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Poems By Poet Anthony Weir  5/26/2016 5:29:20 PM
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  ANTHONY WEIR (13th September 1941)
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A La Recherche De Paul Verlaine

Miserable wars
if love is not the reason
Miserable wars

Miserable weapons
if they are not kisses

Pitiable men
if they don't die of love

Men have killed
more women than men

The most miserable love
is fought for
The most pitiable kisses are weapons
and the most pathetic men
refuse to live for love without motive.
Anthony Weir



A Path In Lake Waters

Between the sleeping and the dreaming
Lie the landing and the boat
Between strange and stranger shore
A timeless lake
A floating door
A ferryman

The ancient guide
Manifest dream-master
Mythic ithyphallic bride

I am the dismembered masker
Orpheus come like ore
In the dazzling dark
The teeming maze of the mine
To drink the piss of the Minotaur

Though dreams like myths and stems entwine
We dream apart
Each drowning as we grasp the door
Abstract as thresholds
Scattered in the silent roar
Anthony Weir



A Voice From The Mirror

The greatest achievement is to become
unmentionable to the unspeakable.
'Now' is glimpses of the always
framed by never.

I should say my heart was broken
if I believed in hearts.
I recognise the void within me
and despair.

Love is just as true as rumour
and healing death the shadow
of meaningless forever.
Anthony Weir



All Souls Day, Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val

Here in the graveyard
the rotting corpses lie.
Children depress me.
But it cheers me up to know
that I and they will die.
Anthony Weir
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Poems By Poet Anthony Weir