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Poems By Poet Antonia Anthony  5/31/2016 12:54:55 AM
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  Best Poems From
  ANTONIA ANTHONY (19 April 1984)

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Heart Of Mine/Part Of Me

What Selfish Creature you turned out to be
sometimes you desire what I, your bearer does not will
true love will not always agree to everythig but,
comfort you should find lurking in such
Knowing true love took you by the hand
and shared love unbound with you, truth
mated with your soul on a new high
then released......
Take Comfort in knowing True Love does not Release.
Antonia Anthony



A Walk Through

Under the Western Sun
Africa and Caribbean come together in a riot
The Talking Drum calls to each of us
Boom! Ba da ba Boom! Ba da ba Boom!
It is the rhythm of my soul
The dance of our Ancestors
Under the Western Sun
The Wind of Old blows into our mists
Calling upon us to remember the forgotten time of the Elders
The days before the tribeless ones
The days of the deep green forest
When its song possessed us always
When the rhythm of the long river possessed us
The days we were enchanted by the stare of the silver moon
Those Years of freedom
The months of Harmony
The Weeks of Grace
The Days of Peace
That Hour of Change
Now under the Western Sun
For the minute we are granted
We walk in our former selves
Take on our former shadows
Exchange our former favours
But just for the minute
Under…The Western Sun.
Antonia Anthony



Difference Between You And I

The difference between you and I
Is that I know exactly what sort of
Monster I am.
I know my capabilities
And the limitations that I place upon them.
I know the villain in me and it breathes
With the hero within me.
Through the penetration of my failures
Came fourth my achievements

The difference between you and I
Is that I can tell you about a moment of real solitude
Alone with myself and at peace with the company
That I kept
I want to live life with deep intimacy
Find truths out of this phoney world
Life in all its glory cries out in its need to continue
Whether I is healthy or I is poor
I is willing or I is dead.

The difference between you and I
Is that I have sustained love after being in love
Although I sit and wait for love to find me,
I do not sit and wait in vain
I want to walk with love and dance in the excitement that it provides
And still dance even when the beat has changed
I accept that the beat must change, must transgress
Must evolve
I accept the risk that comes with no guarantee.

The difference between you and I
Is that I understand that as time progresses
I will learn to forgive the things that cannot be undone
I will learn to be at peace with
Yesterday, and embrace tomorrow as it becomes today
And slowly fade away into yesterday.
I have accepted the winds of transformation
That has swept through my life and no longer
Frown at the scars that have been left permanently behind.

That is the difference between You and I.
Antonia Anthony




Misery has come home
On this cold December day
She has embraced me
With a smile that only welcomes death

I do not pretend not to invite her
For it was I that gave her the key
And it was I that led her to that room
Where she unpacked her bags and prepared
For the night

She knows no limits, I gave her no restrictions
I ache for her to leave
What a great fool I am
I should have known because I was shown

I live everyday in this torment
I lie awake at night with no comfort
Sometimes when I have fallen asleep
And all around me seems still and at peace
Misery will come and lie beside me, explaining
That the room that I gave her was too far and too cold

In my bed she lay sleeping
Behind me she curls up
I hear her breathing like it was mine own.
Antonia Anthony

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Poems By Poet Antonia Anthony