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Poems By Poet Anthony Weir  7/23/2014 1:19:00 PM
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  ANTHONY WEIR (13th September 1941)
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Sonnet inspired by the last words of Rilke's 8th Elegy

Seeming to live
and always taking leave and re-attaching,
re-inventing love and hate and obligation
we are shadow-beings, abusing reason,
talking of 'soul' and always beyond all consolation.

We talk of beauty, but what we mean
is sad adornment of the squalor that we make.
We talk of 'progress': our progressive
enslavement to comfort - no give, all take

from whom and what we crush for comfort's sake;
progressive dependency on rapine
and diminishment of the whole world -
we demi-beings of too much light
and chatter, infantile, unillumined, arrogant and fake.
Anthony Weir



The Beauty of Perfection is Impossible - but anything is possible to the Imagination

So animal and so benign
the Tyger is my sentinel
my balm of blessedness
my vigilance
the fur most exquisite
in his underparts
his eyes night-centred suns.
In his uninhabitable place
he wears a cage
of soft-edged dashing stripes
a moving maze.
I wear my beast-face:
for his desire
I am a gracious
Anthony Weir



The Welsh word for 'England' is 'Land that we Lost'

More beautiful
than a beautiful thing
is the ruin
of a beautiful thing.

The most beautiful thing is
not to have been born

and, having been born
and reborn, death
is the only decent thing.
Anthony Weir




After Hiroshima
all beauty is unbearable.
Light is the condensation
of darkness.

(8/6 = the sixth day of August, 'Hiroshima Day')
Anthony Weir
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Poems By Poet Anthony Weir