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Poems By Poet Antonio Liao  7/28/2014 3:16:08 AM
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  Best Poems From
  ANTONIO LIAO (november 7,1957)

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water for water is water, thirst made me dried
eyes tears flow water, leaves skin broken
need water, cure my pain smooth my rough
surface makes it clean

pure and perfect water made so bright, all the
day expose heat dried my sweat, in my face
and lips tears seen in the eyes

all day long I seat in my brow, waiting the sun
down to lead me low, hunger and thirst open
my throat, water spelled drops like a dew

wash my warm body as you can see, the limps
legs and the hands would be easy, where ever
in my body, the water comes refreshing to me

slowly, slowly, fell the cool water beneath
my delicate skin, in my buttock where you have
to stay, hold on, I sit you in my dream, my living
water makes me the same

oh! water, please always watered me in each
new day and fell the real me
Antonio Liao



Philippines, my Philippines my Native Land

a land scattered magnificently unique harbor its crystal
beauty of shore, up roaring its kaleidoscopic mountainous
ranges, nestle its forested slope of river and stream, the
home of the biggest eagle of the world, where a hundred
of hundreds of instinct colorful bird’s cliffs in the one of the
most beautiful scenery of the island facing the marvelous
ocean of the Pacific blues, even a millions of years can’t
fathom the great work of creation of the Philippines island

a light year waited the star to see this wonderful
masterpiece viewed, as the clouds formation witness every
history; the archipelago’s of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao
lay the beginning of every wish to seat in the crown of the
orient sea, anchored with 1,107 islands bounded 966
kilometers off the southern coast of Asia and 106 kilometers
below Taiwan and 24 kilometers above Borneo, beneath
the West lies the South China Sea, cluster with Celebes and
Sulu seas and as the West traffic path the Pacific ocean, the
blue ocean glimpse its breeze as it is remember the oozing
power of the universe

Ethno linguistic people, a hundred ten as they represent 16%
of the Philippines 73 millions wants to access, the culturally
rich custom and tradition of thy very diverse people living in the
Asian continent, has captivated the influence of Western
visitors of the land; its enculturation, leads the genuine tradition
of mixing and fixing the masculine of strength, to gain and
remain the old practices of the people, the Hellenistic of the
Philippines reach to its pinnacle to survive until, the age of
cybernetic conquer the space

Philippines my dear, Philippines land of the free, fighter
of the orient sea and the wisdom of the Malayan race, witness
the challenge of this millennium and go where the end
has to begin…Mabuhay! Philippines
Antonio Liao



Mindanao: The land of the Free

even the star blinks to see the island with
a doming dust blew from the pacific
ocean, and the whiten cumulus clouds
showered the scatter archipelagoes
of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao

white beaches floored the virgin
inlets of cliff, driven along the sea coast
with the white Celica and golden pebbles
rust along the dunes of sand in a
formation of kaleidoscopic design by
its natural nature poise

home of the its largest forest, birth place of
the famous monkey eating eagle, hibernation
lair of the world venomous snake of the
world, inhabitant of great ethno linguistic
people of the past and the land of promise
of the mai of the pre-historic period

never conquer in the past, struggle in the
present and the winner of the future, the
archipelago that emerges the backdoor of
history of the Philippine republic, the
source of the spirit of freedom enthusiast
amongst Filipino of today's quest

as the nature comes to convey, the dwelling
place of harmony, its flower grow and the
the birds fly in a zooming speed to know the
blowing wind in the island of Mindanao

come and live the ambiance of the birth of the
people who live the dignity of its destiny, the
faith that hold on, the hope that build to pursue
and the aspiration to live for a wonderful
Mindanao as a Nation
Antonio Liao



I can't wait to see you again... a Poet

life is just a journey, a travel to the world
of inspiration and expectation, where only
the night and the day write each memory
and the horizon of dawn waited you to
come back home

come from dust, return to the dust; breathe
the air, blown by the wind, the wisdom of
time consume the person to lay down his
head to the ground, a vow of death leaves
no regret

so why do life always bereave every
interment tears falling down, to the edge of
pupils drops it break, in the heart that see
laid its way, come my pretty soul, awake
angels glow in the body I shall be alone,
goodbye my little one I return

as I knew, never be the same in the cabin
house I always imagine, in the soil where
I take my shelter leave me not your my
angel in my sight, candle light as it melted
to hot, in the caravan of teardrops I’m glad,
though I almost to be there, my day is
ended, I shall be in one to the ONE

wait me no more; I can't wait to see you
again, lead me to the path in my way, back
in your bosom wisdom heart, for I'm a poet
who can't wait to see you again, complete
my heart and I will be the same in every
poem I make, I'll be your cream
Antonio Liao

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Poems By Poet Antonio Liao