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Poems By Poet Anthony Weir  10/23/2014 4:22:03 AM
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  Best Poems From
  ANTHONY WEIR (13th September 1941)
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Daisies on the Grass

Three out of every four Americans
(93% in the Bible Belt)
believe in Angels.
Angels are kinda mystic.
They drink heavenly Pepsi
And are sexless but not genderless
and make believers Spiritual
and almost Artistic.
Anthony Weir




My correspondent wrote:
'I hope your day is being good to you.'
He is American, of course.

Days are often good to me.

But am I good to days?
Check out the Day-Abuse Website
to read about how horrible people can be
to nice, harmless, passing days
which just want to go by quietly
without too much noise, except
(what can they expect?) around volcanoes
which they learned about at Day School
from the Ancient of Days
who had a Santa beard and very hairy balls
and lived on top of cloudy pillars.

He's dead now.
Killed by Christians,
whom Jews might be justified in calling God-killers.
Anthony Weir



Death is The Second Coming

Words are
the darkness speaking as light
pretending that comfort
is other than night.
Anthony Weir



Deep Down

most of us are desperately superficial.
How can we think our way out of problems
when our problems arise from
the fact that we think?

(How do I fit the square peg of my
self-importance into the round
hole of my sense of futility, renouncing
both sadness and self?)

Time is god, is love
is sightless, dumb
creates. destroys
and tells us only
that we are noise.
Anthony Weir
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Poems By Poet Anthony Weir