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Poems By Poet Aparna Chatterjee  7/28/2014 11:36:25 PM
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- Radha-Krishna -

He has
Over me
With his

In my
He's the

I think
For the
In me
He's the
Sent from

(dedicated to my Ratan, who's the opposite of me in many ways and over the years....he has accepted me in his own sweet ways :)
Aparna Chatterjee



Let's Celebrate

Let's celebrate
Women's Day
And write some
Poetry today...

The plight
Of women
Would change
Seeing our
Poetic way

And reading
Our poems
They might
Have a
'feel good'
Better day

(wrote this on International Women's Day - Saturday 8th March 2014, could only get the time to publish it today. Theme could be Satire)
Aparna Chatterjee



Love's Purpose

You ask me,
Do I trust you?

From all my
Life's experiences
With men, I've learnt
That I can never
Trust them.
I've learnt the same
From you.

With all the
Distrust in you,
I'll always love you
For I didn't trust to
Love you and I didn't
Love you, to trust you
Aparna Chatterjee



No End

If we have
No end
To buying

If we don't
Have children
There's no end
To trying ;)

(The expenses are either way....mental, emotional and physical costs of having or not having children; those who have children keep spending for their many diurnal needs and demands, those who don't have children and are desperate to become parents, go to extreme lengths to conceive....IVF Treatments, trials and retrials, numerous doctor/gynae visits, etc or they may even go for surrogacy or adoption, to bring in a child to their home, and such life-changing processes have many legal/emotional/financial ramifications)
Aparna Chatterjee
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Poems By Poet Aparna Chatterjee