last,
Christmas comes, like in the past,
Christmas comes after such a long wait,
Christmas comes and it will be great.
Amy Darnbrook




Time goes fast
Time goes slow
Time sees people die
Time sees the grass grow
Time does not forget
Time does not forgive
Time crushes and kills
Time takes all you have to give
Time rushes past
Time ticks and tocks
Time is shown by the sun
Time is on the kitchen clock
Time is going slowly
Time tells you what must be done
Time is running out
Time waits for you to have fun
Time is impatient
Time is kind
Time is cruel
Time doesn't mind
Time is a second
Time is forever
Time is right this minute
Time is now or never
Amy Darnbrook



My Doctor - this is a poem I wrote for David Tennant when I found out he was leaving Doctor Who

To my special Doctor
The one I won't forget
Though there have been many
You're the best one yet

You can never be replaced
Though they're doing that now
You'll be in my heart always
I think of you and say 'Wow! '

I know that everyone loves you
So I'll tell you before it's too late
You're even better than Christopher Eccleston
And believe you me, he was great

You saved so many aliens
And us humans, a thousand times
Every time, I think of you
Every time a church bell chimes

Every time I see the first blade of grass
Or a beautiful butterfly
When I look upon the crystal sea
Or gaze into the clear blue sky

I know you're not a real person
But in my dreams you are
You're the sun, the moon, the planets
You're each shining midnight star

You're a lonely, only child
Always, forever alone
Yet not once have I heard you grumble
Complain, moan or groan

Now all I ask is that you remember them
Especially loving Rose
Martha, Donna, Sarah, Mickey, Jack and Jackie
Each person from each episode

Even the evil ones, like daleks
Cybermen and Clockwork Killers
Werewolves, ghosts and massive bats
The ones that with fear fill us

Though I never really knew them
They deserve to not be forgot
They helped save a thousand things
They all meant such a lot

And though I'm not a great poet
My words are totally true
And from every person here on Earth
A tremendous, loving thank you

Maybe the words of a twelve-year-old
Don't mean much to you
So from the whole of time and space
You're our Doctor Who
Amy Darnbrook



The Fairy Dance

Down by the lake
Where the weeping willows rest
Where no-one goes
The fairies dance

At midnight
When the inky sky
Is sprinkled with stars
The fairies dance

They sit on toadstools
Wear clothes made of petals
And round the flowers
The fairies dance

On the lake
Boats made of leaves
And all around
The fairies dance

They stay till dawn
When the sun rises
But under the inky sky
The fairies dance
Amy Darnbrook

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Poems By Poet Amy Darnbrook