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Poems By Poet Antonio Liao  2/28/2015 7:54:31 AM
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  Best Poems From
  ANTONIO LIAO (november 7,1957)

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The whistling Breeze

listen, listen, the humming breeze calling each
name in the humid cooled air in the nostril sway;
that closes perfectly in the mode of the freezing
heart of early morning in the sofa you just lay, the
bumble bee wants you to stay and listen as it sings
your favorite sweet melody

stay, stay awake and suite yourself to
motionless blink, close your eyes and feel the soft
voice of prevailing wind of the moist and talk
endlessly in your thought the calling silence of the
moment; it has something to say and move and
wipe your tired body of discomfort for a whole day
your busy, even the cockroach may look ugly yet! it
give you the sweeten way to go

hold, hold not the burden, yet! let it feel, the beauty
of nature that whisper each day that sometimes, you
lost the meaning of today; the crow of the cock tells
you to remember that slowly down you’re in the right
way to fulfill your duty

forever, the soul calls and waits to listen the
daring voice of the nature, patiently hold the heart to
make a start; as the buzzing bee sings the perfect
harmony of each journey; the beauty of unity comes
in a most unforgettable memory of the past assembly
in this momentum of life letting it goes and flies
forever more

listen and go placidly my soul and return the heart that
rejoice each flow of great memory to live in every day
of your life……..God reminds you
Antonio Liao



Philippines, my Philippines my Native Land

a land scattered magnificently unique harbor its crystal
beauty of shore, up roaring its kaleidoscopic mountainous
ranges, nestle its forested slope of river and stream, the
home of the biggest eagle of the world, where a hundred
of hundreds of instinct colorful bird’s cliffs in the one of the
most beautiful scenery of the island facing the marvelous
ocean of the Pacific blues, even a millions of years can’t
fathom the great work of creation of the Philippines island

a light year waited the star to see this wonderful
masterpiece viewed, as the clouds formation witness every
history; the archipelago’s of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao
lay the beginning of every wish to seat in the crown of the
orient sea, anchored with 1,107 islands bounded 966
kilometers off the southern coast of Asia and 106 kilometers
below Taiwan and 24 kilometers above Borneo, beneath
the West lies the South China Sea, cluster with Celebes and
Sulu seas and as the West traffic path the Pacific ocean, the
blue ocean glimpse its breeze as it is remember the oozing
power of the universe

Ethno linguistic people, a hundred ten as they represent 16%
of the Philippines 73 millions wants to access, the culturally
rich custom and tradition of thy very diverse people living in the
Asian continent, has captivated the influence of Western
visitors of the land; its enculturation, leads the genuine tradition
of mixing and fixing the masculine of strength, to gain and
remain the old practices of the people, the Hellenistic of the
Philippines reach to its pinnacle to survive until, the age of
cybernetic conquer the space

Philippines my dear, Philippines land of the free, fighter
of the orient sea and the wisdom of the Malayan race, witness
the challenge of this millennium and go where the end
has to begin…Mabuhay! Philippines
Antonio Liao




Malay is my race, build like
a warrior whose body and shape
ripen my strength to any battle
to protect the native land

live in a simple and fashionable
style amongst neighbor in Asia,
respected and love by the people
who share the common vision of
what is Life

thou blood shattered in every
canon and sword, the flesh conquer
the journey to live in the shield
of independent nation of the
South East countries

our home has always allure other
to walk and find life, a Paradise
to live, abundantly the sweat and
sweet mixed with passion makes the
land a great home to live on

brave as we are honest
and peace loving as we do, yet the
greatness of our smile makes the world
goes round

I am proud to be a FILIPINO
Antonio Liao



Mother the First and Best teacher of my LIFE

you always there to love me, even if it hurts you that
I am ugly as a goose and yet! the first one to appreciate
me the beauty that it looks in me

every now and then, your advice keeps my heart mingles
in my way to survive, always there to lend me your
whisper of what i will be

such a stream of streams flows out from the direction
of reality, twinkling like stars in the night that guide me
where to go, there you stay when i needed you most

walk with me mother, as I pass on this aisle again, the
night does not close my dear mother, where only our eyes
that falls

raise me high as you always do and strengthen my spirit
where my heart stands to survive, a memories that lingers
apart of my existence, you are my soul

mother oh! mother, you are the only you in my life the
perfect harmony of my heart and the beginning of my
love to my family...Mother
Antonio Liao

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Poems By Poet Antonio Liao